The Return of SEOTC, SEOUC and Golden Rules Revamped

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Title and URL Competition are back!

A few weeks ago, much to our dismay, we were forced to retire some of the Keyword Research module’s most used and loved features.

Due to restrictions from Google, the columns SEOTC (the number of results that contain a keyword in the Title tag), SEOUC (the number of results that contain the keyword in the URL) and their local variants were no longer working effectively for our users, and in many cases were causing the Keyword Research process to become extremely sluggish.

From the moment they were removed from Market Samurai we began our search in earnest to find a way to bring these important, much-loved metrics back to the Keyword Research Module, while also keeping Market Samurai as swift as possible.

I am happy to announce that we have brought back SEOTC, SEOUC and their local variants back to the Keyword research, albeit in a slightly reduced fashion.

Instead of being able to fetch the SEOTC / SEOUC data for every single keyword you have, we’ve added a “check” option next to each keyword, which will retrieve the data for that keyword only.

This means that you can retrieve this valuable data on a keyword-by-keyword basis, after you’ve applied your other filters.

This restriction on being able to fetch large blocks of SEOTC / SEOUC data is a result of a restriction within Google on the number of SEOTC / SEOUC data that can be retrieved in quick succession.

While this does mean that you can no longer draw this data for an entire batch of keywords at once, you can still use SEOTC / SEOC in your analysis to further narrow your keyword lists.

We recommend that you perform all your regular filtering first, and then “cherry pick” the SEOTC / SEOUC data from the most promising keywords that survive your filtering process.

This screenshot shows how to access this new SEOTC / SEOUC functionality in the Keyword Research module.


Simply click the word “check” for the data you want, and Market Samurai will gather the figures you have requested.

Golden Rules Filters Update

Since the release of Google’s new Keyword Tool, the data that Google has provided has changed quite significantly.

When the new tool rolled out, Google announced that Traffic figures generated by the new tool would no longer include data from their search partners, such as Amazon and YouTube, and instead would include only data from the Google Search Engine itself. This lead to a reduction in overall Traffic values.

The problem with this, is that our recommended keyword filter values (which we use in our Golden Rules filter presets in the Keyword Research Module) now filter out too many keywords, often leaving our users with a very small handful or even no keywords surviving the filtering process.

We have been monitoring these changes and have evaluated how they have changed the keyword research process. The result is an updated set of values for the Noble Samurai Golden Rules and Long Tail filters.

The latest version of Market Samurai contains these updated values, already incorporated into the Golden Rules and Long Tail filters within the Keyword Research module.

We will also be updating our training materials over the coming months to reflect these new values.

To get access to these metrics, it will be necessary to update your software.

You can find instructions on updating here in our Knowledgebase.

I hope that the new versions of these old favourites help to improve your Keyword Research experience.

Warm regards,

Alex Green

P.S. If you don’t yet have Market Samurai installed, you can download it and get access to the FREE Keyword Research module here.

Alex "The Green Samurai" Green is a member of your friendly Samurai support team, and frequently provides updates on the latest Samurai happenings on the blog.

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100 Responses to “The Return of SEOTC, SEOUC and Golden Rules Revamped”

  1. Welcome Back, SEOTC!

    I’m not sure why Google is able to raise the limits and keep updating all their services but it’s the opposite with their Keyword Tool. They keep removing stuff, putting limits instead of being more helpful in this arena. ATM, I don’t see CPC in the Google Keyword Tool I only have (Competition, Global Monthly Searches, Local Monthly Searches, Extracted From Webpage) .. Are you experiencing the same?

    Martin replied:

    Google could offer some incredible tools for site owners – but I think they’d rather the SEO industry just didn’t exist. Hence why the Keyword Tool is much hobbled from what it could be. I think we’re all supposed to randomly create content and hope it’s what people are looking for, just like the good old days :-)
    Martinʼs last blog post… Passive Income Blogs Make Early Retiree RV Warriors

    Tim replied:

    So, Gmail, Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Optimiser, AdWords, AdSense (and on the list goes), aren’t good tools?

    Perhaps there’s an opportunity for a private enterprise to fill this space?

    Martin replied:

    Not sure what you mean – we were talking about the Keyword Tool..?

    Sure, the other products are great (I’m not a Google basher). But big G does heavily restrict the data and functionality of the Keyword Tool, and not because it’s price decision.
    Martinʼs last blog post… Passive Income Blogs Make Early Retiree RV Warriors

    Jack replied:

    CPC will show up in its normal place in Google’s Keyword Tool if you log into your AdWords account first. If you don’t have one, and really need or want the CPC data, it’s fairly simple to create an AdWords account.

  2. 2

    @Generic Domain Market:

    I can see the column. You have to activate it manually in the columns section.

  3. Keep up the good work guys! I love Market Samurai and although it often runs slow, I know that it will be updated soon to fix the problems. Glad you brought back the SEOTC and SEOUC I’ll have to check out these features

  4. @Oliver:

    To double check before I panic, I’m talking about Google online Keyword Tool not MarketSamurai.

