Market Samurai: Today, and The Future

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You already know that there are a lot of features in development inside Market Samurai.

But unless you’re a part of the Market Samurai team, chances are you don’t know about all of the cool new features that the Market Samurai team has been working so hard on.

So let me take you behind the “Shoji Screen” here at the Samurai Dojo, and show you what we’re up to right now!

You’re Getting These Ones Right Now

Have you been using Market Samurai in your internet business daily?

If you haven’t, shame on you ;) – but if you have, then you’ve already seen all of the updates that we have released in the past few weeks.

These updates were like flying Samurai roundhouse kicks that knocked-out a series of annoying glitches that some Market Samurai were battling.

PLUS… a whole bunch of new feature improvements were added.

Most of these improvements were behind-the-scenes – performance enhancements that turn your Market Samurai into a leaner, meaner, faster internet marketing warrior.

Others were more prominent – like the new “DoFollow” Backlink source option added.. Check it out:

Market Samurai Promotion Backlink Tool screenshot

…And More are On Their Way…

As I’m writing this, the team is releasing the final touches on Market Samurai v0.79 (chances are they’ll beat me to the punch, and it will be out before I finish this blog post!)

Market Samurai v0.79 contains even more performance enhancements – these ones are designed to speed up the gathering of SEOC data, and several other types of data.

PLUS it contains some enhancements around SEO Digger keyword generation that speed up data gathering in these areas too!

After this is released, the Market Samurai development team will focus their efforts on a series of (big) new features.

These features will be releases as-they-are-completed over the coming weeks and months – so expect to have Market Samurai ask you if you would like to update to the latest version fairly regularly for a while yet, while we give you more and more features and updates.

So What’s On The Cards?

Well, obviously there are 3 modules in-development right now… the 3 “Coming Soon” modules that are already inside Market Samurai.

But there’s one more to add…

It’s something that has been kept very quiet – a mystery module…

Details haven’t been released around how this module works (or even what it will do) yet.

It’s taken us several months to get Market Samurai this far – and it’s going to take us several more months to complete all of the remaining features.

While we’re developing new features, we’ll focus the bulk of our efforts on a single area of functionality…

The good news is that as soon as each area is complete, it will be released direct to you via Market Samurai’s automatic update system for immediate access – and as an owner of the full version of Market Samurai, you’ll receive access to all of these new features for free (despite planned price rises in the future).

…Before I forget…

Finally, several people have asked about the Market Samurai registration system.

For several weeks, we’ve held back on “flicking the switch” on the Market Samurai Registration System.

Currently, all copies of Market Samurai think that they’re registered (because we have turned off the activation system on our servers). However, very soon we’ll have completed some changes to the activation system on our server and will be flicking the switch to turn the activation system on.

This means you will be asked to enter your Market Samurai trial version or full version registration key.

For the moment, there’s nothing to worry about. We’ll give you roughly 1 week’s notice, and email you with your details (as a reminder / just in case you’ve lost the original email).

In the mean-time, keep an eye out for our ongoing roll-out of Market Samurai updates.

I think all of the updates will start to annoy you soon ;)