There are a range of Support options to help you get the most from Noble Samurai products.

Listed below, in order of fastest-to-slowest, are the five (5) support options you have available to you:


1. Video Tutorials

View our video tutorials and get a better understanding of how to use our products. Short and informative, these will get you up to scratch quickly.

2. Knowledgebase

Knowledgebase contains answers to all of the most commonly asked questions about Noble Samurai's products. It is a good place to check for answers before asking your question in the forums or submitting a ticket as your query may already have been answered.

3. Forums

Our forums offer a place to discuss our products and also to get help and information from the community that uses our products.

The forums are also full of answers to questions asked previously by other Market Samurai users, so be sure to search for answers in previous posts before asking your question.

4. Submit a Ticket

Submit a ticket to report a bug or if you are encountering problems you can create a ticket for tech support. If you are enjoying using our products you can also leave a testimonial.

Note: Due to email volumes, it can often be difficult to answer all of the emails we receive in a timely manner. It is because of this that we have developed the four alternative support options (above) - to help speed up response times.

To ensure you have your question answered as fast as possible, we recommend exhausting all of these support options prior to lodging a support ticket.

5. Lost Registration Details?

If you have lost your registration details for Market Samurai, you can reclaim them here.

Alternatively, you can access your registration details by logging in to your account in our Accounts System.