    Mike replied:

    Mikeʼs last blog post… Newcomers To Internet Marketing

  5. Glad to see these metrics back in Market Samurai, they were somewhat informative and click to analyze should help MS to run faster anyway.
    Kyle Almʼs last blog post… Osama Bin Laden Speech Transcript Keyword Analysis

  6. Great to hear data do not include search results from Youtube and Amazon.
    Karoline@Afbudsrejserʼs last blog post… En anden måde at finde en billig 4-stjernet ferie på

  7. Hey thanks Samurai team for keeping up with the Google updates and changes…

    The more information you supply me, the more information I can pass onto our clients! You make us look good!

  8. Awesome guys. Love the tool and all of the great updates. Thanks.
    Wesʼs last blog post… Facebook “LIKE” SEOrankings and Get 5 FREE Backlinks

  9. Is there a way you can add in a “Check all” button, to get all the data at once?

  10. Keeping an eye on competition is important. Thanks for the hard work and getting these options back into play!

  11. Really smart move, guys. I know some people were worried about SEOTC being removed and this was a smart way to bring it back without overloading Google.

    Market Samurai continues to be the #1 keyword research tool in our opinion and one of the best SEO tools around in general.
    Justin | AdSense Flippersʼs last blog post… 80 per month – 4 AdSense Sites NO Work 39K Uniques Passive Page 1

  12. @Generic Domain Market – the Ad words estimated CPC column is now only available if you first sign in to your AdWords account online. It is no longer available to anonymous users.

    At least, that has been my experience when using for multiple clients.

    Generic Domain Market replied:

    Thanks for your reply. I logged in my AdWords account and I see it now.

  13. Nice work guys! I was really disappointed to lose this data, so it’s great to get it back again.

    It helps tremendously when examining competition and building a SEO Campaign for clients…


    Anthony@SEO Web Australiaʼs last blog post… Link Building – Don’t Get Lost In A Bad Neighbourhood

  14. Love the fact that you brought back these two metrics. What ever happened to the commerciality metric. I noticed a few weeks ago that when I went to the Microsoft commerciality web site that it seemed to be down. I’m assuming that had something to do with your not offering it anymore.

    Ryan Steinolfsonʼs last blog post… How To Add Streaming Video On Your Website So You Can Avoid Streaming From Websites That Other People Own

  15. Thanks for the update, SEOTC is very useful and I’m glad you guys brought it back.

    @Generic Domain Market:

    It seems that they have removed the option that shows cpc recently, now you can only choose that option when you signed in with your google adwords account. If you don’t have google adwords account then you will only see the 4 options you mentioned: Competition, Global Monthly Searches, Local Monthly Searches, Extracted From Webpage

  16. I’m new to the Samurai. Just getting to know it now and I must say – I really like it!
    The new method for selecting (check) for SEOTC & SEOUC suits me much better anyway. Its quicker, more efficient.
    Well done! Micro Miche Finder, Traffic Travis 4 and others are facing retirement as my footsoldiers in the face of the Samurai -Noble Warrior, indeed!

  17. Something that’s been confusing me….I see keywords on the Google keyword tool that look like they have high search and low competition but they are filtered out at MS default values for both long tail and Golden.
    Is this related??
    Kayla Blockʼs last blog post… MAC – A Tartan Tale Eyeshadow Collection

  18. 18
    On May 18th, 2011 at 1:09 pm
    Francis said:

    Great! Alex. This is the kind of feedback and responsibility a software developer should have and you are delivering it to the core. I have never regretted purchasing the software. It’s great customer support. Cheers!

  19. You guys must have worked extremely hard to come up with a solution so quickly. Good job. Market Samurai is world class tool run by classy people.
    Ceeʼs last blog post… Woodworkers Plans – Woodworking Made Easy With 16-000 Plans and Projects

  20. Personally I feel this is a better way to go. Nothing worse than waiting for MS to chew through lengthy keyword lists. Sometimes less is more!
    Dave Beckʼs last blog post… Sneaky Little SEO Tip for BigCommerce And Interspire Shopping Cart

  21. Really? So if I have 100 keywords in my list and I want to see this data I have to click 200 times? Seems a bit to “interactive”. I want to set it, let the software find the information and I’ll come back an hour later and look at it. The way it is now, it’s practically useless. I’m not gonna sit there and click for every keyword. Keep working at this feature. It’s not as good as it was.

    Alex Green replied:

    Unfortunately gathering this data in large quantities is no longer viable, so we strongly advocate a cherry picking approach – narrowing your keyword scope using other filters first before using title and URL competition to help you make the final decision.

  22. Thanks for the every update, I’m very glad you guys brought it back.
    ads2009ʼs last blog post… วิธีซ่อน Affiliate Link อีกแบบ

  23. Good work guys, especially with the Keyword Research Module. I often had zero results after all the filtering and was forced to use the Google keyword tool instead.
    Trishanʼs last blog post… This Time You’ll Surely Recieve the eBook for IAS

  24. 25

    What version is this in? Im running version 0.87.59
    I checked for updates but it says none are available?

