What’s the BIG Mistake Most Gurus Make?

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Hi Samurai – it’s Eugene here!

There’s a fatal mistake in the way most people try to do internet marketing…

They put a whole lot of time, effort and money into building a web-site and creating a product – and then the launch their product with all of the best marketing opportunities available to them (the best affiliates, the best partnerships, appearing on the best sites, targeting the best keywords, etc).

…Only to see their hard work disappear – just after it started paying off.

It’s The Curse of the Launch…

The product makes a huge spike of sales right at the start – when all of the best leads in their marketplace buy.

But it doesn’t take long (a few weeks, or a few months) these best marketing opportunities are exhausted.

The sales dry up, the money dries up – and the only way to start making the big money again is to start again – to put a whole bunch of time, money and effort into creating a new product to launch – just to see the whole cycle repeat itself.

Or they look for other people’s affiliate products to promote – just so that they can get another spike in sales.

Suddenly, You Find Yourself Stuck In A Vicious Cycle

Instead of creating sustainable online businesses that create a constant cashflow for life, without having to work – you find yourself having to work 12-times as hard to create new products, just so that you have something new to sell every month!

It’s a vicious cycle that is so easy to get stuck in.

And even though it works (there are people who make millions of dollars per year living launch-redevelop-relaunch) – living big-hit to big-hit is a harder, more laborious, time-intensive way to make money online.

To be honest, this was one of *MY* biggest concerns with Market Samurai. I always wanted it to be a true online business – I wanted to create something that would grow over time, not die within months.

I Couldn’t Afford To Let All The Hard Work In Market Samurai Go “Quietly Into The Night”

10,000′s of hours of hard work, and 100,000′s of dollars have gone into developing Market Samurai. To see it all go to waste so quickly, and to have to re-create something similar just to keep Noble Samurai running… the thought gives me cold shivers!

So, How Do You Turn A “Spike” Into An Income?

But how do you keep your product burning hot as long as possible – and maximise your revenue stream?

This was one of the big insights I received from reading the Butterfly Marketing Manuscript.

A few months ago, I printed off the original Butterfly Marketing Manuscript to read on a flight between Melbourne and Singapore – and I scrawled notes on practically *Every* *Single* *Page*.

You’re probably hearing a lot about Butterfly Marketing right now – and it’s certainly something I recommend without hesitation.


Because it’s like taking a “guided tour” of a very successful, very streamlined internet marketing business.

If you haven’t seen the manuscript yet, let me explain what it’s like…

Condense years of experience running a successful internet business – from how to build a successful business from nothing, to how to turn a launch spike into an ongoing revenue stream, right through to how to increase sales in even a mature online business – and put it all into one resource, it what you’ll find will look a lot like what I found in the Manuscript.

There was stuff that we’re already doing, like:

  • Offering a free, partially-complete product to build a list (page 16)
  • Integrating your product into other companies’ marketing (page 54)
  • Getting time leverage in your business (page 104)

And there were also a lot of areas where I thought we could improve in:

  • How to motivate affiliates to “compete”, and sell more (page 61)
  • Making your site “stickier” using forums (Page 65)
  • The ideal marketing funnel structure (page 106)
  • Exactly what resources should go into an affiliate pack? (page 44)
  • Time limited offer on signup (page 73)
  • The value of “carrier pigeons” as reminders (Page 63)

There are also a bunch of detailed case studies of successful marketing campaigns that Mike Filsaime (the author of the Butterfly Marketing Manuscript) did, and even some unsuccessful campaigns and why they failed.

As I say – the resource is literally the sum of years of experience running a successful internet business condensed into 124 pages of information.

And that’s just the Butterfly Marketing Manuscript (ebook) – It wasn’t even the full updated Butterfly Marketing 2.0 pack (which sells for $1995 – but Mike’s going to be giving away for $39.95p&h as part of his latest promo – including thousands of dollars worth of software to IMPLEMENT these techniques, DVD’s, CD’s and course workbooks – something I’ll be waiting in line to get for myself.)

You can download the PDF from here
(Look for the signup box on the right of that page)

As someone who has run his fair share of successful online businesses already, I still got a lot out of it. In fact, I’ve literally been hassling Brent to read this for the past 4 months – long before this Butterfly Marketing promo came up (which is what spurred me to write this blog post now).

Whatever you do, make sure you get the Manuscript.

If you want to get the full Butterfly Marketing course too – that’s great (the $39.95p&h offer includes all of the Butterfly Marketing course manuals, DVD’s, CDs, software, etc). We’ll be trying to get a copy too – even though it launches at 1pm EST on the 24th of March (which is 4am Melbourne time!!)

To be blunt, chances are you’ll miss out.

Mike printed 5,000 copies to give away, which sounds like a big number – but already over 25,000 people have pre-registered for a copy (with just 1 week left before launch). Plus all of the top internet marketers are recommending it too, as I write this blog post – and although we’re aiming to get a copy, we aren’t getting any special treatment – we’re setting alarms for 4am just so that we’re in with a chance to get a copy of our own.

But At The Very Least…

At least download the free Butterfly Marketing Manuscript – the same resource that I printed and read on the plane, and scribbled notes on practically every page.

As I say – it’s the first thing I’d read in a long time that I learned a lot of new insights from (despite running multi-million dollar online marketing projects before) – so I’d highly recommend you get a copy.