Domains Module Now Inside Market Samurai Too

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When we first began building Market Samurai, one of our less sexy (but more ambitious) goals was to streamline the workflow of an internet marketer.

From keyword research at the beginning, to tracking rankings and results over time – all of this is available inside one streamlined workflow inside Market Samurai.

Well – except maybe one piece…

The one step that’s missing is checking and purchasing domains – a vital step in setting up your site.

While Domain Samurai fills the domains gap, it still means you need to swap from one software application to another – and it’s a time-consuming hassle that many Market Samurai users want to see gone!

Since the release of Domain Samurai, we’ve had countless people contact us via support requesting that we add Domain Samurai as a module to Market Samurai.

So today, we’re doing just that.

From today, the Domains module will be included inside your copy of Market Samurai.

Domains Module now in Market Samurai!

With the Domains module now available within Market Samurai, the entire internet marketing process – from website creation to monitoring – is streamlined again.

This means a faster workflow – no need to move between two separate applications when creating your website.

And The Domains Module is Free!

It always has been free, as part of Domain Samurai.

But now, just like the Keyword Research module, the Domains module is ALSO available for free inside Market Samurai.

This means all trial, paid and free (expired trial) Market Samurai users – and all Domain Samurai users – can access the Domains module inside both of these tools.

If you’ve already got a copy of Market Samurai, the latest update will give you access to the Domains module.

If you don’t have a copy of Market Samurai, you can get your free trial (and free access to the Domains Module) here.

So What Happens With Domain Samurai?

Domain Samurai (our purpose-built domain name research software) was designed to find high-value New and Aged Domains.

The tens-of-thousands of domainers and internet marketers who are using it already for this purpose prove there is a need for a tool that focusses solely on domains.

So we will continue to promote and support Domain Samurai as THE tool for anyone searching for high-value New or Aged Domains that are perfect for SEO.

And we’ll continue to do this for free – just as we always have.

(In fact – if you don’t already have a copy of Domain Samurai, take a moment now to get your copy free here.)

But for people who are doing SEO daily, and want a suite of streamlined SEO software tools that speed up their research, analysis, tracking, publishing and targeted link building – for this role, Market Samurai is the right tool for the job.

We hope you enjoy using the Domains module inside Market Samurai!

Alex Green