Audio Recording Secrets To Boost Your Profits…

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Recently we launched our brand new software system Vidsy, which helps regular business owners just like you create a high converting sales message to promote your product in less than 90 minutes.

Since the launch, thousands of Vidsy users have been creating profit-pulling sales videos that have been converting at up to 12%! (Which is AMAZING!)

A lot of happy Vidsy customers have also been sending in their finished sales videos for us to review. Speaking of reviews, discover the best performing audio systems on – they make honest reviews related to music, from instruments to finished albums.

Our Number 1 Tip for boosting the converting power of these videos even further, has been to improve the audio quality of the sales message.

In fact, we’ve repeated this advice to SO many Vidsy customers, that we decided to create a brand new FREE training video to reveal:

=> How To Create a Professional Audio Track to Boost Your Profits.

In This Brand New Video You’ll Discover:

- The equipment and software you need to create a professional audio track for your sales video (This is the EXACT set-up we’ve used here at Noble Samurai to generate over $7 million dollars over the last four years)

- How to record and edit your audio track, Step-By-Step. This is “Take me by the hand and show me” level training.

- PLUS Our Secret In-House Audio Sweetening Techniques that automatically inject energy and passion into your sales message and skyrocket your conversions! (We’ve never shared these techniques before – you’re going to love them!)

This new training is FREE to watch and is available right now…

Watch The Windows Version Here… (Mac Version below)

Watch The Mac Version Here…

Resources Mentioned In Video

Below you will find links to all the audio resources mentioned in the video:



Recommended Microphone

Yeti Microphone (

Pop Filter

Make Your Own
Buy On eBay

Audio Recording

Porta Booth (

Audio & Screen Recording

Camtasia (Windows)
Screenflow (Mac OS X)

Audio Sweetening

Royalty Free Music

What You Should Do If You Already Own Vidsy…

If you’re already a Vidsy subscriber, then this new training and all the resource links you need to get started are now available for you inside Vidsy…

Simply log into your account, and let Sensei Sam show you step-by-step:

1. How to write a high-converting sales message for your product or service

2. How to create a professional, high-impact slide deck.

3. How to create a high fidelity audio recording to boost your conversions.

What You Should Do If You Don’t Own Vidsy…

If you haven’t got your copy of Vidsy yet, and you’d like to join over 2078 business owners who are creating profit pulling sales messages in less than 90 minutes… Click Here To Grab Your Copy Now.

This latest audio training eliminates yet ANOTHER of the biggest obstacles standing between you and creating your profitable online business.

I hope you enjoy the new training and I’d love to hear your comments below :-)

Talk Soon!

Eugene Ware
CEO Noble Samurai

Eugene has written 19 post(s) for Noble Samurai

27 Responses to “Audio Recording Secrets To Boost Your Profits…”

  1. Hi Eugene,

    this is some of the best practical free advice I’ve received EVER. Thank you very much and I’ll be sure to implement your advice.


  2. This was a really informative video, especially the tip to speed up the recording in Audacity. Thank you for sharing it.

  3. 3

    Great learning – thanks! Whats the name of the ‘problem’ and ‘solution’ sample tracks you use in the demo on the video? – great stuff!

    Noble Samurai replied:

    Hi Jeffrey,

    The problem track we used in the video was called “Aeon”, and the solution track was called “Comfy Cotton”.


  4. Noble Samurai has done it again! Another superb training video. After I did my first Vidsy sales video. I thought it was not bad, but with each subsequent listening, I realized it was not yet ready to meet the public. This training video will give me the help I need to do it again and better. Thanks again for always coming through with such great support!
    Don Cogganʼs last blog post… Aug 5, An Imagination Exercise That Can Help In A Number Of Ways

  5. 5

    Brilliant tutorial – thank you! I’ve been recording sales videos and product videos for a few years now (with Yeti and Screenflow) but I picked up two fantastic tips here, using different music tracks and the ‘change tempo’ setting… :-)

    Once you have the sweetened file from Audacity, and you re-import into your Screenflow project… is there a way to easily re-sync the slides to the new audio length?

    Noble Samurai replied:

    Hi John,

    I’m yet to find an easy way to re-sync the slides to the modified audio track, it’s one of those things that you need to do manually (but if someone out there knows an easy way to do this both John and I would love to hear it!).

    We typically edit our audio track before we start bringing the slides in, that way you don’t have to re-sync things once the audio is done.


    John replied:

    Thanks Tom, that’s definitely a good strategy, sometimes not possible depending on re-edits and so on… Next version of Screenflow >> an automatic “decrease run time 10%” button… LOL hey a guy can dream

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hey John,

    Screenflow does have a decrease run time feature, but it’s really bad. The audio quality really suffers, and so we don’t use it. You open the clip inspector, and change the percentage speed.

