Spotlight on Monetization

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Regardless of the number of visitors your site gets, if you can’t convert visitors into customers, all your time and effort is wasted.

So today we’re turning the spotlight on Market Samurai’s monetization module to look at some of the best and most effective methods of generating cashflow from visitors.

How To Find Products & Assess Market Viability

The first step is testing a market to make sure that it is worth pursuing.

This video will take you from square one – dispelling some common myths surrounding market viability, and guiding you through the process of finding products.

How To Write A Compelling Ad In Minutes

Next you need to promote your product to your visitors.

Writing effective sales copy used to be difficult – but not anymore. In this video, Brent takes you step by step through creating a compelling ad for your product.

How To Publish An Ad To Your Website

Of course once you’ve found a product and created your ad, you’ll need to get that ad in front of your customers.

In this video Anthony will show you everything you need to know to publish your ad on your blog, using Market Samurai.

The Key to Market Viability

Once you have watched these videos you will have all the tools you require to find viable markets – a huge milestone for any internet marketer.

It’s time to boot up Market Samurai and get started!

Market Samurai’s Monetization module is part of the full version of Market Samurai. If you haven’t purchased Market Samurai, and you want access to the Monetization module, click here to purchase now.

P.S. – Next week we’ll be turning the spotlight on the Publish Content Module.