Google’s new Keyword Planner – How it Makes Market Samurai faster!

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We’re very glad to announce that after a long wait – Google has retired it’s old “Keyword Tool”, and replaced it with it’s new shiny “Keyword Planner”.

For details of the changes and what this means for the functionality of Market Samurai please read our recent blog post.

You can read more about some of the data changes (such as their removal of broad and phrase match data) that Google has made through their official blog article at

The good news is we’ve been working hard to make this transition as smooth as possible for our customers, and a version of Market Samurai that’s compatible with the Keyword Planner has been in the testing stage for over a month now.

Today we’ve made this new “Keyword Planner” version live (simply update your version of Market Samurai to the latest version by launching the app and saying “Yes” to the update dialog prompt).

And we’re really excited to announce that…

The new Keyword Planner build of Market Samurai is much faster than ever before!

The nature of the old Keyword Tool made it a very slow process to gather all the keyword data you need for effective keyword analysis. The new Keyword Planner build is much snappier which means that you can perform your keyword research in less than half the time when compared with the old Keyword Tool! Try using privacy critic vpn to have more privacy online.

What’s changed in Market Samurai with the new Keyword Planner data?

If you’re not sure what this all means for Market Samurai users, the important thing to realize is that very little has really changed.
The fundamentals of keyword research remain the same as they always have, and most of the familiar elements of Market Samurai’s interface and workflow are staying put.

There are a few visible changes worth noting, however:

  • We are now defaulting to Exact Match mode for keyword research data, as explained in more detail in the last blog post and in Google’s official press release.  This will show lower numbers for search traffic than the ones you may be used to, but we feel they’re more indicative of the results you’ll see in the long run.

  • We’ve updated our Golden Rules filters to use the new Majestic SEO competition metrics, instead of the increasingly-unreliable SEOC values.  So once again the numbers themselves will be different, but the intent of the filter defaults remains the same. SEOC has ceased to be a reliable metric to measure the “quantity” of search engine competition.

    Many other competing keyword research services including our friends at Wordtracker have moved to using the number of times a keyword appears in BOTH the Title Tag AND in anchor text links  back to a page (what we now call “TAComp”), as a much more reliable measure of quantity of search engine competition.

    SEOC was fine in 2008-2009, but the exponential growth in pages on the Internet since makes this a relatively meaningless number in 2013.

  • The “Adwords” filter section has been removed, and the AWCPC number is now part of the Commerciality column.  AWCTR, AWT and AWV are no longer available as Google have removed this data from their Keyword Planner tool. We still provide the AWCPC and AWI (Adwords Impressions), and SEOV however (as Google still provides this data).

  • The old “Competition” column has been renamed “Basic Competition” to distinguish it from the “Majestic Competition” metrics we now recommend using.

  • The “Organic” column now features the “AdWords Impressions” (AWI) metric, which is similar to the older AWT (Adwords Traffic) – though our research has shown that it’s not quite the same number, but can be used a pretty good replacement.

  • The “Match Type” dropdown box only affects the results for the AWCPC column and the SEOV column – search traffic data is now always for exact-match searches only (as Google only provides Exact Match data now).

Using Phrase to Broad Match Ratio (PBR) is no longer recommended:

While the PBR metric will remain available to use if you want it, we are removing it from our default recommended filter settings and from our training.  It was an innovative and time-saving feature while the numbers could be relied upon, but over time they’ve become less and less trustworthy.  We’re seeing wild variation in the data being returned from Google.

Unfortunately we feel it’s now doing more harm than good in most cases.

Our recommendation is to do what the SEO Pros do – simply use Exact Match competition as this removes any biases due to word order or skews due to longer tail keyword derivations.

There’s more information about the interface changes available in our Knowledge Base article here.

Training Dojo Keyword Research Video Updates Coming Soon…

Finally, we’re in the process of revamping all our Keyword Research tutorial videos, with a priority on the Golden Rules series to be completed ASAP.  They’ll include updates on all the minor interface changes that have accumulated since we first produced the videos, and some new examples that reflect the conditions of the online markets as they are today.

Once they’re ready to premiere we’ll put the word out on Twitter and Facebook, so I urge you to follow us in order to be informed of important news and updates promptly!

What to do next…

To get your hands on this new, faster “Keyword Planner” build of Market Samurai, simply:

  1. Fire up your copy of Market Samurai.
  2. When prompted to update to the latest version, say “Yes”
  3. Wait for the update to download and Market Samurai to relaunch and you’re on your way!

We hope you enjoy the new Keyword Planner build. If you have any issues, please feel free to shoot our support team an email at

Also, we’ve done pretty extensive testing of our new keyword filter presets, however, if you have any advice on how they could be improved, please shoot us an email as well.