New Feature: SEOUC helps you to better identify the real competition in your niche

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Greetings, Samurai!

With the number of pages on the Internet ever increasing, identifying profitable niches is becoming a harder process.

The amount of poor quality and duplicate content continues to muddy the waters.

Any niche can look like a high-competition market.

But while a niche may appear to have a large amount of competition, in truth some of the pages that make up the competition count (SEOC) may not be real threats.

Open up Market Samurai’s Keyword Research module and add the keyword “how to use notepad”, then analyse it.

As you can see, the SEOC for this keyword would normally send you running for the hills!

But when you click through to view the pages in Google, you start to notice a trend. Almost none of the pages appearing for the keyword are trying to be there.

A large number of them are forum comments, single pages which include the keyword, but aren’t engineered to rank.

Now if you were to look into the search page results for every keyword, it would make Keyword Research a very tiring, inefficient process.

So how do we find the real competition for a niche?

This is where a new feature in Market Samurai’s Keyword Research module comes in.

SEOUC performs a Google search using the INURL function, so the result will tell you how many pages in Google’s index contain the keyword in their URL.

Pages which have a keyword in their URL are much more likely to be actively competing in a niche, rather than only being there by accident.

This makes SEOUC a very useful indicator of active competition for a niche.

By setting a filter between 500 and 1000 for SEOUC you will be able to quickly and easily analyse your list of keywords to find which have the most active competition.

If you already own Market Samurai or Domain Samurai then this new feature is already available to you. It’s part of our free Keyword Research module.

You will need to update to the latest version to gain access to this new feature.

If you are yet to get your copy of Market Samurai, you can get it here.

This new feature is part of our free keyword research module, so you don’t need to be a paid user to gain access to this powerful new indicator of competition.


Alex Green

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24 Responses to “New Feature: SEOUC helps you to better identify the real competition in your niche”

  1. WOW, I just emailed support CLOSE to this – just wanting a ranking system from NS to help us decide the best on the COMP module..That was weird.. (THANKS Noble Samurai!)

  2. You guys keep on cranking out the features. Market Samurai Rules!
    Dr. Michael Haley@chiropractorʼs last blog post… Eat Fat to Lose Fat

  3. That’s quite a neat feature. :D
    Allen Walkerʼs last blog post… Internet Marketing Companies- 1001 Top List

  4. Thank you MS, you continue to make keyword research a relatively easy task.
    Leo Bookham@Solar Power Garden Lightsʼs last blog post… Solar Yard Lights

  5. Awesome! That really helps

  6. Sound promising! nice feature.

  7. Might be worth noting that the actual search operator, for us SEO geeks in the room, that MS is ostensibly using a phrase match inurl: query.

    That is, inurl:”your key-phrase here”

    As opposed to doing a broad match search, that is.
    David Portneyʼs last blog post… How You Should Dress For Your Seminars

  8. 8
    On February 10th, 2011 at 3:32 pm
    Joyce Kuras said:

    I am so pleased with this product and the video tutorials. I cannot imagine getting accurate information about keywords without it. Learning the difference between searches and click throughs was an eye opener for me.

    Market Samurai is more than a product, it is an education.

    Joyce Kuras

  9. Guys first off best tool on the market. Love this new feature, but a small tweak needed to add the field to the exported data please.

    I always export as it is easier manipulate the data but that bit is missing.
    brianʼs last blog post… Search Engine Optimisation Birmingham

  10. This is really going to be a big help for future sites, starting this weekend. Thanks for including this new feature.
    Andyʼs last blog post… Low Impact Aerobic Stepper

  11. I am so grateful for the amazing features you are adding all the time … and without charging anything for the updates. What a marvellous service!

  12. That’s nice but when you are going to include the root domains count? That’s the most critical indicator for offpage seo strength.

  13. Noticed you guys slipped this features in last week. Another great addition to a fantastic product and is really useful. Thanks for the explantion of how it works properly.
    Jayne From Business Marketingʼs last blog post… Tips For Starting Small Business

  14. Hi,

    Does this feature make the SEOC redundant? If not, how do we best them them together? For example, I’ve spotted a new interestingniche with a “Golden Rules” SEOC of 17,000 but the SEOUC is 4660. Is it likely to be difficult to rank for?

  15. Always look forward to the added featuress from MS. By chance has anyone at MC considered looking at “LOcal Search” competition features for us guys in the SEO at a local level(google Places)?


  16. I haven’t read MS blog for so long. Decide to get on and wow see the new feature. By reading the blog, the lesser the SEOUC than the better the keywords?

  17. Thanks Guys,
    This is a very useful feature that will give me a true picture of my competition, and not steer me away because I see big numbers.

  18. I thought Gareth B’s question was a good one. Have you considered any guidelines to compare the two? Thanks for your great work.

    GarethB replied:

    I thought it was too – but not had any response!
    GarethBʼs last blog post… Mortgage Sales Tracking Software Video

  19. Hi guys

    Any chance of a reply to my – output request and Brett’s question?

    Brianʼs last blog post… Search Engine Optimisation Birmingham

    Kyle @Kyle AllredAllred replied:

    I’d like to hear the answer to Brian’s and Gareth’s questions as well.

    I am curious now what kind of numbers we need to be looking at for the SEOUC? What’s good, bad, high competition, etc.. Some sort of guidelines about it would better help us understand and use it to the full potential.

    Actually giving a thorough breakdown, like a Dictionary Definition of all the different Abbreviations in Market Samurai would be great, with an in depth explanation of each.

    I think they are busy dealing with fires at the moment with the proxies issue. I have noticed the last few days none of my Rank Tracking results are accurate.

    Keep up the Rockin Work guys.
    Kyle @Kyle AllredAllredʼs last blog post… Mozy Kicks Its Users In The Balls

  20. Really a great feature in Market Samurai. Save me alot in time having to go do it the manual way on Google. What’s more, it’s free to use for all! Great job!
    Zach Kongʼs last blog post… How Is Your SEO Courtship Faring

  21. I love Market Samurai! I have lots of knowledge but lack experience. I got Market Samurai two years ago and didn’t know what to do with it. Finally ready to put my get in the water and came back. Wow! So much more and excellent training.

    I am on android smartphone 90% of the time and sure would like this as an android app. Is that possible or even being considered? I bet those iphone users would like an iphone app.

    Fun & Smiles
    CC Heart Cindy :)
    CC Heart Cindyʼs last blog post… I’m Back after Being HACKED!

  22. Now that you have InURL – how about adding an InTitle paramater, please.