We’re Copping Flack!

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We’ve been “copping a bit of flack” (as we say downunder [read:getting criticized]) for recommending the Butterfly Marketing Manuscript…

And to be honest, I was a bit shocked!

So far, Noble Samurai has recommended Screenflow, the 30 Day Challenge, SEO Digger, WordPress Direct, Hotspot Shield, Jing and the Butterfly Manuscript…

We use them, we like them, we think they’re valuable, and we recommend them – it’s simple.

5 of these 7 resources are free; 3 of the 7 we’ve used affiliate/tracking links; and with the exception of Hotspot Shield (which we recommended to overcome a Market Samurai bug that has since been solved) we would recommend any of these 7 resources again.

(In fact, here’s the link to the free Butterfly Marketing Manuscript pdf again. ;) )

One of my pet-peeves is when people try to greedily “hoard knowledge” rather than sharing it (as if somehow knowledge by itself had value). That they come across a great piece of information, and jealously keep it from everyone – just in case (God forbid!) someone finds out “their secrets”. That creates no value for anyone.

  • When we develop something that’s worth having, we share it with you by making it part of Market Samurai;
  • When we learn something worth knowing, we share it with you via Twitter, our Blog or our Support area;
  • And when we come across something worth having, we share it with you by telling you about it;

It’s what we’ve done for the past 9 months, and it’s what we’re going to continue to do.

I realize that by doing this we’ll help a lot of people, but a few people will get offended along the way…

  • Some people will get offended because we see value where others don’t (like this time – some people were probably offended by Mike’s marketing – but we see obvious value in many of Mike’s business systems and the growth they’ve achieved);
  • Some people will get offended because we break an illusion by telling-it-like-it-is (like when we’ve told people it’s ridiculous to expect to be millionaires from internet marketing in a year, with no prior experience);
  • And some people will get offended just because we’re happy to reveal the knowledge that others are hoarding, and make advanced SEO strategies more accessible to the average person (like when we originally released Market Samurai).

We’ll inevitably end up offending some people, but we won’t be making any apologies. We’re going to keep giving you new Market Samurai tools, sharing internet marketing insights that we find useful, and telling you about the internet marketing resources that we use, get good results from, and recommend.

To everyone looking forward to next things we release – I can’t wait to share with you the next Market Samurai features (which are currently in final bug testing).


Brent Hodgson a co-founder of Noble Samurai, and an internet marketing specialist.

Brent has written 68 post(s) for Noble Samurai

48 Responses to “We’re Copping Flack!”

  1. I’m not offended and now you’ve caught my interest enough to down load the thing!

  2. 2
    On March 18th, 2009 at 1:41 pm
    David Walker said:

    I’m sure your post is linkbait, but I’ll rise to it anyway.

    You talk about building a business around long-term strategies, but then you sell out your long-term credibility by endorsing MF because you want to get short-term profits.

    You’re not walking your talk.

  3. Filsaime may be a pain in the b**t (especially if you happen to get on to one of his mailing lists!) BUT, the guy is successful and must have at least something useful worth learning. Buy don’t buy..whatever. Get the report, do a remove from the mailing list…what’s the big deal?

  4. Keep up the good work, I need all the help I can get and you make more sense than a heep of the ‘gurus’ (not saying you don’t fall in the guru class) I’ve been trying to learn from. Too much jargon for newbies most of time. What’s wrong with David? You need both short and long term strategies, the short term hopefully keep you going till the long term kick in. I’ve met Mike Filsaime and been to on of his seminars, he is a bit of a pain with the amount of e-mails he churns out but I can still control the delete function.

  5. Great post Brent, I am reminded of a saying that was retold at a recent marketing seminar I attended, that “you cannot please everyone all of the time” and some of those just won’t be pleased no matter what, so why bother trying. Keep up the great work, Market Samurai is awesome.

