OCI and Trends No Longer Available

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Hi everyone,

The landscape of SEO is an ever-changing one – something which has become very clear over the last six months working with Google and Yahoo.

Changing Seasons

Two changes that have occurred lately have sadly meant that we have to remove some well-loved and used functionality.

Change #1: OCI is No Longer Available

Microsoft’s Adlabs, one of the most loved, but also most unreliable data sources in Market Samurai, has been removed.

We made this decision on the back of long periods of inactivity from theĀ Adlabs site, with the page completely unavailable for weeks at a time.

Whilst the site occasionally comes back online, the long downtimes with no information or communication from Microsoft have lead us to drop this data, in favour of more reliable data derived by our own algorithms within Market Samurai – you can read the knowledgebase article on using SEOV in place of OCI here.

Change #2: Google Trends Monthly Data No Longer Available

One change that has occurred without our intervention is the removal of Google Trends data from the Google Keyword Tool.

You may have noticed that recently Trends data has appeared as just a blank column in Keyword Research. This is because Google has stopped returning this data through its online Keyword Tool.

However, trends data will still remain in Keyword Research, but will now be accessible by clicking through on the Trends column to view the data in your browser.


It’s sad to see these features go (it’s like losing an old friend!), but as we’re dependent on third parties for our data, unfortunately there’s very little that we can do about it.

If you do find some interesting sources to get replacement data, then please leave a comment below, and we’ll look into the feasibility of adding it into Market Samurai.

On a more positive note, we’ll be revealing some exciting new functionality in Market Samurai very shortly!

Thanks again for your support and understanding.

Warm Regards,

Alex Green