How To Create Trackable Affiliate Links Using WordPress Direct

Video Transcript

In this video I’d like to show you how to create trackable affiliate links for your ads using Market Samurai and Word Press Direct.

Tracking Perfomance

One of the biggest problems with affiliate marketing in the past was that it was difficult to  track the performance of your ads.

While you could check the number of sales you’d made, it was not always easy to find out how many people had actually clicked on your affiliate links in order to generate these sales.

Thankfully with Market Samurai’s monetization module you can now obtain accurate information about how many people are clicking on your affiliate links.

Finding the Most Profitable Offer

This in turn allows you to test and compare different affiliate offers until you find the combination that delivers you the most profitable result.

Log In To Wordpress Direct

In order to generate a trackable affiliate link, the first thing I need to do is to log into my wordpress direct account and activate the Pretty Link plugin.

In case you’re new to the world of blogging, a plugin is a way to add additional functionality  to a blog. The Pretty Link plugin allows us to shorten and track our affiliate links.

So here I am at the WordPress direct homepage and to access my account I just come over here and click on the Login link.

Enter Email and Password

I then enter my email address and password and click the Login button.

Example Website

And here is a list of some of our test websites.

The website I’m going to use as an example is this anniversary ideas blog.

Manage Plugins

To activate the pretty link plugin, I first need to click the ‘Manage Plugins’ link.

Find Pretty Link Plugin

Now I can scroll down until I see the entry for the Pretty Link Plugin.

Activate Pretty Link Plugin

To activate the plugin, I just need to click on the Activate link.

Check That Plugin Is Activated

You’ll notice that the available options have now changed to include ‘Disable Plugin’ which shows me that the plugin is now active.

Example Blog

Having activated the Pretty Link plugin I can now log out of my Word Press Direct Account.

As I mentioned previously, the site I’m going to use as an example is this anniversary ideas blog.

What I’d like to do is create an affiliate ad with a trackable link in the sidebar of this blog displaying a product that is related to the relationship niche.

Create Ad

So, using the Market Samurai monetization module, I was able to find an eBook called The Romantic’s Guide to popping the question.

I selected a heading, an image and a sentence of text and now all I need is a More Information button which I can add by just dragging and dropping it to the end of my copy.

Set Button Properties

Market Samurai then displays this dialog box which allows me to set the properties for my button.

Account Name

This Account Name is just the internal name for my clickbank account so I’ll call it ‘Anthony’s ClickBank Account’

ClickBank Nickname

My ClickBank Nickname is the name I selected when I registered as an affiliate with ClickBank.


Add Account

Now I can click the Add Account button...

...and you’ll notice that Anthony’s ClickBank Account now appears as an option in this drop down box.

URL Shortening

What i really want to show you in this video is this URL Shortening section, which is the option we use to shorten our affiliate link and make it trackable.

Set Up Account

From the Account dropdown box I’m going to select New Wordpress Direct account.

Account Name

Once again, this Account Name field is just my internal reference to my Wordpress Direct Account so i’ll just call It ‘Anthony's WPD’.

Enter Username and Password

Then I can enter my username and password and click the add account button.

Retrieve List of Blogs

I can now click the retrieve blogs button to obtain a list of all my wordpress direct blogs.

Select Blog

And from this list I’m going to select the anniversary ideas blog


Now the next field is called the Slug and this allows me to specify the text I want for my shortened link. For this example I’ll use the text ‘proposal’

Shorten URL

I can now click the Shorten URL button.

Shortened Link

Market Samurai now logs into my wordpress direct account and uses the Pretty Link Plugin to create a shortened trackable link.

And here is my new link here.

Insert Link

To associate this link with my button all I have to do is click the Insert Link button.

Publish Ad

Now I can publish my ad to my blog.

First of all, I’ll just click the Publish button.

Select Blog

Now from this dropdown box I have to select which blog I want to publish to.

Select Ad Type

I want this to be a sidebar ad so I will accept the default option here of sale offer.

Select Image Location

And I will also accept the default option over here to have the images uploaded to my blog.


Now the only thing left for me to do is click the Publish button.

Click To View

Market Samurai tells me my ad has been published and I can click this link to view my site.

View Ad

And here is my published Ad. Lets just click on my button to check that the ad works.

Check Ad

And as expected I’m taken through to the product sales page.

Check Click Data

And as expected I’m taken through to the product sales page.

Now to access my click through data all I have to do is log into the administration area of my blog by entering my username, password and clicking the 'Log In' button.

Access Pretty Link Data

At the top of the screen I can see a link to my Pretty Link data.


View Pretty Link Data

And here I can see my link and the 1 hit and unique user would be my test click though.

So there we have it - We now have a trackable link that you can use to measure the effectiveness of your affiliate marketing.

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