Eugene Ware

Noble Samurai "Daimyo" (Head Samurai)

Eugene Ware, a man so talented with computers that it is rumored that his parents are actually an Amiga 2000 and a Commodore 64.

Turning his attention to internet marketing many years ago, Eugene picked this up with ease, quickly mastering existing techniques and developing his own new techniques which made existing processes obsolete almost overnight.

Cobbling together his new market research techniques from a mixture of existing processes and his own ingenuity, he is considered by some to be the "Mad Scientist" of internet marketing.

Co-creator of the original Underachiever system - the highly successful and streamlined system for quickly building profitable online businesses. He is one of the few people who are genuinely passionate about helping people to become successful online.

Respected Internet Marketing Expert, Ed Dale, describes Eugene as "The Smartest Internet Marketer Nobody Has Ever Heard About".

With successes that include making $570,000 online in 37 minutes, and making $960,000 in 3 weeks, Eugene is certainly a man you should listen to.