Dr. Anthony Fernando

Shogun of Training Dojo

Resident doctor, education master and all-round nice guy, Anthony Fernando is the keystone of our training team. Anthony's efforts have enlightened countless users and helped bring SEO to the masses.

Anthony has had a long and varied career, met with success at every turn. At the age of 10 Anthony began to assemble his mosaic of skills by teaching himself to programme in BASIC.

Over time he has added further programming, IT consultancy, anatomy, saxophone playing, neuroscience, molecular biology, swing dancing and most recently a PhD in Education to his repertoire, becoming so broadly knowledgeable it's sometimes thought he may have invented the idea of "information".

His gift for teaching manifested itself nearly a decade ago, when he developed and marketed his own brand of educational software for beginning pianists.

The author of the inspirational fable 'The Oracle's Secret' and developer of www.dontquitpoem.com, Dr. Anthony has inspired over one million people worldwide.

Previously a colleague and business partner of Eugene, Anthony was sworn in as a Shogun so that he might impart a mere fraction of his knowledge to us all.

Anthony is currently the standout favourite to win the Noble Samurai Greatest Human Being Ever award, edging out the close second Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi in the latest polls.