  6. I haven’t done any ‘University Accredited Globally Endorsed Doctorate Study’ but… from personal experience and testimonials, I can confidently say:

    ‘You either complain about something alot or you are making money – It’s rare to be able to do both. ‘

    (read: You complain about internet marketing techniques alot, or you are making money implementing internet marketing techniques. – Pick one of the other.)

    Put another way:

    “The level of your internet marketing income, is in a direct and opposite relationship to the amount of complaining you do about the topic”

  7. Brent,

    I do get tired of the nay-sayers who act like anything you believe strongly in is somehow dirty if you stand a chance to make anything at the same time.

    In reference to online income I adopt the Gregory House mantra: “People Lie”. In my experience the ones that come down most critically on you will be the ones that claim huge steady online income and aren’t really making it.

    You guys have one my respect with your product and I can’t wait for the new features to be released.


  8. Thanks for your kind support. :)

    To be honest, for a while I was wondering about whether or not it was too much hassle to even mention products we valued – but it sounds like the majority of people do see value in our approach.

    Someone wiser than me once said “Eat the fish, spit out the bones”.

    I think it has a lot of truth, in a lot of ways here.


  9. Brent,

    I’ve had Market Samurai since it came out (the paid version),
    love the tool, love the video training for the tool, and I also
    respect what you guys share with us, whether it be information, or
    different products that you believe will help us in our online

    Thanks, and keep up the great work!

  10. Every time there is a major launch like Butterfly I get the usual suspects bribing me with their bonuses. I must have had over twenty five in the past few days.

    I just consider the source. Market Samurai is a trusted source so I value any recomdndation and will review what you say about it.

    As for the rest it is a good time to trim all the lists I am on with my opt out option.

    It is easy to spot when someone becomes a hot and heavy Affiliate Marketer…it is usually when they run out of creativity for their own products…I don’t think that will happen with Market Samurai.


  11. No matter what you do someone will be “offended”. So continue to do what you think is right and don’t worry about it.
    There is so much hype in the internet marketing world that I always give a recommendation from someone I know and trust more credence. Market Samurai is one such company. Keep up the good work!
    Oh ya when will the next modules be ready? Got a time frame?

  12. C’mon!

    I looked at that stuff and it’s OK. But here’s the thing. I could be wrong, but everyone who now owns a copy of Market Samurai or is considering it is beyond this fluff. I know I need landing pages. I know I need capture pages. I know I need good headlines in my emails and on and on…blah blah blah.

    I use and endorse Market Samurai because it makes my job easier. I sell products that make my clients jobs easier. With this promotion, you risk being lumped in with that long list of gurus that will sell you all this information … but they’re not going to do it for you. It looks to me like you are now using your list to your advantage. I can’t fault that but you do risk me opting out. Stick to the program.

    As far as this software being free? FREE? My butt. The point of this promo is to walk you through a litany of products that enhance the value and of course will cost you money. At the end, the intent is to make you like if the only thing you get is the free stuff, you’ll be missing out! The only thing you should really do is to do what they are doing, not buy what they are selling. It’s the action that wins the day. We already know what we aren’t doing…and if you don’t, the information is out there – truly free. I think Market Samurai should make money be getting to release one. Need more money? Set up your own affiliate in the beta version. Now THAT would be worth promoting!!!

  13. 13

    I have to agree with Greg Newell on this one.

    Plus, when I did order some of Filsaime’s stuff, it was substandard. I received a poorly produced newsletter (bad writing, bad design, amateurish content that I could get elsewhere for free). The first issue was supposed to be free (one of those free-for-30-days and then they’ll bill you things), but I was billed before I received the newsletter (the newsletter arrived on day 32). As soon as I saw the newsletter I knew it wasn’t worth the money, so I called for a refund but my calls were never returned. Worse, months later, someone kept calling me from his office or an affiliate (InnerG Marketing), even though I left a voicemail asking to be placed on a do not call list. When I searched for the phone number of InnerG Marketing online, I saw it had been reported many, many times as spam/scam calling.

