How To Replace Your Affiliate Offer With Dynamic Ads

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In this lesson I’d like to show you how to replace your affiliate product offer with low margin ads from Google Adsense and

From Static Ads to Dynamic Ads

The first thing that I’m going to do is to use Market Samurai to replace this static affiliate ad with a set of dynamic ads from

Access Monetization Module

To get started I just open up Market Samurai and go across to the Monetization tab in the navigation panel

Dynamic Content

You’ll notice that there is now a new icon over here on the right which allows you to generate dynamic content. And as the text indicates, this feature allows you to create targeted ads based on your chosen keywords or your web page content. So lets take a look and see how it works.

Enter Campaign Title

The first thing I need to do is to enter a campaign title. For this example I’ll use ‘Piano Products’

Choose Campaign Type

Next, I need to choose a campaign type. At the moment my options are:

Clickbank HopAds which allows you to display a collection of Clickbank affiliate links

Google Adsense which allows you to earn commissions for each click

The eBay editor which allows you to display relevant auction listings on your site.

And amazon Omakase which is a Japanese term which means ‘It’s Up To You’. This gives you access to amazons wide range of products and you’ll receive a commission on the total value of any referred sales.

For this example, I’m going to select this last option.

Start Campaign

And now I can click the ‘Start New Campaign’ button.

Creating an Amazon Account

If you don’t have an amazon associates account, you can click here to sign up for one.

Adding Details of an Existing Amazon Account

Alternatively if you have an amazon account but haven’t set it up in Market Samurai, you can enter a reference name for your account here and your amazon affiliate name here and click the Add Account button.

Using an Existing Account

But because I’ve already done this I can just choose my account from the dropdown list.

Create Ad

This area now gives me control over the look and feel of my ad.

Choose Ad Size

From this dropdown box, I can choose a size and orientation for my ad. For this example I’m going to choose a 160 x 600 Skyscraper.

Choose Ad Options

These options allow me to change the appearance of the ad, but I think I’ll just accept the defaults here.

Format Ad

And then down here I can modify the colors of my ad.

So I might just change the border color to blue, and you’ll notice that my preview updates accordingly


Now all I have to do is come down here and click the Publish button.

Publish Copy Page

And here we are on the publish copy page.

Once again, because I’ve already set up my Wordpress Direct Account, I can just select it from this dropdown box.

Retrieve List of Blogs

I can then click the retrieve blogs button which brings back a list of my blogs.

Clear Existing Sale Offer

Now because I want to replace my existing ad with my new dynamic amazon ads, I’m going to click the ‘Clear’ button to clear my existing ad.


And now I should be all set to press the ‘Publish’ button

Publication Successful

Market Samurai updates my blog and then lets me know that it has published my new sales offer.

So, if I click here I can now see my new ads live on my blog.

View Dynamic Ads

And because these ads are dynamic, the offerings will change as I navigate from page to page in my site.

So that’s the first step in converting our site to use low margin context specific advertising.

The next step is to add some Google Adsense Ads to out site, so lets go back to Market Samurai.

Return to Start

To get started let’s click the Return to Start button.

Start New Campaign

Now I want to generate some more dynamic content so I’ll come up here and click this button again.

Enter Campaign Details

This time I’ll call my campaign Piano Adsense (1) and then select the Google Adsense type (2) before clicking the Start New Campaign button (3)

Set Up Google Adsense In Market Samurai

Now as you saw in my previous video, I have registered for my Google Adsense account but I haven’t set it up in Market Samurai yet, so let me show you how to do this.

The Account Name field is just a name for me to refer to my account, so I’ll call it Anthony’s Adsense.

Find Publisher ID

Next I need to enter my Publisher ID.

To find my Publisher Id, all I need to do is click this link here.

Log in to Your Google Account

This opens a window where I can log into my Google Account. So I’ll enter me email and password and click the Sign in button.

Copy Publisher ID

Now up here on the right is where I can find my publishers ID. I’ll just highlight it, click my right mouse button and select copy.

Paste Publisher ID Into Market Samurai

Then I can log out an close this window to return to Market Samurai.

I can then click into this field and right click my mouse and select paste.

And now all I have to do is click the 'Add Account' button.

Choose Format For Ads

Next I can chose the format of my adsense ads.

This time I’m going to select the 468 x 60 banner.

Choose Colors

Once again, I’ll choose a blue border to match my site...


...and then I can click the Publish button.

Select Publish Options

On the publish page, I’ll once again select my WordpressDirect blog

And then this time I’m going to select the banner ad option.

Set Title

Because I’m creating a new ad, I’ll enter a title and for now I’m going to accept these defaults...


...and click the Publish button.



Market samurai connects to my blog and then lets me know that it has successfully published my banner ad.

View Dynamic Ads

And when I click the ‘click here to view’ link I can see my site with the new Google adsense ads at the top of the screen and my dynamic amazon ads at the side of the screen.

Both these ad groups are dynamic and will change the ads they present so that they are always relevant to the content of my blog.

So that’s all there is to replacing your static affiliate ads with dynamic ad groups from and Google adsense.

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  1. Joan Says:
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    This is AWESOME>>> thank you so very much :)

  2. Wesley Says:
    December 4th, 2009 at 2:46 pm

    DYNAMIC ADS I am already using a website tonite and not using Wordpress. Can I still use dynamic ads that M Samurai allows or teaches/

  3. Eduard Taipov Says:
    May 9th, 2011 at 8:25 pm

    Все легко и просто!

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