Tips for Finding a Great Aged Domain

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With the Domains module now available in both Market Samurai AND Domain Samurai, we’ve had a lot of questions about the best way to go about finding domains inside the Aged Domains tool.

The Trouble With Finding a Great Aged Domain

Usually, the reason we miss the best Aged Domain opportunities comes down to simple percentages…

Aged Domains are much fewer in number than New Domains.

At any time – only a percentage of all Aged Domains will be available for sale, for auction, or expiring;

A percentage of those soon-to-be-available domains will carry a strong PageRank, Domain Age or backlinks;

And a percentage of those high quality soon-to-be-available domains will ALSO be relevant to your niche. 

The more specific your keyword is, the lower that final percentage is, and the less likely you’ll find a high-value domain relevant to that keyword.

This is why the Domains module plugs into DomainFace in the first place – a 3rd party domains service – because finding the few domains that might fit this criteria is literally like finding a needle in a haystack if you’re doing it manually. By connecting to DomainFace’s database, we can tap into the 100,000′s of aged domain auctions, sales and expiries that DomainFace is finding every day – helping you to find the golden needles in the haystack.

It’s also why finding a the best Aged Domains sometimes requires new tactics – particularly if you’re working in niche markets… Because even if you’ve found a high traffic gold nugget keyword, if your keyword “too specific” when trying to find an Aged Domain then you will likely turn up empty handed.

So, What Is The Best Strategy for Finding Aged Domains?

How do you find great high-value Aged Domains that are relevant to your market – which you can use as your main site, or as a feeder site?

The solution is simple:

Try broader, more generic keywords.

I hear you saying “Whoa, wait a moment Alex! Isn’t it easier to optimize for a highly specific niche keyword?”

Yes, that’s still true for all SEO.

But if you’re hunting for Aged Domains, there are 3 “bonus benefits” you get when you branch out and include some more generic keywords in your search…

1. More Results means More Choice

Simply put, you’re going to get a lot more matches when searching for “dog collars” than when you’re searcing for “big dog collars”; or when you’re searching for “investments” rather than “stock market investments”.

The more matches you get, the more choice you have.

In SEO, there are often dozens of combinations of keywords that “fit” your niche.

If your Aged Domain search is too tight or too limited, you could miss out on a similar match that fits your niche perfectly.

(Perhaps you’ll find a domain that is perfectly targeted to a keyword that just missed your keyword filtering criteria. With a highly targeted domain for this keyword, and the Google-boost that comes with it, perhaps you can afford to compete in a slightly more competitive market…)

Including relevant broad keywords in your search will reveal options you might not have even considered before.

Which brings us to the next benefit…

2. More Results means More Opportunities

There’s more to Aged Domains than simply using them as your main site URL.

Often you’ll come across high-value Aged Domains that are perfect to use as feeder sites – driving traffic and “link juice” to your main “money” site.

If you’re like me, sometimes you’ll just choose to register these domains to keep potential competitors from using them against you.

Or, if you’re like Kenny, sometimes (because you’ve done your keyword research and you know the SEO value of a keyword) you’ll come across opportunities to buy Aged Domains at a fraction of their true value, “renovate” them, and resell them for big profits.

3. Broader Keywords have More Traffic

As a general rule, a broader keyword is going to have more traffic than a more specific one.

Going back to our “dog collars” example, a quick comparison of Searches data from the Keyword Research module shows us:

Keyword – “big dog collars” gets about 150 daily searches
Keyword – “dog collars” gets about 32,000 daily searches

An Aged Domains search for “dog collars” would still find domains like “”, but would also give you the chance at finding golden opportunities like “” – a more valuable domain asset, and a domain that stands to give you a bigger ranking boost for the more generic higher traffic keyword “dog collars”.

Now you know the best tactics for finding domains like these…

Remember, Aged Domains are a finite resource.

On any given day, there will only be a handful of relevant, high-quality Aged Domains available in your niche – and it’s usually a ‘first in/first served’ game.

Now that you know the best way to find great Aged Domains, it’s up to you to find the best ones… Before someone else does.

Good hunting!

Alex Green
Noble Samurai

P.S. If you’re an avid follower of the blog, you’ll know that the Domains Module is now also available inside both Market Samurai and Domain Samurai.

Make sure you’re using the latest version of Market Samurai so that you can access the Domains module and the Aged Domain search tool.

The latest version of Market Samurai is always available to download from your unique download page. And remember: to search for aged domains, you’ll need a free DomainFace account (or a paid one) to access their Aged Domain databases.

P.P.S. If you’re new here, and you don’t have Market Samurai yet, you can download a free 12-day trial of Market Samurai here.