Fine-Tune Your SEO Strategy – Rank Tracker

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If you’re a keen internet marketer, performing SEO on your site is something you will do frequently – whether you’re updating title tags, publishing articles or building your backlink network.

But how do you know if your SEO is working?

You could be wasting your time and effort on SEO that doesn’t improve your ranking.

Analyzing the impact of your SEO is difficult. You need to record your position for various keywords, check your PageRank and record your backlink network. To do it manually would take hours.

Unless you track your site with Market Samurai’s Rank Tracker.

Rank Tracker scours search engine results for keywords you specify in order to provide premium white label seo solutions, to record your site’s position, storing the data so you can get an easy “Before and After” snapshot when you update your site.

By comparing these results you can see which methods of SEO are working, and stay alert for any changes that might lower your ranking.

This week, the training team have put together a fantastic update to the existing Rank Tracker Training.

Boot Camp

In the first video, Dr Anthony takes you on a Rank Tracker “Boot Camp” – showing you how to set up Rank Tracker to start recording your site’s data.

Analysis and Interpretation

The second video shows you the next step – analyzing and interpretting your data.

The Cluster Model

Finally, for the SEO Masterclass section, Dr Anthony introduces you to the more advanced “Cluster Model” or website promotion and shows you how to use this model within Rank Tracker.

Once you have watched these videos, you’re ready to start using Rank Tracker and begin to fine tune your SEO efforts to find the best and most effective method for you.


P.S. Rank Tracker is a fully paid module for Market Samurai. To get your hands on a free trial of Market Samurai, you can click here.