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Hello Fellow Samurai,

Today, I want to share with you 2 NEW Features that we’ve just added to Market Samurai’s SEO Competition analysis module.

With these new tools, you can conduct even more in-depth, and more powerful SEO analysis.

NEW FEATURE: Internal Backlink Counts

Backlinks remain one of the most important factors for increasing the rankings of a webpage in search engine results pages. They are like “votes” from other webpages – the more “votes” (or links) a web-page receives, the more authority it has, and the higher it will rise in the search engines.

Previously, Market Samurai’s SEO Matrix (in the SEO Competition module) would look at backlinks from external, 3rd party web-sites.

Now, Market Samurai gives you the ability to analyze backlinks to a web-page, from other web-pages within the same web-site.

This is valuable because, when it comes to SEO Analysis, there are three BIG reasons to pay attention to internal links:

1. Transfer of Authority

Internal links can be used to transfer search engine authority between pages on the one web-site.

This transfer of authority, from other pages on the same web-site to a web-page, can help that web-page to rank better in the search engines.

This means a web-page that has a LOT of internal links is much more likely to rank well – particularly if those internal links are coming from prominent, high-authority web-pages from within the web-site.

2. Keyword Relevance

Because site-owners can choose the link text on an internal link, often the link text on internal links is a lot better optimised.

This means internal links can be an important factor in determining the keyword relevance of a page.

3. Web 2.0 Site Links

In the case of web 2.0 sites that allow users the opportunity to set up mini-sites within a larger web-site – all links between these mini-sites will appear as “internal links”.

For example, if you had a popular Squidoo lens, any other Squidoo lenses linking to your Squidoo lens would show up as internal links.

This means internal link counts can be an important way to check the authority of web 2.0 sites.

How to Analyze Internal Backlinks

Just like with external backlinks if you’re conducting SEO Competition analysis inside Market Samurai, you want to compete against web-pages that have as FEW internal backlinks as possible.

This is because pages with few internal backlinks will be the easiest to beat.

NEW FEATURE: Index Count

This second feature is also part of the SEO Competition module.

It’s a new column called “Index Count” that shows the number of pages from that web-site that are known to Google.

This is an important factor in measuring the performance of a site.

The number of pages indexed indicates how much attention Google pays to a web-site. Usually – the higher the figure is, the more attention Google is paying to the web-site, and the more valuable Google perceives the web-site to be.

(In fact, if you run a large web-site, and you notice that your “Index Count” is dropping – then usually your search rankings will be dropping too.)

How To Access These New Features

If you already own the full-version of Market Samurai, these new features are available for you to keep. (Yes, this update is completely free)

If not, then you can get access to these tools by upgrading your copy of Market Samurai here. The cost is $149 (currently, with no ongoing fees) and gives you updates to a lot of neat updates – like the ones we’ve released today!

Once you have access to the SEO Competition module in your full-version copy of Market Samurai – open the SEO Competition module, and ensure the “BLP” (Page Backlinks) and “IC” (Index Count) columns are selected. Then press Generate Results.

By default, Market Samurai shows the external links for a website; you can use the drop down just above the table (marked in the screenshot below) to select one of two other options: “Internal”, the number of internal links to a website, and “Total”, the total numbers of links, including internal and external links.

Internal backlinks in Market Samurai

The index count is shown as its own column, IC:

You will notice that, for both features, we have made the results clickable – so that you can click on any “Index Count” or “Page Backlinks” numbers to visit the raw data source for yourself.


Michael Bertolacci is one of several superstar programming geniuses responsible for creating the features that you enjoy inside Market Samurai.

Michael has written 3 post(s) for Noble Samurai

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  2. Now we are just missing a page to upload bulk custom URLS to run through that module. I would be good to check all your sites for PR, index count, links, ETC.

  3. It is awesome to see new features going into the product all the time. So many other companies let their product go stagnent.


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    well done.

  5. Can you make this a little more useful?

    In the rank tracker add:-

    Indexed pages over time
    Indexed pages over time using /* (or AOL)

    Ability to define a number of “internal” domains – some competitors might run multiple huge sister sites that totally drown out other link partners in their backlink counts and don’t necessarily factor hugely in overall rankings.

  6. Thanks for these essential new pieces of the seo puzzle.

  7. Oh – one more thing

    In the rank tracker please filter out shopping results and other Universal results, or make that an option.

    I have had a number of people using MS come to me in recent weeks complaining about their rankings changing, and it was shopping results appearing above their natural listings.

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  9. This is great to see. I wondered about this a few weeks ago, because I know that internal linking structure is important.

    Having said that, I wonder how effective internal linking structure will be in light of what I heard that happened this past June: at some SEO event (I think it’s called SMX), a Google rep apparently said something to the effect that Page Rank (particularly the nofollow attribute) just…”evaporates,” or something like that.

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  11. What if your website is a 1 page sales letter?

    Would having a low IC hurt you then? I don’t want to create more webpages when it could distract my visitor from my offering.

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  15. I really have to thanks you. The IC allowed me to check out a competitor the other day. We over took him for #1 and he retaliated by using a mirror site and creating anchor specific back links to get back to #1. I am now deciding if I should report him to google. The ranking change came because he used his own internal links to drive up his anchor specific term. The ability to see his internal back links sky rocket alerted me to this fact. Thanks

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  19. There are some pretty guys on the WF that “share” PR5+ sites they’ve found useful for adding backlinks to their site by leaving a comment.

    With this new feature, is it correct to assume that after updating the SEO module and listing the PR (4+) that these (internal pages) would be good candidates to “leave a comment” if the comment were notable and relevant to the site?

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    A couple of things that would really help moving forward, if you have a wish-list …

    1 – The ability to produce those SEO stats for our own domains.
    2 – A breakdown of how many unique sites generate the BLP figure.

    Keep up the good work :D

    hris replied:

    Scratch Point 1 – I’m an idiot – I’ve owned MS for months and onlky just noticed the Add URL on the SEO page – doh!!!

    But point 2 is still valid ;)

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  30. additional features are great, but i am a little confused with all the backlnks terminology. Might be useful to have an idiots guide on the various terms!

    mark replied:

    external backlinks – links from other sites
    internal backlinks – links from other pages on the same site.

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    Noble Samurai replied:

    These features will be available once you update. If you haven’t got updates turned on then go File -> Setting-> Updates and make sure the check box is checked.

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    I’ve been using MS since it went beta in the 30DC and I love it, but I do have a request. I noticed the Index Count column added to the seo competition grid in one of the recent updates and it’s been driving me a little crazy. The index seems to slow down the processing time (not sure if that contributes to a slowdown) and the IC, while interesting to view once in awhile, isn’t really helpful from an seo point of view. Matt Cutts of Google made a video addressing the question of whether or not having more pages indexed in Google helps a site’s authority, and he’s pretty clear about saying that it does not.

    I know I can uncheck the IC box, but I’ve been using MS for so long that I’m very quick to click on the Generate results button after I go into the SEO Competition module and then my grid loads much slower because the IC box is checked by default. In addition, since the IC column isn’t relevant for Google seo, then it would be REALLY nice if it wasn’t checked by default.

    Because I use offer seo services to my clients and also use it for my own projects, I use the SEO competition function quite a bit and would really love it if the IC column data was not generated by default.

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    Gail replied:

    Here’s the link to the Matt Cutt’s video explaining how the IC of a web site does not help a site’s authority.

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