Back from the Samurai Roadtrip

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Firstly, if you’re one of those people who dream about having the freedom to travel wherever you want, whenever you want – don’t let the romance of the idea turn into a sucker-punch of reality. Flying to the other side of the world with 24 hours notice is actually hard work.

Let me explain…

Right now, we’re still recovering from our trip from Melbourne to San Diego for last weekend’s Mass Control 2.0 event with Frank Kern.

If you plan to go to one of these events, be warned…

If the travel doesn’t get you, the late nights chats over drinks with other internet marketers will!

Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

On our first full day in California, we hitched a ride with Ed Dale to a 30 Day Challenge breakfast meetup in Los Angeles – to discover the awesomeness of “Huevos Rancheros” (a spicy breakfast food? Truly we must have been in God’s country!).

At the meetup, we met a lot of fantastic, fun Market Samurai users – including one former Hollywood Screenwriter writer (Kelly Holtzclaw) who caught me off-guard, kindly slipping a 1 Gigabyte SD card across the table and into my hands.

It wasn’t until I put the SD card into my laptop, and saw the video that was stored on it, that I realised how lovely Kelly’s gesture really was.

Here’s what I found:

Kelly if you’re reading this now, thank-you.

Climbing back into Ed Dale’s rented luxury-SUV-of-death, farewelled our new friends and began careering through Los Angeles streets toward the San Diego Fwy on one of the most terrifying 10-minute journeys in living memory.

Behind the wheel of the massive monster-truck was a man who normally prefers driving a Toyota Prius – Ed Dale – muttering “turning right, keep it tight… turning right, keep it tight” as he got a feel for driving his massive new rig on the right-hand side of the road.

And guiding Ed using the iPhone GPS was Eugene Ware, who is the mad scientist behind Market Samurai, but is also the most directionally-challenged person I know.

Without wanting to give too much away, there were a few tense moments where GPS’s were held upside down, and some terrified cries of “Oh god, we’re going to die.”…

But fortunately, we made it to the San Diego Fwy where there are no intersections to turn at, and it’s relatively easy to navigate – so the chances of getting lost or ending up in a head-on collision from that point were fairly low.

Three hours, and one Apple Store later, we had arrived in San Diego – passing massive mega-mansions and traveling through maneuvers of military might.

First thing’s first – check into our suites at the Hard Rock Hotel, and power up all of our “geek gear”. (Because, y’know.. It’s no fun traveling if you have to leave all of your expensive gadgets and tech-toys at home!)

Once that was done, it was time to get down to some serious work!

(…Otherwise known as, heading to the poolside bar to chat with other internet marketers)

Let me just mention – I never want to start thinking that there’s nothing more to learn about internet marketing from other people.

These sort of events generally attract a lot of very smart people – so it’s well worth going to these things, and spending as much time as you can just shooting the breeze with other internet marketers.

On top of the well-known gurus speaking from the stage (including Ed Dale, John Carlton, Harlan Kilstein, John Reese, Mike Filsaime, Ryan Deiss, Andy Jenkins, Paul Lermberg – and of course Frank Kern), there were so many brilliant marketers there (500, maybe 600 in total). So from first thing in the morning, to the wee hours at night, we spent as much time as we could getting to know as many people as possible.

Let me give a BIG Thank-You

…To the hundreds of Market Samurai users who came up to say hi and thanked us for creating Market Samurai, and to all the people who treated us like rock stars rather than the internet marketing geeks we normally are.

It was really humbling to meet you all – and it was really cool to hear about all of the great ways you were putting Market Samurai to good use – from selling foreclosed real estate in a down market, to choosing keywords to insert into a book title to get the best exposure on, to making 7-figures per year doing affiliate marketing.

It really gave us a better insight into how diverse the number of ways Market Samurai gets used is – and what other software tools and systems you need to help make marketing online easier.

So what’s next for Market Samurai?

We’ve been busy behind the scenes for several months, working on some seriously cool new features that are about to be launched.

The next few months will be huge – so if you haven’t already subscribed, make sure you subscribe to our Twitter, and blog – via email on the right hand side of this page – or RSS.

(Getting you to subscribe is a blatant ploy that we use to make sure you always know about new stuff that is being released.)

And if you were at Mass Control 2.0, and just want to say hi again – leave us a message below!


P.S. – If you’re feeling a little voyeuristic, or if you’re the type of person who likes listening in to other peoples’ conversations check out this video.

It’s a recording of Nic Lucas, who was the first person I met at Mass Control 2.0 in San Diego, speaking on the phone.

He filmed an excited telephone conversation he had with his business partner after spending some time chatting with Eugene and Ben (two of the other original Noble Samurai). It has some little gems in it, that I won’t mention here…