New Features: Analyze your own pages – and we now have tooltips!

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My name is Michael – I’m one of the developers behind Market Samurai – and Brent’s asked me to introduce some new features that we’ve released today!

Have you ever wanted to compare your the SEO stats of your website against those of your competitor?

In version 0.80.18, we added a feature to the SEO Competition module to allow you to do just that: check out the video for a walkthrough of the new feature.

You can put your domain into the list – (e.g. “”) – or you can analyse a specific page on your website – (e.g. “”).

Here are some uses of the new feature:

  • Analyze multiple pages on your website to see what it would take to get a double-listing in Google for your chosen keyword;
  • Check stats for any website, webpage or Web 2.0 site (Squidoo, Hubpages) that you create;
  • Analyze competitors that don’t appear in the top 10 spots in Google.

You’ll find the new button at the bottom right of the SEO Competition module:

You can use this feature to look at the stats for your website against those of your competition – perhaps you need to increase your backlinks, or maybe you forgot to add your site to the Yahoo Directory – now you can find out using Market Samurai.

(Note: You’ll need to create a new project if you want to use this new SEO Competition feature – it won’t work with old, saved projects… And really, you want to look at the latest SEO stats for your site and your competitors anyway.)


By the way – you might have noticed another new feature that we released quietly a few weeks ago – tooltips!

Did you notice them?

You can now hover your mouse over some of the more confusing acronyms – eg, SEOTC in keyword research – to get an explanation of what they mean.

The tooltips, and the “Add Custom URLs” feature inside the SEO Competition module were both feature requests made by Market Samurai users – just like you.

If you want to make a suggestion, send us a note here. Not all suggestions will become part of Market Samurai, but we work hard to make sure the most commonly requested features are adopted.


P.S. – Andrew, Arlen and I have been working hard on some other new features that are all coming together at once – and will be released very soon.

P.P.S. – Pretty soon we’ll be announcing new stuff so frequently that we won’t be able to send out email announcements to everyone. Instead, we’ll just upload details to our blog.

So if you want to stay up to date, make sure you subscribe to the blog (via RSS, or by entering your email address into the box on the right for email alerts).

Michael Bertolacci is one of several superstar programming geniuses responsible for creating the features that you enjoy inside Market Samurai.

Michael has written 3 post(s) for Noble Samurai

36 Responses to “New Features: Analyze your own pages – and we now have tooltips!”

  1. Brilliant! This is JUST what I’ve been wanting for ages! Well done guys!
    Can’t wait for the remaining features in MS to become operable. Cheers!

  2. 2

    Very cool feature! Loving it, loving it…

  3. Great new feature, nice one!

    Another feature that would be really handy would be the ability to see which sites the back links are coming from.

    Keep up the good work!!

  4. 4
    On March 24th, 2009 at 5:49 pm
    BobTheDog said:

    OK, I’m first to comment on this. It’s amazing!

    I was working through the video and doing the demonstration with regards to my own site and my competitor. Truly fantastic feature, no matter the size of your niche. Thanks guys!

  5. The own-site comparison feature is excellent. Thanks and keep the improvements going (when I try to install updates onto my Vista machine it always fails and I have to ask you to email me a zip file with the new version).

  6. I am extremely pleased with all of these updates, but this may be the best one yet. I love it that I can do so much with Market Samurai and it doesn’t require me to open up 10 different programs.
    It has become a habit to open up Market Samurai for 5-10 minutes each time I do a post on my site to find the best keyword phrase to target on that post. Now I have a way to create an action plan to overtake some of my competitors on a few of the bigger “money phrases”. Nice!

  7. 7

    Nice feature but how in the world is the vintage guitar blog a PR3?

    I tested one of my sites which according to all valid criteria should rank no 1 for it’s target phrase but is currently 93rd. Go figure. There’s still a lot to learn about that Google algorithm.

  8. That’s just awesome! I only just bought Market Samurai and was thinking that it could do with such a feature and you guys just delivered it! Keep up the great work!

  9. i would be even more better, if you can also see the Position of your page in google in the serps

    you could see then for example if you will have to do only little work if you are on position 11

  10. Great news. I use market samurai to do my job effectively. I wait new products from MS.

    Great Jobs

  11. Excellent feature.

    I always wondered how many links I’d managed to create in the last couple of months – now I know!!!

    Can’t wait to see what else you guys have got up your sleeves!