    But it sound pretty bad when you do it, so we still think the Audacity method is much better – and with any any video, the audio is much more important than the visuals. Hopefully screenflow improves their audio processing in the future, and this would really be a one step.

    You could render out screenflow, change the video duration by the same percentage, and then use the audacity audio track underneath the whole track, though there may be some weird video artefacts depending on what the video is. That might be the best of both worlds for the time being.

    Hope that helps!

    – Eugene

    John replied:

    Thanks Eugene, understood. I usually split my audio from the video in Screenflow, so I was thinking perhaps a feature specific to the video side of things… I’ll have to see if the video clips runtime can be altered independently. But really it sounds like the best process would be to manually edit hose video clips, as Tom mentioned and you alluded to. :)

  6. Excellent advice. I was already doing recordings, and yes, I was the one that when I made a mistake, I just stopped, and started over again. Thanks for the tip on the claps. And, I never exported the audio to an mp3 file and that is a great tip…

    Again, thanks for the information….It was a great presentation.

  7. This training gave me a ton of inspiration and actual tips on Audio creation. You guys are geniuses helping with making this process super easy. Thanks so much!

  8. 8

    If music is such a powerful addition to sales videos, why aren’t you using any in your Vidsy presentation?

    Noble Samurai replied:

    Hi Norman,

    Only recently did we discover the problem/solution strategy for using music in sales videos, and we’ve used it in the last dozen or so videos we’ve done! The Vidsy sales video has music, you may need to turn the volume up a little to hear it :)

    Before this, we didn’t realise how effective it could be to use music in sales videos, and we were yet to find a reliable formula to apply it to sales videos. It can be a 2 edged sword, as when music is used poorly it can be VERY distracting.

    Like any new process we use, we’re continuously testing to find what works best, and we think we’ve nailed it on the head with the problem/solution strategy for using music in sales videos.


    Norman replied:

    You’re right, Tom. I did have my volume down far too low to notice and now that I’ve re-watched I can honestly say that I’m distracted by that music. I suspect that’s because I’m paying close attention to it, though.

    You guys are the experts so I’ll be giving it a whirl to see how it converts, thanks for the response :)

  9. Great advice about available software and hardware.
    Easy to follow instructions.

    Fantastic job … as usual ;)

    Thank you

  10. Hi Eugene,

    Just proves that even when you’ve been doing something for a while there’s always an opportunity to learn new ways to improve.

    I use Audacity regularly but I’d never heard of the tempo change technique. I’m off to try it straight away!

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  11. 11

    bonsoir, je ne comprends pas l’anglais, je ne suis pas la seule, pourriez-vous faire une traduction dans la vidéo ou un pdf en français s’il vous plait!
    c(est frustrant et un peu injuste.
    Espérant être entendue

    Noble Samurai replied:

    Hi Pradier,

    Malheureusement, nous n’avons pas un moyen de traduire les vidéos en français à ce moment-là, mais si nous pouvons le faire dans l’avenir, nous le ferons! Désolé à ce sujet!

    Des cris de joie,

  12. Hi Eugene,

    WOW. What an Awesome video, Great tips & tricks.

    Have A Great Day

    Thank You
    DAV Rick Burdo

  13. Awesome tutorial, thanks!!!

    This is the first time I heard about the “speed-up” trick. Great advice that i’ll put into practice directly.

    Not to bang my own drum too much, but we offer a special on Camtasia Studio if anybody is interested.

    Check out Camtasia Studio on to get a great price.

  14. 14

    thanks heaps for sharing this Guys. love what you do

  15. Thanks guys! this is great advice. I especially like the one about boosting tempo, as I am normally a slow talker! A good way to get the best sound levels is to make sure you don’t clip the volume (i.e. go into the red) then upload the track to which will process the sound to an ideal level.
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  16. Hi Guys

    Great content as always.

    I’ve used Audacity for a while, it is a great product I agree.

    I especially like your tempo change tip, thanks, I’ll be trying this very soon.

    Best of Success to you all.

    Thanks Again

    Steve Scottʼs last blog post… Custom Fan Banners

  17. I have a yeti, but this helps out the finer details of creating a stronger more energetic message! TY!
    Griffith Hawkʼs last blog post… Check out this guy’s pecks!

  18. 18
    On August 9th, 2014 at 11:34 pm
    Seamus Shell said:

    Hi Eugene,
    Thanks for the great tips! Little tweaks here and there make all the difference. I will certainly impliment these tips. Thanks again!

  19. Hello Eugene:

    This was a great article full of very useful information. I will diffidently use it this week.
    Drewʼs last blog post… Avoid Network Marketing…….Until You Read this Article