How To Use The Pretty Link Plugin To Track Your Affiliate Click Through Rate

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If you have a Wordpress blog that is hosted on your own server, then a great way to track the number of clicks on your affiliate links is to use the Pretty Link plugin.

The good news is that Market Samurai works with the pretty link plugin to make the tracking of affiliate links even easier.


In this video I’m going to make the following assumptions:

(1) That you have a blog hosted on your own server

(2) That you are using Wordpress 2.7 or 2.8

(3) That you understand the concept of Wordpress plugins

If these assumptions aren’t true for you then the best way for you to create trackable affiliate links is to use a service such as bitl.y or to create a Word Press Direct account.

Add Plugin

OK, if you are hosting your own Word Press blog, let me start by quickly showing you how to install the Pretty Link plugin.

Here I am at the Dashboard of my blog.

To install a plugin all I have to do is come down and choose ‘Add New’ under the Plugins Heading.

Search For Pretty Link Plugin

Now I can search for Pretty link


And here is the plugin I want to install, so I’ll just click the install Action.

Click Install Now

And I’ll just click the Install Now button.

Enter Password

I then have to enter my FTP password.


Installation Process Begins

And Wordpress now begins the installation process.

If you have problems with this automated installation, please see the website for details on how to install plugins manually.

Activate Plugin

Once the installation is complete, I can come to the manage plugins page and click 'Activate' to activate the pretty link plugin.

Now that the plugin is activated I can close out of my blog and return to market samurai.

Example Ad

Here’s a sample ad that I created in the market samurai monetization module. I’d like to add a Find More button to the bottom of this ad. So all I have to do is click and drag this button to the bottom of my ad.

Set Button Properties

Market Samurai then displays this dialog box which allows me to set the properties for this button.

Create Affiliate Link

I’ve already set up my amazon affiliate account so all I have to do is select my amazon account from this dropdown box and Market Samurai automatically creates my affiliate link which you can see here.

URL Shortening

Now this section here allows me to specify a service for shortening my URL and tracking my affiliate click throughs.

Select Shortening Option

Now that I have installed the Pretty Link plugin on my blog, I can select the New Wordpress Blog account option.

Enter Website Details

This Title field is market Samurai’s internal description of my blog, so I’ll just cal it ‘My Blog’

The URL is the website address of my blog.

And the username and password are the administration details of my blog.

Add Account

When I’ve entered these details, I can then scroll down and click the Add Account button.


Now, the slug field here allows me to enter in the text I would like to use for my shortened URL.

In this example I’ll use testlink1.

Shorten URL

Now I can click the ‘Shorten URL’ button

New Shortened URL

Market Samurai goes out to my blog, logs in and uses the pretty link plugin to generate a shortened URL.

And here is my new link.

Insert Link

So let’s now insert this link onto my button. I can do this by clicking the 'Insert Link' button

Publish Ad

The next step would be to publish this ad to my blog using the process I described in a previous video.

When my ad is published, it appears on my blog like this.

Test Affiliate Ad

Now let’s click this link to test our new affiliate link.

As expected the link takes us through to with our affiliate link in tact.

Check Clickthrough Stats

Now lets go and see how we can view our stats in our blog dashboard.

When i log into my blog, I can come down and click the Pretty Link option in my Navigation Panel...

View Stats

...and on this screen I can view the number of clickthroughs on my affiliate link.

Here is my testLink1 and it has had 1 click through which was my test click through.

So that’s all there is to installing the Pretty Link plugin and generating trackable links using Market Samurai.

3 Responses to "How To Use The Pretty Link Plugin To Track Your Affiliate Click Through Rate"

  1. kalai Says:
    December 5th, 2009 at 2:06 pm

    Bounce rate. Are site visitors leaving unexpectedly from specific landing pages? In which case, these pages are not doing their job and you need to assess why this may be. It could be poorly written text, confusing layout, unclear calls to action, or a failure to communicate the key messages.

  2. Tom Oboyle Says:
    December 13th, 2009 at 4:55 am

    Any way we can cloak these links made with Pretty Link?

  3. Dale Says:
    May 3rd, 2010 at 12:45 am

    Will Market Samurai interface work with Pretty Link Pro?

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