Andrew Harris

Development Samurai

Andrew Harris is the ultimate "Alpha Geek" - a man with a true programming pedigree.

As one of the hardest of all hard-core developers you will ever meet, Andrew lives, breathes, sleeps and eats code - and washes it all down with the most heavily-caffeinated beverages he can lay his hands on.

Andrew began programming at age 6. Shortly after this, he perfected his first password-protected Disk Encryption system on his state-of-the-art Apple II GS. And at age 11, he was teaching programming to others.

If there's a way to get your computer do something amazing, faster, or just technically impossible - you can be assured Andrew will get it done.

For the past 5 years, Andrew has put his skills to good use developing the technology used by many of Australia's top online marketing professionals.

Most recently, Andrew has used his immense brain to overcome the technical challenges of creating Market Samurai, Noble Samurai's online niche market research tool.