Content Writing Made Easy!

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One task that many Internet Marketers shy away from is creating content for their websites.

Creating content can be a difficult process – researching the niche, researching the topic, writing, editing, formatting, publishing, and more – all to create just one article.

But good content can be a POWERFUL boost to SEO. Without it, you are missing out on a great potential source of authority.

Writing good content is easy with the Publish Content Module

In this Spotlight on SEO, Dr. Anthony Fernando will take you through the Publish Content module in detail, showing you how to streamline your content creation process into three easy stages.

1. Research

Ensuring your content is high quality and likely to be read is the first essential step. Anthony will take you through an efficient strategy for topic selection and research.

2. Writing Your Article

Next he will take you through the writing of your article, including using Publish Content’s tools to optimize your content.

3. Publishing Your Article

Now the most important step – getting your article in front of your readers. Here Anthony shows you how to directly upload your new article to your WordPress Blog from Publish Content.

Another Tool in the Arsenal

High quality, effective content is now just three steps away – all you need to do is take that first step and open up the Publish Content Module.

Good luck!


P.S. Market Samurai’s Publish Content module is a fully paid module. If you haven’t purchased Market Samurai and you want access to this module, click here to purchase now.