Domains Module Now Inside Market Samurai Too

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When we first began building Market Samurai, one of our less sexy (but more ambitious) goals was to streamline the workflow of an internet marketer.

From keyword research at the beginning, to tracking rankings and results over time – all of this is available inside one streamlined workflow inside Market Samurai.

Well – except maybe one piece…

The one step that’s missing is checking and purchasing domains – a vital step in setting up your site.

While Domain Samurai fills the domains gap, it still means you need to swap from one software application to another – and it’s a time-consuming hassle that many Market Samurai users want to see gone!

Since the release of Domain Samurai, we’ve had countless people contact us via support requesting that we add Domain Samurai as a module to Market Samurai.

So today, we’re doing just that.

From today, the Domains module will be included inside your copy of Market Samurai.

Domains Module now in Market Samurai!

With the Domains module now available within Market Samurai, the entire internet marketing process – from website creation to monitoring – is streamlined again.

This means a faster workflow – no need to move between two separate applications when creating your website.

And The Domains Module is Free!

It always has been free, as part of Domain Samurai.

But now, just like the Keyword Research module, the Domains module is ALSO available for free inside Market Samurai.

This means all trial, paid and free (expired trial) Market Samurai users – and all Domain Samurai users – can access the Domains module inside both of these tools.

If you’ve already got a copy of Market Samurai, the latest update will give you access to the Domains module.

If you don’t have a copy of Market Samurai, you can get your free trial (and free access to the Domains Module) here.

So What Happens With Domain Samurai?

Domain Samurai (our purpose-built domain name research software) was designed to find high-value New and Aged Domains.

The tens-of-thousands of domainers and internet marketers who are using it already for this purpose prove there is a need for a tool that focusses solely on domains.

So we will continue to promote and support Domain Samurai as THE tool for anyone searching for high-value New or Aged Domains that are perfect for SEO.

And we’ll continue to do this for free – just as we always have.

(In fact – if you don’t already have a copy of Domain Samurai, take a moment now to get your copy free here.)

But for people who are doing SEO daily, and want a suite of streamlined SEO software tools that speed up their research, analysis, tracking, publishing and targeted link building – for this role, Market Samurai is the right tool for the job.

We hope you enjoy using the Domains module inside Market Samurai!

Alex Green

Alex "The Green Samurai" Green is a member of your friendly Samurai support team, and frequently provides updates on the latest Samurai happenings on the blog.

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103 Responses to “Domains Module Now Inside Market Samurai Too”

  1. Great, thank you for adding this. I wasn’t a requestor, but I think it’s a great idea to combine them. What a great addition!

    I wish other software vendors would be so on top of things!

    chas replied:

    You guys totally rock and over deliver as usual. I like the fact that you have held your prices-thx

  2. What a great idea! Of course what else would on expect from a Noble Samurai? ;-)

    I’ve been using both apps and have them open at the same time. Thanks for streamlining the process!

  3. This is really awesome, everything is integrated in one software.
    Theres only one missing that I believe MS is working on right now the
    Adwords. Im looking forward to this. Good job MS the only tool of choice
    for internet marketer.

  4. Brilliant Thank You! A great addition to the tool kit, Market Samurai rates as the best thing I’ve bought online!

  5. 5

    Just two words: Thank you.

  6. It really is a usefull addition, though would love to know when the NEW modules for MS will be released?

    It seems its been ages since we had a meaty update

  7. Awesome news! I love DS but the fact that MS now has the functionality is GREAT. Next stop: PPC module?

  8. WOW!! You guys keep making THE best IM tool better and better. I, for one, appreciate your understanding of the needs in this community.

    I can’t even begin to imagine what you guys will come up with next.


    Mark V

  9. Fantastic idea adding this in guys – this is the best tool out there, hands down. Thanks for the fantastic support!

  10. 10

    I have bought a lot of tools and course products over the years, and there is no other product developer who offers anything close to the continual value-add capabilities and training after the sale as Noble Samurai.