    Really, you should be keeping better company.

  14. Lets Get something straight. Most people who are in the IM game long term, are to a certain extent making bank. Not All.

    So the longer you stay in this game, the more you realise that this concept of Authenticity is actually not a marketing Mantra its for real. Credibility within an Industry will make you more Money in the long run. My experience anyway…lol

    Not listening to feedback from your list is tantamount to credibility lost.

    I bet you that if you had put through your list an offering from Stompernet, Eben Pagan, or even Frank Kern..the level and volume of pushback/blowback …would not be so what shall we say…IRATE…lol

  15. Keep on doing what you are, I’m a big fan! Don’t listen to the nay sayers.

  16. Dear Brent,

    There will ALWAYS be people who cannot grasp the concept of the internet as a BUSINESSPLACE. No matter how well something may or may not work for me, there’ll always be someone who feels differently. So what!

    You provide an excellent service with Market Samurai and I’m grateful I had the opportunity to try it during the 30 Day Challenge. All the advice you generously distribute is offered to me, FREE OF CHARGE, to accept or reject as I choose. Why do people bother to attack you for it? Obviously, they have problems.

    For every person who had a bad experience with Mike Filsaime or Butterfly Marketing, many others had great success with it, and him.

    Keep up the good work and ignore the naysayers.

    Market Samurai ROCKS!

  17. I’m with Greg Newell on this one as well. Justified or not, my trust level in Noble Samurai dropped a bit when I read the BM promo.

  18. Hey Brent!
    You “Do what you Do” and continue to lead us and make decisions that you feel are right.
    If you recommend something – whatever it is – I will listen because I know, like and trust you.
    If I didn’t – I wouldn’t follow you or listen to what you have to say.
    Your world, your business, and you shine as a part of it.
    Just keep on changing the world in your way my friend
    Life is too short.

  19. 19

    Well Done!



  20. 20
    On March 19th, 2009 at 6:02 am
    Andrea Scheib said:

    You can make excuses or you can make money… you CAN’T do both!
    I have no problem with Mike Filsaime giving away his product. Good information is crucial for productive learning. YOu know he will make money himself in the long run or he would not be so stupid to GIVE away his product. YOu have a problem with the gift? Don’t apply for one.

  21. 21
    On March 19th, 2009 at 6:14 am
    tomartomartini said:


  22. 22

    I have been to that Betterfly Marketing Page page several times over the last few days. For some reason, I am not receiving the email allowing me to continue on to receive the Betterfly Marketing Script. Anyone have any ideas?

  23. 23
    On March 19th, 2009 at 2:12 pm
    charismagains said:

    I ordered MF’s stuff, and though printed on pretty glossy pages, I found it substandard, and as Leslie says, freely available elsewhere. If you want the free option, best aim to CANCEL SEVERAL DAYS IN ADVANCE of the expiry date. It took me several attempts, over weeks, to get a reply from his support desk and then I was told they don’t reimburse for mailings they’d already sent out. Surprise, surprise! Had I been able to contact them earlier, my cc wouldn’t have been charged. I’m still down about $200 all told. I keep hoping that he’ll have refunded me for the newsletters (one of which never arrived!)and that he’s at last got the message to stop mailing and charging me even more.

    Got the BM report already btw but it really wasn’t worth all this the hassle and to be honest, after my experience with MF so far, my heart sinks when I receive promotions, (from people in the industry who I respect) for his products, reports or even the “free” instant affiliate website offer! It’s FREE as long as you remain signed up to the overpriced, sub standard monthly newsletter.

    Added to the above, I’ve now received several calls from various MF staff members asking if they could help my network, train my people etc. I told the last one that if Mike Filsaime would care to reimburse me, and sort out his support desk, only then would I consider doing business with him, but in all honesty, I’m not impressed so the chance of that happening are unlikely.

