Market Samurai Keyword Research: Faster Than Ever

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“Why is my copy of Market Samurai running so much faster now?”

If you’ve been using Market Samurai lately, you will have noticed how much faster it is to switch between tabs – or even switch between modules – especially when you’re working with a lot of keyword data.

This is because the latest set of updates turbo-charged the way Market Samurai displays data.

Previously, switching between from one set of keyword research to another could take anything up to 35 seconds!

The more keywords you had, the slower Market Samurai ran…

The reason for this was due to some speed limitations in the Adobe AIR platform when it came to fishing data out of a database, and displaying it in a table…

Fortunately, we found a way around the problem.

In the past, Market Samurai would try to load all of your keyword data into a table inside the keyword research module whenever the keyword research module was open, even loading the data that was at the bottom of the screen, that you’d need to scroll down to see – and in Adobe AIR this could be a slow process.

Now – instead of loading all of the data at once, we now only load just enough data to fit onto your screen.¬†(And if you need to scroll down, Market Samurai will fetch more data out of your keyword data file as it’s needed, instead of loading it and slowing down your keyword research.)

As a result, you’ll see a fraction of a second delay when scrolling through keyword research (barely noticeable) – and the time it takes to switch between tabs is down from¬†35 seconds to as little as 0.8 seconds!

This means you’re able to analyze a lot more keywords, much faster.

With the new version of Market Samurai, it’s even more important that you can analyze keywords faster – now that Market Samurai gathers 800 (instead of 200) keywords by default.


P.S. – Although we’ve improved the speed of Market Samurai in several areas, we’re still battling some unexpected bugs in the latest Market Samurai updates (most are related to gathering data from the new Google keyword data source we’re using.)

We’re working on these issues right now, are releasing bug-fixes regularly to address these problems as soon as we’ve found solutions, and will have updates for the few remaining issues shortly. Stay tuned!