    I don’t know how you make your money (unless perhaps by using the same tools you sell, which would be another thing that would distinguish you from most of the field).

    Thanks for continuing to make Market Samurai better and better.

  11. Yeah! Thank you!

  12. 12

    WOW, getting this software probably one of the best decision in my entire IM career =)

    Thank You so Much…

    One more.. can i Request that add one more module.. thw Web 2.0 properties Keyword Research tool? something like this

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    That tool is neat!

    Thanks for the link!

  13. Have to agree with everyone else…overall best product I’ve purchased.

  14. WOW I love your software so much, is save our company hours of time doing the research.

    Can’t wait to to see the new feature

    Great stuff guys.


  15. 15

    Thanks so much. Excellent!

  16. Noble Samurai FTW

  17. 17

    In general a very good idea.
    But let me ask you: what are you telling people who bought a license for market samurai and domain samurai … now that you offer it for free?
    It feels like a slap in the face…


    Brent Hodgson replied:

    Fortunately we haven’t had to worry about it.

    We’ve always given away Domain Samurai (including the Domains module) for free.

    Likewise, the Keyword Research module inside Market Samurai has always been free too.

  18. The domain module is an incredible addition to the suite! As a marketer, the most frustrating aspect was squatters having taken all the good domain names! You go to their websites and it is a parked domain (garbage site) – here is a chance to grab a PREMO domain name. Thanks – this is THE best marketing suite there is (and I have pissed away a fortune on “less than adequate” software).

    This is the starting point, the market and keyword research, competition analysis, and article idea for any future and current projects. Thanks for this AWESOME tool!

  19. Will the people who purchased market samurai AND domain samurai receive a refund for the domain samurai since it is now free? Just asking. Thanks! P.S. It’s a great tool.

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    Our policy here is “Do what a Noble Samurai would do.” – treating customers well has never let us down.

    But the good news here is we’ve always given away Domain Samurai for free – we’re now just making some of its free tools more widely available.

    And that’s a clear win for both Market Samurai and Domain Samurai users.

    Market Samurai replied:

    Maybe it’s the upgraded account at DomainFace you mistake it for, which is not free.

  20. Great, I was planning to purchase it at a later time so thanks a lot.

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    You can still use the Domain Samurai software separately, also for free, if you like.

    (There is no cost to use Domain Samurai – although there are some free and paid data options that we use to get aged domain data for you.)

  21. Should we Uninstall Domain Samurai before updating Market Samurai to include it?

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    No need to uninstall Domain Samurai – you can run both at once if you want ;)

  22. Thank you for the new addition it will make my work a little easlier

  23. Wonderful! I just wish I had used a tool like this before I purchased my domain more than a year ago. I will definitely use this in the future for my next blogs and websites.

  24. We’re delighted to have an awesome new place to hang out :-)

  25. I was wondering why the layout looked so similar but was a stand alone piece of software! Recently downloaded it and set it up so i could have saved myself some time if i had just waited a few days! ho hum! Great software tho, as per usual :)

  26. 26

    My next request … but to wikipedia is to have ” Market Samurai ” as the synonym for the word ” over delivery ”



  27. Wow! I look forward to getting emails from Noble Samurai. Every time I do, it’s something brilliant!


  28. THANK YOU!! How do you make the greatest SEO tool (Market Samurai, of course) even better?? You add the greatest domain tool to it as a module! Nice Job! Domo arigato! :D

  29. This is great news. The value that you have built into MS is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  30. This is a great feature. you are right you are making my IM niche to creation to execution a one stop shop.

  31. Hello,
    i would suggest some features we can find on IBP, like ability to find partners and send them emails

  32. 32
    On June 1st, 2010 at 5:25 am
    Internet marketing magic said:

    Thanks Noble Samurai team.

    Domain samurai and Market $amurai has saved me hundreds of hours of what use to be pain staking work.

    Your aoftware has also helped my clients increase their visibility and allowed me to show the increase in rank and backlinks quite easiy.

    Superb job as always.

