How to Sign Up for the Google Adsense Program

Video Transcript

In this video we’ll be looking at how to set up a Google Adsense Account so that you can display other people’s ads on your website and begin to receive money from Google for the traffic that you generate.

Sign Up

To set up your Google Adwords account, the first thing you should do is visit the website

At the top of the screen you’ll see a button that says ‘Sign Up Now’, so go ahead and click this button.

Website URL

You’ll then be presented with an application form which you’ll need to fill in.

The first field asks for the URL of your website.

So I’ll just type in the website address of my sample site.

Website Language

Next you’ll need to select a language, and I’ll just choose ‘English’ from the dropdown box, and then I’ll click these checkboxes to indicate that I agree with some of Google’s requirements.

Choose Account Type

I can then come down and choose an account type and I’ll choose from either an individual or business account.

In this example I’ll choose an individual account

Choose Country

and now I can choose my country or territory. I’m based in Australia so I’ll just choose Australia

Fill in Personal Details

You can then scroll down and fill in your personal details.

Key Policies

After filling in your personal details, you then need to agree to a number of Google’s Key Policies.

First of all you need to agree that you will not click on your own Google Ads. Then you should read the Adsense Program Policies and then indicate that you’ve read these policies.

And finally you need to agree that you don’t already have a Google Adsense account.

Submit Information For Review

Once you’re done, you can then come down here and click the ‘Submit Information’ button.

Review Summary

Google then presents you with a summary of your application form which you can review. If you need to make changes, just click the ‘Back’ button down here.

Google Account

Once you’re happy with your application details, you then need to choose from one of these two options.

The first option indicates that you already have a Google account, while the second option indicates that you do not have a Google Account and would like to create one at this time.

So for the purpose of this example, I’m going to create a new Google Account.

Creating An Account If You Don't Have One

The first thing I need to do is specify an email address and a password. I then reenter the password and type in the CAPTCHA.

I can then scroll down and click the continue button.

Almost Done

Google then indicates that you are almost done. To complete your application all you have to do is verify your email address.

Verify Email Address

To do this, you need to go to your email account.

So here I am in my email account and here is the email that Google has sent me. To verify my email address, all I have to do is come down and click on this link.

Account Creation

Google then informs me that my Google Account has been created and is now activated, I can then click here to continue.

Application Review

I’m now told that my application has been submitted for review and that Google will follow up with me by email in 1 to 2 days.

So that’s all I can do for now, but I can expect an email from Google in a couple of days.

Once my application has been approved, I’ll be able to log into my account and set up Google Adsense with Market Samurai.

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