  12. Amazing,
    You guys are really great and I am so glad I found MS. It has become my main tool for research and it really saves a boat load of time. I really like the new feature because it will be easy to see what I need to do to crush the competition.
    This program just keeps getting better and better, do you people ever sleep? :)
    Thanks for the help you provide

  13. Sweet! Can’t wait to try it out.

  14. 14

    I got a bargain, I got a bargain, I got a bargain, I got a bargain,
    I got a bargain, I got a bargain, I got a bargain, I got a bargain….
    I signed up for MS when it first came out, and was VERY pleased with the goodies that were part of it then. As you keep adding awesome tools to make SEO so much easier, I just think to myself that I’m one lucky guy to have all this. Thank You for adding to this phenomenal software.
    And did I mention, I got a bargain.
    This is my ‘go-to’ software everyday. Thank You MS.

  15. 15

    Over the top! Phenomenal!

    Market Samurai is an indispensable tool.

    Keep up the excellent work guys!


  16. 16

    great feature! Thanks!

    PS: guys, it would be nice to be able to dig into the links — i.e. in the above example you found that there is a PR4 link, how can you find where it comes from? Is this an option you might include some day?

  17. MS rocks, I’ve said so in the past, I’ll say it again, and the new improvements are always useful and not just mere fluff.

    You guys truly deliver!

  18. This is the greatest piece of software I have ever used when it comes to finding niches, my SEO, finding good content, getting backlinks, and staying ahead of the competition. This site needs to be kept secret! Great job on the updates…love the analysis and tooltips! I’m really look forward to the 3 SOON buttons too!

  19. 19

    I sent a request but it seems that it didn’t make this release. Can you guys filter out RESOLVED questions in Yahoo! answers? It’s a complete waste of time trying to find open questions when link after link is being returned as resolved. Thank you.

  20. I will be checking it out tomorrow just wanted to say thank you to the support team! Top Notch cheers…

  21. What a wonderful addition to the MS package. I immediately found an issue with my site that I thought had been corrected.

    You guys are great.

  22. 22

    i’ve used the trial version of MS,Does this update is work for trial version? cuz i can’t upgrade for this

  23. Yes, this is fantastic – nothing better than the ability to look honestly in the mirror, and fine tune your adjustments.

    One question, though: what is the best way to determine the webpages where we’re getting the backlinks from?

    I see a few PR5 and PR6, but how do I find out where they’re coming from, so that I can focus and do more of the same?

  24. The new features aren’t working on my installation.

    No DA, no BLP, no BLD. What’s happening?

    Please advise.

  25. 25

    The new features are not working on my installation either. Ed Dale’s vintage electric guitar blog comes up with no’s for Title Url Desc and Head. Now you know that can’t be true. I also checked the code on my site and all the tags are there but MS is showing them as a No.

  26. I agree with Stroga and Health Coach Harry. One more level of detail for the specific PR links would be helpful.

    I love MS! One of the single best investments in internet marketing.

  27. It’s not just Market Samurai that’s wonderful, it’s the whole Noble Samurai team & their philosophy. That’s what makes Market Samurai great.

    You can become fans of this great team here:


  28. Hi Noble Samurai team,

    I really like the latest features you have implemented in MS.
    Keep doing this and you will create the ultimate SEO Analysis tool :-)


  29. I’m a very happy new owner of Market Samurai. I think it’s the single best piece of software an internet marketer can own. Can’t wait for the piece on publishing content! Thank you Noble Samurai Team!

  30. 30

    Very Very Cool!!! Definitely the best market research tool I have used! Thank you Market Samurai!!

  31. 31

    I bought Market Samurai about 6 months ago. It’s a great program.

    I have a problem, though, that I hope someone can help with. My old computer crashed and I had some challenges with the new one that I bought.

    I tried to re-install Market Samurai and now get this message: Activation Limit Reached.

    I tried to reach support but they rejected the email I used to buy the program.

    Does anybody know a way to get in touch with these people?

  32. 32
    On April 2nd, 2009 at 8:24 am
    tomartomartini said:

    oooH ! Thank you..for doing my suggestion,i am so pleased you guys like this feature as well… *well done> Noble-Samurai-Team*< :O)

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  35. Good job Dev team. I am eagerly awaiting Market Samurai’s new features. It’s like opening christmas presents on christmas eve:-)

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