    Don’t get me wrong Eugene, this isn’t really a sour grapes rant, although it may read like one. I simply cannot understand why, if MF is making the dosh he claims, why he doesn’t look after his customers. It’s generally regarded that keeping current customers is much easier and cost effective than finding new leads, but then I guess there’s a few billion wannabe affiliates out there yet all willing through money at MF.

  24. 24


    From a fellow Aussie “down under” : I love your product and recommend it without reservation and I also like to get new an interesting points of view of those that I think know their stuff. I just don’t want to get on “another” IM spam list in the process. I downloaded the document (I use a dedicated gmail address to subscribe to IM spam and I just delete all the follow ups without even checking) and I must say that it is interesting but there is not much new information for experienced IM marketers.

    Just my view, and once again, your product rock.

  25. 25
    On March 19th, 2009 at 2:20 pm
    charismagains said:


    Suggestion: If you still want BFM, try that huge global online market place. You know the one I mean. Last time I searched for MF or his product, there were a few sellers getting rid of theirs.

  26. 26

    Hey Brent – I know there are LOTS of affiliates promoting BFM right now, because obviously there’s a huge back end. But because you’ve taken the time to build a RELATIONSHIP, I’ll choose to get this through your affiliate link! Thanks!

  27. Brent,

    Mate….as a couple of others have already mentioned, we’ll NEVER be able to please everyone.

    And you’d be a mug to even try! :o)

    People go through life with all sorts of different values and beliefs about “how things are and should be”…so why would that be any different in the context of business.

    Personally, I’m like most others on this post who I sense FULLY appreciate your insights, comments, demonstrations and occasional product recommendations.

    The latter is especially the case when you take the time and explain the rationale behind your use of a product…and not merely ‘pimp the thing’ as is the case with far too many other affiliates out there.

    In fact I’d welcome seeing even more of those types of recommendations of the things you ACTUALLY use – especially when you give full demonstrations/explanations as to how and why you use them to grow your business, tie it in to the overall process (eg idea to research to market to market execution, etc) and the like.

    That to me is real learning and also allows us to see the full value of both the process, the product and what it can REALLY help us do for our business.

    Keep up the great work my friend!

  28. In my experience, if you go through your day expecting somebody or something to offend you, then you will rarely be disappointed.

  29. 29

    okay, there is nothing wrong with promoting offers and nearly all of the offers you have been promoting are from reputable people… BUT, i contest that filsaime is not reputable, not anymore… even a cursoury glance online about the sheer volume of people who have done ‘business’ with him and then complained bitterly about his tactics would show this…

    if you value your email account, if you just hate being spammed continuously, and from people you never ever heard of before, and if you hate it when you cannot contact them or they will not listen to you… then beware!

  30. 30

    Mike Filsaime sucks sh1t thru a straw, big time, BUT he also makes a lotta moolah. When he actually presents his own stuff (instead of all that cheap outsourcing he seems to go for) he can even be entertaining. I’ve bought into a couple of his products, and learned from them, AND the experience (spam lists, upsells, cross sells, down sells, just sells etc.) The dude gets right up my nose, but there’s no denying the fact he knows WHAT to do and HOW to do it.
    Err, so just what is the problem here if you don’t want to learn from him?
    Don’t you just NOT sign up?
    Jeez, giving the Samurai guys a hard time for publicly promoting/JV’ing/whatever is just sooooo trivial!
    Now let’s all get back to work :)

    No hard feelings here, Team – keep ‘em coming, fast as you can.
    Anyone with more than a pea between their ears will know how, and in which way, to use the advice you share.
    You guys are BONAFIDE :))

    (I feel better now I’ve got that rant out the way)

  31. 31

    No complaints here. I chose not to click through on the other 4 million affiliate links that showed up in my inbox for this offer, I think I can endure 1 more from you guys.

    Market Samurai has helped me as much as anything I’ve ever purchased, so if you have something that you think will help my efforts, I want to see it.

  32. Hi,

    People will always moan.

    It’s your product, your site, you’re the man do as you like.