  33. Terrific – once again you guys over deliver – well done

  34. Congratulations Samurai,
    This post hit number 3 the most popular page on the web this morning according to Alexa. That’s how I got here this morning. Well deserved result.
    I use and love your software, and I think it makes a lot of sense to have Domain Samurai as a module of your main product. Thank you.
    Anton Alksnin

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    Oh wow! Thanks for letting me know about that.

    Anton Alksnin replied:

    My pleasure Brent

  35. Will “domain” be an update coming soon or will this only be in the latest purchasers versions? In other words, will those of us who have Domain Samurai as a separate program, need to keep using it separately? Or will we get an update that will insert it into MS?

    Thanks Brent and team! You guys rock!

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    The Domains module is available in both Market Samurai and Domain Samurai right now – and we plan to continue supporting both software programs.

    I hope this helps

    steve replied:

    Thanks Brent. Market Samurai is one of the best values for the money of any software I’ve ever purchased… and that’s out of a ton of programs!

  36. This is great news as I am thinking of purchasing Market Samurai shortly.

    Every little helps.

    Many thnaks


  37. Thanks! very useful feature!

  38. WOW!

    Ever since I bought this product over a year ago! You just don’t quit amazing me with the additions that you keep putting in! Best Investment in software I have ever made!

    Almost gives me hope in man kind again!

    Have a Great oine Guys!

  39. Totally simple and great value software for any business owner or any perosn wanting to increase sales online. Well Done!

    I enjoy both sotware program, noq they are combined just make it easier. Thanks

  40. Thank you so much, what a brilliant idea, and wow you are providing such value.

    As Edsel said, with the Adwords Module in place market samurai will be “the” only keyword research software needed.

    To all you asking about people that bought the Domain Samurai with Market Samurai, they don’t pay more when they get it with Domain Samurai, they just provide it so they have it, and Domain Samurai have always been free.

    Maybe it’s the upgraded account at DomainFace you mistake it for, which is not free.

  41. Thank you so much, what a brilliant idea, and wow you are providing such value.

    As Edsel said, with the Adwords Module in place market samurai will be “the” only keyword research software needed.

    To all you asking about people that bought the Domain Samurai with Market Samurai, they don’t pay more when they get it with Domain Samurai, they just provide it so they have it, and Domain Samurai have always been free.

  42. 42


    This is good news, but can you just clarify if the tools are the same, or is the Market Samurai domain module version a slimmed down version of the independent paid for version?

  43. 43
    On June 1st, 2010 at 6:29 am
    Kenneth said:

    Great product. Hey I was wondering, if we find a great domain(s) that is better than our current one because we did not have the advantage of Domain Samurai, can the new domains just forward to the current domain? Or is it better to forward all pages from the old domain to a new domain, which seems rather risky and time-consuming.

  44. 44

    Cool addition,

    Is possible to add a feature to the keyword research module that does a search for domains also?


  45. 45

    Awesome thanks…just need now to have more cc TLD in the Domain search results, especially your favouriate,

  46. Thank you so much, what a brilliant idea, and wow you are providing such value.

    As Edsel said, with the Adwords Module in place market samurai will be “the” only keyword research software needed.

  47. Market Samurai and the 30DC was that 1st software and seminar that I was introduced to this past spring… and I believe it is the BEST one out there! I listen 1st and foremost to anyone that is associated with their “team”!

    Thanks again for a fanstastic product! It is worth every penny and everyone that is seriously working as an internet marketer needs to have it!

    It just keeps getting BETTER and BETTER! Now if they would integrate it with the iPad I would be at Apple’s door in a heartbeat!

    Thanks again,

  48. Thanks for adding this module to MS. There is at all only one thing I really miss by MS: A link checker. Take a look at SheerSEO, there is a really great link checker which can handle custom links. Every day the links are scanned and the modifications (nofollow, noindex, outgoing links, PR) are written in a journal.

    Perhaps there is something more: It would be really nice if it’s possible to have to run some tasks automaticly; for example the ranking tracker.

