About Noble Samurai

What is Noble Samurai?

Noble Samurai is an organization dedicated to developing and improving all elements of the market research process. We build and develop cutting edge applications to slash market research time and deliver genuinely useful marketing infromaton to internet marketers through easy to use, innovative software.

Our goal to to maximise your online marketing success.

Noble Samurai is built on the back of years of Internet Marketing experience.

Sick of second guessing ambiguous data and generalized statisitcs from other online market research sources, we developed our own powerful niche market research program.

This cutting edge tool provides a clear picture to marketers about the profit potential of keywords inside niche markets. No longer do you have to put up with big 'gaps' in data and make educated guesses with indirect statistics.

You can find your copy of this tool at www.MarketSamurai.com.

The Noble Samurai Team

The core Noble Samurai Team consists of 9 highly trained and dedicated Samurai:

  • Eugene Ware - Daimyo (Head Samurai), Co-Founder
    Eugene, expert in everything from back end coding to front line marketing is the driving force behind the conception and execution of Noble Samurai.

  • Dr. Anthony Fernando - Shogun of Training Dojo
    Resident doctor, education master and all-round nice guy, Anthony Fernando is the keystone of our training team. Anthony's efforts have enlightened countless users and helped bring SEO to the masses.

  • Andrew Harris - Development Samurai
    Andrew is Noble Samurai's Programming and Development Guru, responsible for taking ideas and directions and converting it into code.

  • Ben Galt - Training Dojo Samurai
    A talented individual with all things visual, Ben Galt is the man behind the myth, the reason the Market Samurai Dojo videos look as fantastic as they do.

  • Tom van Grondelle - Support Samurai
    Tom's quiet, solid exterior frame conceals a quiet, solid support machine inside. Combining the high performance of a finely tuned engine with the smooth ride offered by his sharp diagnostic mind, this may well be the support team member you'll bring home with you from the lot.

  • Jeff Hudson - Support Samurai
    Jeff is our resident super star. Hailing from an unlikely background of rock and roll (he is the front man of two Melbourne bands) it is rumoured that Jeff was once in contention for the role of "Darth Vader" in the Star Wars franchise.

  • Wayne Nichols - Support Samurai
    A veteran of the popular video game series "Gears of War", Wayne has arguably taken one of the most prominent roles ever in the defence of mankind. His courage under fire and ability to keep his head made him an obvious choice for the Noble Samurai support team.

  • Tim Allen - Development Samurai
    It's a little known fact that the famous actor Tim Allen was actually retroactively given that name due to the exploits of this young paragon of the software development arts. With an excellent mix of business acumen and problem solving attitude, Tim is a key member of the Noble Samurai team.