  33. 33
    On March 21st, 2009 at 3:52 am
    tomartomartini said:

    just on Word Press Direct;marty who runs wpd has given lots out.. he Sent Me the “over the edge 2.0 ” dvd for free!WPD is an Incredible Service and you get to have Three sites for free ….If your not using the paid service you are missing out big time.30DC and NOBLE SAMURAI team have recommended WPD service and they are right to do so.So keep the resources coming.

  34. I recall Mr. Filsaime Doing quite a big promotion for Market Samurai himself earlier this year.

    It makes me wonder; are you actually giving solid advice or simply returning a favor?

    Everything about the previous post and your endorsement of BFM (just search around for the sheer number of unsatisfied customers)is VERY shady.

    Regardless, thanks for one of the most useful piees of software I’ve ever personally had the pleasure of using. MS Rocks!

  35. I’m not offended…how or why should anyone be offended for offering people a product that is free? I own BFM, so I know it’s a powerful program. Sharing information is what the Internet and Web 2.0 is about. Leadership is about taking a stance as well. Some people will love ya, and some people with hate ya’, and some people will (you fill in the blank!) :)

  36. 36

    ok guys… i’m lost… is it free, or is it 600 bucks? how much is the actual version you are selling?

  37. I use the affiliates link I purchase from as a gift back to people I feel continue to provide good honest feedback and ongoing knowledge.

    As with Market Samurai, after the one time payment, no other monies come to them from us (as of now). Why not “pay” them with affiliate commissions if you think they are above and beyond, I do.

    Thanks MS Team!

  38. Just don’t go recommending GoogleCashDetective to me or I’m going to have to kill you. It’s seriously flawed/seriously overpriced/seriously overrated and falls into the realms of “misrepresentation”. You would have thought Chris Carpenter learnt from his last disastrous launch. But no…it’s same, same, all same. Terrible Customer Service/Terrible Support.
    BTW yeah we do use “copping a bit of flak” but it comes from The Second World War – probably Battle of Britain – “flak” being German anti-aircraft fire – “Flugabwehrkanone” – that allied bombers had to fly through to get to their target.

  39. Hi Brent and Market Samurai’s

    I love your product and always recommend it to friends.

    However, I have to add I also had a similar issue with Mike Filsame. I stumbled upon the Butterfly marketing offer about Christmas time 2008 and only signed up because I’d started to hear his name being banded around a lot.
    The butterfly marketing manual didn’t interest me all that much, I was more interested in his offering of the instant affiliate website as I thought it would be a good test to see if people would buy from a know and apparently highly respected, big name internet marketer without much coersion from myself.

    However it just didn’t work out for me. I personally think he has gotten that big that he’s lost distance from the end customer.

    I tried in vain to get his support to fix a problem with his “instant affiliate website” 10 emails later and no real answers, I tried contacting him through Twitter and finally found myself adding to a discussion on the Warrior Forum to which I got an instant response from him telling me that I’d bad mouthed him and that he’d imediately refund me what I was owed (I’d already managed to sort that)and that if I’d have just been patient instead of putting my thoughts down in the forum he would have been more helpful, he told me that he’d washed his hands of me.

    I replied to him telling him that I was sorry that I’d taken to spelling out my issues on the forum but it was in the end the only way I could get any sort of timely and worthy response.
    He never replied.

    It makes me laugh though that he still sends me post cards all the way from America to my UK address. That’s how out of sorts he is with the state of his communications and database updating.
    The post card technique that he’s using is probably a very powerful one as it implies that hes picked you out for some special personal treatment “shhhh it’s secret only for you offer”.
    However he’s lost a grip on his database and its intergrity. What is meant to be a personal touch is without his knowledge (no doubt) simply turnede into little more than spam.

    I’m happy for him to keep wasting his money sending me more. I tried to reason with him and tell him he could still win me over but he wasn’t interested.