  49. Market Samurai continues to rand TOPS in its field, and only continues to get better! THE software to use for serious internet marketing professionals.

  50. Wow, I wasn’t expecting this. You rock!

    I’ve been with Noble Samurai since inception and can really say it’s been one the best experiences I’ve ever had with a company. Customer service is hands down the best in the industry. And, the software, well, that speaks for itself. Here’s to a properous future together… Cheers!

  51. This is just the best tool I have seen for finding out the real deal with keywords and such great support.

    Your ability to deliver world class product to a competitive space and continue to deliver more and more value is a real credit to your effort and philosophy.

  52. You guys must have a killer software development workflow to keep on putting out stuff every few days.

    Your rise to the top of Internet marketing apps will be well-deserved.


  53. 53

    Do the domain module and standalone Domain Samurai have exactly the same features? Or is the domain module a lightweight version of Domain Samurai?

  54. Come on Aussie Come on, come on.

    Well done guys.

  55. This makes things simple and easy! Thank you so much! :)

  56. I only bought this software a few days ago and its already paid for itself! nice update btw

  57. 57
    On June 1st, 2010 at 10:07 am
    Tony Barton said:

    You Noble Samurais are a very generous, thank you.

  58. Another great addition to an already superb piece of software. When is the robot module going to come out? The one that does everything for you.

  59. You guys are AWESOME!

  60. The ability to foresee stray satellites in the pursuit of a linear path to a relevant domain is now infinitely easier with the smart linkage of all Noble Samurai. Thank you.

  61. terima kasih info nya.
    ini sangat berguna untuk yang punya waktu sedikit.

    [Edited for Translation: Thank you for the info. It is very useful to have a little extra time.]

  62. Guys just wanted to thank you for adding the domain module for free! Market Samurai has been one of the best investments I’ve made! Thanks again for the new module and for all the great training you all provide!

  63. I’m thinking of getting the Market Samurai Logo tattooed on my back. Wanna work out a deal?

    You guys are the best. One day I’m going to write a comment with more value than your average groupie cry.

  64. This IS great news … I found running both drains my pc resources, hopefully this will help… anyone else with similar experience?

    also, can anyone outline in a sentence or two the best way to use domain sumarai…?


  65. Wow… You guys just keep delivering.

    I haven’t updated Market Samurai yet, but looking forward to it.

    Domaining isn’t new, but you’ve made it quicker to research and any software that can speed up my workflow, is invaluable to me.

    Cheers Noble Ones’

  66. I think this is one of the best features that required to be added to a already great piece of tool for webmasters.

    Congratulations & thanks for keeping our spirits high as always !

    Sanjay Gupta

  67. Fantastic piece of software from the start. It gets better and better.

  68. 68

    If you have the paid version of both MS and DS will full access be available to the integrated version?

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    Yes, this is a free upgrade to Market Samurai.

    Both products will still continue to exist separately though, and Domain Samurai will continue to be a free product.

  69. thank you for the merge

  70. This is just another WOW from MS!

    Thanx guys, you (once again) over deliver.

  71. 71

    Amazing… you guys really love what you’re doing……

  72. What a brilliant idea. Now, it will make Market Samurai even more unique among all those marketing tools available.
    Keep up the good work.


  73. Hi Brent and friends.

    I have to say, you guys are an amazing role model for every internet marketer. Your products are on top of the game, as are your sales techniques.

    Congratulations and thanks a lot.

  74. It is just the topic i was looking for. Thanks very much for sharing this interesting post. Your information about Continuous Improvement. A Dream Come True give me a lot of knowledge. I’ve already bookmark Your site to my all account. I will be returning.
    Ar Rony

  75. Great!
    I was hoping that this was going to happen!
    I really appreciate it.
    So much better than having to use 2 programs.
    2 in 1!

  76. MS is the only tool of choice for me and its the greatest
    bang for a buck. I ignore any search tool I have and just
    concentrated on MS. Guys you really are great and I will
    buy any products you have without any hesitation.

