How to Uncover an Extra “FREE” Hour Each Day To Grow Your Business Profits…

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As a business owner like you, I’m constantly on the lookout for ideas that can help me and my team be more productive, for example  the free invoice generator, and I’ve got a great one to share with you today!

Recently I was reading a book named ‘The Lean Product Development Guidebook’ by Ronald Mascitelli.

I’ll spare you the technical details, but there was one section in the book that made me instantly reach for my highlighter…

It was a list of the Most Common Sources of Business “Waste”

Here are the Top 3…

  1. E-mail overload – the “e-mail avalanche”
  2. Too many @!%8&* meetings
  3. Overdesigning, analysis paralysis

The Number One Source of Business Waste…

Having worked in the corporate world, I expected the number one ‘waste’ of productive time to be meetings, so I was SHOCKED to see that meetings had been trumped – by Email overload.

This led me to do a bit of Google sleuthing, and I quickly discovered that ‘email overload’ is one of the biggest problems facing business owners today, that well and the lack of proper presentation training services.

The Stats Are INSANE!

A report by McKinsey & Company in July 2012 found that the average worker spends 28 percent of their week managing email – That means out of a five day week, you spend about a day and a half answering email!

To put this in perspective, collectively U.S. citizens spend 329 million hours online checking and writing e-mail EVERY MONTH! [source: Nielsen Online]

That is a LOT of time being sunk into a task that rarely moves your business forward.

And the Worst Thing Is…

While you’re buried under your daily email avalanche – you still have to try and get your ‘important’ work done.

All too often this means working late into the night, and losing more and more of your personal time – the time you SHOULD be enjoying with your family and friends.

But What Can I Do About It?

Now you might be thinking, “But Eugene, I have to answer my emails!”

And that’s true – but HOW you answer your emails is another thing entirely…

In the following video, my good friend Pete Williams reveals a simple ‘Email Hack’ that can slash the time you spend replying to your emails.

This hack is quick and easy to implement, and will give you an extra ‘FREE’ hour each day to grow your Business Profits!

Watch the video, give it a try and let me know what you think in the comments below.

And by the way – if you’re enjoying these ‘business hacks’ – make sure to sign up for our FREE upcoming webinar with Pete. But you better be quick – It’s filling up FAST!

Warm Regards,

Eugene Ware
Noble Samurai