The Return of SEOTC, SEOUC and Golden Rules Revamped

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Title and URL Competition are back!

A few weeks ago, much to our dismay, we were forced to retire some of the Keyword Research module’s most used and loved features.

Due to restrictions from Google, the columns SEOTC (the number of results that contain a keyword in the Title tag), SEOUC (the number of results that contain the keyword in the URL) and their local variants were no longer working effectively for our users, and in many cases were causing the Keyword Research process to become extremely sluggish.

From the moment they were removed from Market Samurai we began our search in earnest to find a way to bring these important, much-loved metrics back to the Keyword Research Module, while also keeping Market Samurai as swift as possible.

I am happy to announce that we have brought back SEOTC, SEOUC and their local variants back to the Keyword research, albeit in a slightly reduced fashion.

Instead of being able to fetch the SEOTC / SEOUC data for every single keyword you have, we’ve added a “check” option next to each keyword, which will retrieve the data for that keyword only.

This means that you can retrieve this valuable data on a keyword-by-keyword basis, after you’ve applied your other filters.

This restriction on being able to fetch large blocks of SEOTC / SEOUC data is a result of a restriction within Google on the number of SEOTC / SEOUC data that can be retrieved in quick succession.

While this does mean that you can no longer draw this data for an entire batch of keywords at once, you can still use SEOTC / SEOC in your analysis to further narrow your keyword lists.

We recommend that you perform all your regular filtering first, and then “cherry pick” the SEOTC / SEOUC data from the most promising keywords that survive your filtering process.

This screenshot shows how to access this new SEOTC / SEOUC functionality in the Keyword Research module.


Simply click the word “check” for the data you want, and Market Samurai will gather the figures you have requested.

Golden Rules Filters Update

Since the release of Google’s new Keyword Tool, the data that Google has provided has changed quite significantly.

When the new tool rolled out, Google announced that Traffic figures generated by the new tool would no longer include data from their search partners, such as Amazon and YouTube, and instead would include only data from the Google Search Engine itself. This lead to a reduction in overall Traffic values.

The problem with this, is that our recommended keyword filter values (which we use in our Golden Rules filter presets in the Keyword Research Module) now filter out too many keywords, often leaving our users with a very small handful or even no keywords surviving the filtering process.

We have been monitoring these changes and have evaluated how they have changed the keyword research process. The result is an updated set of values for the Noble Samurai Golden Rules and Long Tail filters.

The latest version of Market Samurai contains these updated values, already incorporated into the Golden Rules and Long Tail filters within the Keyword Research module.

We will also be updating our training materials over the coming months to reflect these new values.

To get access to these metrics, it will be necessary to update your software.

You can find instructions on updating here in our Knowledgebase.

I hope that the new versions of these old favourites help to improve your Keyword Research experience.

Warm regards,

Alex Green

P.S. If you don’t yet have Market Samurai installed, you can download it and get access to the FREE Keyword Research module here.