We’re Copping Flack!

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We’ve been “copping a bit of flack” (as we say downunder [read:getting criticized]) for recommending the Butterfly Marketing Manuscript…

And to be honest, I was a bit shocked!

So far, Noble Samurai has recommended Screenflow, the 30 Day Challenge, SEO Digger, WordPress Direct, Hotspot Shield, Jing and the Butterfly Manuscript…

We use them, we like them, we think they’re valuable, and we recommend them – it’s simple.

5 of these 7 resources are free; 3 of the 7 we’ve used affiliate/tracking links; and with the exception of Hotspot Shield (which we recommended to overcome a Market Samurai bug that has since been solved) we would recommend any of these 7 resources again.

(In fact, here’s the link to the free Butterfly Marketing Manuscript pdf again. ;) )

One of my pet-peeves is when people try to greedily “hoard knowledge” rather than sharing it (as if somehow knowledge by itself had value). That they come across a great piece of information, and jealously keep it from everyone – just in case (God forbid!) someone finds out “their secrets”. That creates no value for anyone.

  • When we develop something that’s worth having, we share it with you by making it part of Market Samurai;
  • When we learn something worth knowing, we share it with you via Twitter, our Blog or our Support area;
  • And when we come across something worth having, we share it with you by telling you about it;

It’s what we’ve done for the past 9 months, and it’s what we’re going to continue to do.

I realize that by doing this we’ll help a lot of people, but a few people will get offended along the way…

  • Some people will get offended because we see value where others don’t (like this time – some people were probably offended by Mike’s marketing – but we see obvious value in many of Mike’s business systems and the growth they’ve achieved);
  • Some people will get offended because we break an illusion by telling-it-like-it-is (like when we’ve told people it’s ridiculous to expect to be millionaires from internet marketing in a year, with no prior experience);
  • And some people will get offended just because we’re happy to reveal the knowledge that others are hoarding, and make advanced SEO strategies more accessible to the average person (like when we originally released Market Samurai).

We’ll inevitably end up offending some people, but we won’t be making any apologies. We’re going to keep giving you new Market Samurai tools, sharing internet marketing insights that we find useful, and telling you about the internet marketing resources that we use, get good results from, and recommend.

To everyone looking forward to next things we release – I can’t wait to share with you the next Market Samurai features (which are currently in final bug testing).