    I too saw that Mike promoted Market Samurai and know doubt he probably shifted you a ton of copies for you. So I have no problem with you having to repay the favour. Bottom line is that you can always get a refund if you find out that Mike’s products or support (more so in my case)is not up to scratch.

    Keep up the awesome work fellas!
    And remember not to get so big, as to forget who your customers are like Mike has done.


  40. I was not offended by any means, and you guys have certainly built credibility with me with MS. But even though he is very successful, Filsaime is the ONLY big name out there that I totally dislike. His marketing approach, the fact that I had to cancel email subscriptions MANY times…

    Some of his stuff is great, but he will also try to sell anything under the sun for a quick buck, so I understand people being pissed about him, I really do, even though Butterfly marketing might be very good.

  41. I too have a bad feeling about anyone connected with Mike Filsaim. I went through a bit of a hassle getting off his subscription list. And it cost me, too. When I see someone promoting him, they go down in my estimation. That’s just the way it is.

  42. BTW regarding Adam’s comment, a thread on the Warrior Forum SLIGHTLY badmouthing Filsaime was taken off the board altogether! And one of his reps contacted me about my posy about still getting his emails while having tried multiple times to get off his lists.

    Anyway, MS rocks, I’ve said so in the past, and the new improvements are always useful and not just mere fluff.

  43. @ Jay

    It not been removed, as far as i can see here this is it…

    Ha, ha! Mike Filsaime you’re alive.

    Mike I don’t know you and as your reputation amoungst people I admire and have trust in is high I will not give you the tongue lashing I should.

    I bought into your latest offer for the Butterfly script and I was very interested to see how my free IAW worked. Now o.k. I did signup for this around christmas time but I’ve had no luck with getting your support team to help me with a problem that’s stopped me dead in my tracks after trying to add my own URL!

    I’ve had two responses so far and none of them have gone anyway to solving my problem the latest told me to email you back if it had not been resolved by this Monday it’s now Wednesday and nothing???

    It’s past 15 days of the thirty day free trial and I still can’t use the site with my own URL. Loosing patience fast.

    What makes it 10 x worse is that your auto responders are peppering me with more and more offers and it just gets me more and more angry.
    I even tried getting hold of you through Twitter and nothing.

    Mike please respond, I’d hate to miss the chance to explorer a big name guru’s product due to poor support. (you made $10million last year surely you can afford decent support team?)

    I’ll be unsubscribing this Friday if I still have no answers.


  44. 44

    Wow – looks like you guys made a mistake on this one, never realized there was so much bad experience with Mike – won’t go near him with a 10-foot pole now.


  45. No problem here, you guys have a top notch program, and I regard highly any recommendations that you make.

  46. 46

    I am afraid I have to agree with those less than impressed with Filsaime.

    I don’t have a particular problem with you using his affiliate links, except that many of the users here are fairly new to IM. I doubt any newbie will make money with Filsaime’s products.

    I purchased one of the new BFM scripts a year ago – when it eventually was finished it was well beyond a newbie to create a site with (and there were many people left without help trying to figure out what exactly they had bought).

    As pointed out his products are largely PLR products rebranded and not where the major source of his online income comes from.

  47. 47

    Mike Filsaime is an ex Car Salesman. And, he’s BS-ing everyone online including his JV partners. Actually, all of the Guru’s are running the con game on each other.

    They sale MMO products using sales letters that are designed to manipulate and persuade. It is what it is.

    Filsaime and the rest of the bunch speak, in great detail, about making money online and how they are the experts. But they outsource their Make Money Online literature. Go figure!

  48. Brent:

    Thanks for your clarification and illumination of your position on new products. It helps to not only better understand your intent but offers an honest [tell it like it is] explanation of the value of these tools.

    It’s too rare that a “marketing insider” provides useful tools and takes the time to tell us why we need them.

    In the future, just let us know what the offer represents and how to navigate the often mine field of hype, JVs, bonuses, & videos we must hurdle to get to a useful tip sheet.