  77. 77
    On June 2nd, 2010 at 1:38 am
    tomartomartini said:

    Great, thank you for adding this ,what a brilliant idea,Market Samurai is one of the best investments I’ve made in IM !

  78. Bliss! I love the over-delivering!

    And what a lovely surprise [sun smiley]

    It’s hard to imagine a better company than Noble Samurai :)


  79. Thanks for adding this! I am so impressed with Market Samurai thus far, and it keeps getting better.

  80. Another terrific addition to Market Samurai, wouldn’t be without it!

  81. It’s ok, just found the solution on the help section. sorry..

    P.S. the software rocks. I couldn’t tell you how much time this program saves. And time is money!

  82. Thanks for the merge, but is there any training on this!

  83. Good move guys! I’ve been happily using Market Samurai since late last year, and keep seeing improvements going forward.
    I had actually been wondering why Domain Samurai was a separate product when it fits into Market Samurai to logically. Well, here you go, didn’t take you long. Keep up the great work!

  84. Wow, you guys never cease to amaze me with your endless improvements to this superb product. Thanks!


  85. Wow, that’s great news!
    I wonder when you guys sleep…

    Keep it up, big fan over here…

  86. This is a fantastic addition – so much simpler than online tools I’ve tried. Being able to find both aged domains and ones with page rank is a killer feature. Think I might like this almost as much as the rank tracker!

  87. 87

    Thank you for adding the domain module to Market Samurai. You guys continue to over deliver. Kuddos!!! Market Samurai has long since become the best investment I have made in internet marketing tools.

    Watched the seminar last night. Really good stuff. A quick question about new domains if I might. While I realize domain keyword density is a piece of the puzzle, and the higher the better – is there a point at which one should consider continue to look for another domain [ I mean a % point at which it is time to do more research]? As an additional nuance…what are you feelings about taking a popular keyword and adding a suffix [e.g. KW phrase+"hub"; KW phrase+"portal"; etc.] to form an available domain name?

    Again, thanks for all your continued hard work you guys put into Market Samurai.

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    Thanks Walt for your feedback :)

    Re: Choosing domains, and keyword density

    Personally, I like having [keyword].com. This always has a 100% keyword density.

    If I can’t find a good, I might look at and These also always have 100% keyword density.

    If they’re not available, I’ll try adding another word as a prefix or suffix. Ideally, this will make the domain into a longer tail keyword – e.g. if was not available, I might try,, etc. (Assuming “dog training dvd” and “dog training guide” are actually keywords that people search for, and were relevant to my business.)

    This has a double benefit – I get faster rankings for the longer tail keyword (dog training dvd), and I can leverage these rankings to get better rankings for my original keyword (dog training).

    If I have no luck finding something that works as a longer tail keyword, I’ll then add brandable prefixes and suffixes (, My goal at this point is to add something that is as short and as memorable as possible.

    By this stage I’ve usually found something – so I rarely even look at adding hyphens to the domain name.

    I hope this helps you out


  88. I never expected this level of dedication to the ongoing improvement of Market Samurai when I purchased it almost 2 years ago. In fact I anticipated that it would have a useful life-cycle of between 3 to 5 years.

    What a pleasure it is to see Market Samurai actually growing and getting better constantly. In retrospect, I should probably think of Market Samurai as a business investment that keeps on growing while also delivering better business results.

    Thank you for your dedication, which also serve as an example of what can be achieved through service excellence.

    Keep it up. May Market Samurai and the people behind it continue to be market leaders!

  89. 89

    You guys seriously rock, just when i thought i couldnt afford the whole other program you guys come out and deliver this, every time i use Market Samurai you remind me why i brought this product and why i am happy to have paid for it! that says a lot guys!! i have given out so many recommendations to my friends about your product and they have brought it and totally love it as much as i do.

    all i request is PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE… keep doing what you doing!

    thanks guys

  90. I continue to be impressed by the depth and breadth of Market Samurai. It has truly been one of the best investments I’ve made to date. Fabulous job to those responsible for all the enhancements and updates!