Keyword Research Just Received A V8 Upgrade…

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Keyword Research Just Received A V8 Upgrade…

Today we have some exciting news to share with you about Market Samurai.

After many months of work (and a few late nights) we’re excited to announce that we’ve made some major improvements to the Keyword Research Module…

Improvements that will completely change your experience of using Market Samurai…

Imagine taking a regular run-of-the-mill mid-range car and then cramming a thumping great V8 engine under the hood.

Well that’s exactly what we’ve done with the Keyword Research Module.

Over the past few months we’ve been transitioning the engine that powers the Keyword Research Module into the cloud.

The great news, is that this presents a number of significant benefits:

Up To 2X Faster…

One of the major constraints that reduced the speed by which you were able to generate and analyse keywords, was that Market Samurai used the computing power of your desktop or laptop computer to do much of the heavy lifting.

As you can imagine this meant that performance varied greatly from user to user.

By handling all these tasks in a single location in the cloud, we are now able to accurately and efficiently monitor performance, balance load, and upgrade server power should we ever need more grunt.

And already we are seeing speeds up to twice as fast as our previous benchmarks, and there are still many more adjustments to be made which will likely boost those speeds even higher.

No More Adwords Accounts…

As you may know generating lists of keywords and then analyzing them in Market Samurai could at times be hit and miss.

This was in large part due to a dependency by which Market Samurai required access to your personal Adwords Account in order to perform some of these analytical tasks.

By completely re-engineering the Keyword Research Module in the cloud we’ve been able to do away with this dependency once and for all.

Note: While you no longer need to use your Adwords Account, we’ve made the call to maintain the functionality to ensure you’re still able to generate and analyse keywords during periodic maintenance downtimes.

Reduced App Updates

Since Market Samurai is a desktop application, all of the code that allows it to function is stored on your computer, also you can use for this a data engineering agency to maintain your databases and large-scale processing systems.

This means that every time one of our data providers change something (which happens a lot), we have to create a new version of Market Samurai with a fix, and then notify you to re-install it just to be able to continue using it.

Obviously this is not ideal and by the rate at which our data providers change things, this process has become a regular and inconvenient occurrence.

By moving Keyword Research to the cloud we’re now able to make a large portion of these fixes on our end without you needing to action anything.

And those update dialogs that appear when you open Market Samurai will become fewer and far between.

So take it for a spin and if you have any feedback (any at all) on the new Cloud Keyword Research we’d love to hear from you – just leave a comment below or shoot us an email to
Stay Tuned…
We have some BIG changes in the pipeline for Market Samurai over the coming months, with even faster speed increases, streamlined interface changes and additional metrics to give you even more insight into your market.

So keep an eye out, more great features are coming…

It’s an exciting time here at Noble Samurai and we can’t wait to share these changes with you!