How To Register With Affiliate Directories

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In this lesson I’d like to show you how to register with the various affiliate directories so that you can start to get paid for your referred sales.

Affiliate Directories

Market Samurai currently supports four different affiliate product directories. These are:

ClickBank, Commission Junction, and

One of the really nice features of Market Samurai is that it allows you to search for products within all of these directories without actually signing up as an affiliate.

However, once you do find products that you wish to promote, it’s very important that you do sign up to become an affiliate so that you can get paid.

The good news is that becoming an affiliate does not cost you a cent and only takes a few minutes of your time.

So Lets take a quick look at each of these affiliate product directories in more detail.


Clickbank allows you to make commissions on a very wide range of digital products such as eBooks, software, audio products and downloadable video products.

The best thing about clickbank is that the commissions are generally very high and can often range between 50 and 75%.

Clickbank is also known for its reliable tracking and payment systems. I’ve personally been using them for over 7 years and have never had any problems receiving my payments.

So lets take a look at how to sign up as an affiliate with Clickbank.

Clickbank Signup

To begin, I just need to visit

On the front page there is an option under the affiliates area to Sign Up.

Clickbank Signup Form

I can then fill in this form so that ClickBank knows where to send my commission cheques.

So I’ll select my country, enter my name and contact details.

Clickbank Nickname

Your Clickbank nickname is the ID that you’ll enter into Market Samurai to track your affiliate sales. So you can choose any nickname as long as it’s between 5 and 10 characters and contains letters and digits.

Read Client Contract

I can then read the client contract and if I am happy with the contract I can (1) click this checkbox and (2) click the ‘Submit’ button.

Check Email

Now I’m almost done, Clickbank sends me a confirmation email so let me just go and check my email account.

So here I am in my email account, and you can see that Clickbank has sent my an 8 digit confirmation code.

I can highlight my code, click my right mouse button and select 'Copy' to copy my confirmation code to the clipboard.

Click Confirmation Link

After copying my confirmation code, I can click on this confirmation link.

Confirmation Page

This takes me to the confirmation page where I can (1) paste the confirmation code, (2) enter the captcha that appears on screen and (3) click the ‘Finish’ button.

And there we have it - I’m all signed up as an affiliate with Clickbank.

Commission Junction

The next affiliate product directory supported by Market Samurai is Commission Junction which is often referred to as CJ

Commission Junction also supports a very wide range of products

Unlike Clickbank it supports both digital and physical products

One thing to note with Commission Junction is that you may have to register both with the Commission Junction service and also with individual affiliate programs.

You also need to specify your website details when you sign up as an affiliate.

Now I’ll quickly show you where to go to sign up as a commission junction affiliate.

At Commission Junction, affiliates are known as publishers. So all I have to do is click on the publishers link here.

Apply for Account

On this screen I can then read about the publishers program and then scroll down to the bottom on the screen and click this link to apply for a publishers account.

Fill in Registration Form

From here you can just follow the on screen instructions to complete your registration.

The third source of affiliate products supported by Market Samurai is offers an extremely broad range of products including books, DVDs, CDs and just about anything else you can think of.

The major downside to the affiliate program is that the commission rates are often quite low and can range from between 2 to 15%

Lets take a quick look at how to sign up to the affiliate program.

Join Associates

Here I am at the homepage.

Amazon calls its affiliate program the Amazon Associates Program and to join the program, all I have to do is scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click the ‘Join Associates’ link.

Join Now for Free

On this page you can read a bit about the program and then when you’re ready to join, just click the ‘Join Now For Free’ button over here.

Fill in Registration Page

From here you can then follow the on screen instructions to join the Amazon Associate Program.

The final affiliate product directory supported by Market Samurai is

Paydotcom contains over 75 000 affiliate products and supports both digital and physical products.

One aspect of Paydotcom that appeals to a lot of people is that you can receive payments into your PayPal account rather than waiting for cheaques in the mail.

One thing to notice with is that their website address is actually which can be a little confusing.

So lets go and visit and I’ll show you how to get started with their affiliate program.


Join Affiliate Program

To join the affiliate program I just click this large button here.

Register Link

On this page I can read a little about the program and then come down here to click this link to join the program.

Fill in Form to Register

From here I can follow the on screen instructions to become a Paydotcom affiliate.


Market Samurai supports four affiliate directories: Clickbank, Commission Junction, Amazon, and Paydotcom.

Registering for each directory is a simple process, and once you are registered you can start to earn affiliate commissions.

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