    Alex Green replied:

    Hi Will,

    If you’ve got 0.87.59 then you’ve already got the new metrics – head to the Keyword Research module and check it out!

  25. Thank you for all the improvements to make a great tool even better!

  26. I’d also like to see the option within MS, that allows auto harvesting SEOTC data. I don’t understand the logic of some here, saying that it’s better this way, when we need to click every result, because it’s faster. If you don’t need all that data, simply deactivate this parameter when doing research, and you don’t have to wait…

  27. Thanks for the update guys.
    Still quite handy, though after a few clicks sometimes the captcha will appear, but at least I don’t have to type it on the google myself.
    Gho@Gaming Peripheralsʼs last blog post… What is gaming mouse DPI Does DPI matter in a gaming mouse

  28. Any news on bringing back ‘Commercial Intention’ figures into MS?

    Alex Green replied:

    With regard to OCI, we are unlikely to be re-introducing that metric as the data source is highly unreliable, sometimes spending weeks at a time unavailable.

  29. 30

    In my opinion less suitable than before… but I am afraid we have but the “click-option”. One thing is bothering me more: You state that you will update the training materian within the next few months. Are you kidding? I am a novice and need the material updated n o w. Otherwise quite useless. OK?

    Alex Green replied:

    Unfortunately whilst we’d love to update the training videos immediately, the amount of work behind the scenes to republish even one video is really quite large! We’ve put notes in the training dojo for all materials that are affected to ensure you know what’s changed and where, and we’ve laid out a plan for updating the videos themselves over time.

    Ian Brodie | Marketing Speaker replied:


    Given that you’ve actually updated the training material in the wider sense by putting the updates as notes in the dojo, I’d say that when you describe updates rather than the more scary “we’ll be updating the training material in a few months”.

    Something along the lines of “We’ve updated the training material by adding notes on this to the dojo. We’ll be updating the videos when we do the next round of filming in a couple of months”.

    Might scare a few less people!

    Ian Brodie | Marketing Speakerʼs last blog post… Marketing that Actually Works

  30. Hi..
    This is best Way to Reach Trafic and upgrade web rank.
    thanks alot noble..

    Best regurds
    Soroushʼs last blog post… چرا وب سایت داشته باشیم؟

  31. I have purchased this software last month and the features you guys are adding are really amazing. These new features are really awesome. Keep up the good work.
    angry birds golden eggsʼs last blog post… Angry Birds in Images

  32. Its good that the traffic values are being updated. I used to wonder why very few keywords or sometimes none passed the in-built long tail filters.

    Long tail Keyword research using Market Samurai is so critical for building my business. Thanks for this magnificent piece of software guys.

  33. I am just glade the metrics are back in in some fashion, not ideal but good enough. And good enough is always better than nothing!
    Dimas@Practical Web Developmentʼs last blog post… How To Show-Hide WordPress Meta Boxes By Selecting Categories

  34. Thanks for the update. Have been using Noble for a few weeks now and I love it. Really good tool!

    Google is really trying to do a good job to keep SEOs in the dark…
    Hendrik@Best WordPress Pluginsʼs last blog post… A9 SiteInfo Generator

  35. But why has the filter on the SEOC column in the keyword research module increased from 30,000 to 100,000 please?
    Karenʼs last blog post… How Can You Make Your Relationship Normal Again – When the Cracks Appear In Your Relationship Its No Longer Fun

    Alex Green replied:

    Hi Karen, this change is in response to the changing landscape of SEO – the old SEOC value was too restrictive and wasn’t as useful when trying to narrow down a keyword, so we’ve adjusted the figure to make it more effective.

  36. 37

    Okay, so we have the metrics back, that’s really cool!

    Obviously I fully understand why you’ve had to do it this way, but it’s certainly a bit of a pain having to click on each individual link to reveal the figures.

    I’m not entirely sure if this would make a difference, but how about giving us the option to use our own private proxies for these metrics?

    Now I’m well aware not everyone has (or wishes to pay monthly for) their own private proxies, but many IM and SEO professionsls that use MS certainly do.

    For example, how about this:

    If MS detects that we have a list of over 20 private proxies available, then it could add the ability for us to return more results at once using those proxies on rotation (maybe even add custom user agents on rotation too)

    The more private proxies we have, the more results MS could safely return in one go without us having to click loads of links, maybe give us the ability to return single rows all at once, or entire columns depending on how many personal private proxies are detected.

    Is this feesable or are there other issues involved with Google that would make a feature like this difficult/impossible to implement?

    Also, was just wondering, when we do add and choose to use our own private proxies, does MS randomly mix those with your own proxy network, or does it use just one or the other?

    Keep up the good work guys!
    All the best,

    Alex Green replied:

    This may be something we’ll look into in the future, but for the immediate future the functionality will be remaining as it is.

    I understand that the new process is less convenient than the old, which is why we now advocate the use of SEOTC as a ‘cherry pick’ method – using it as the last stage of your analysis once other filters are all in place.



  37. This is very helpfull. You keep raising the quality on this service. Keep it up and I can’t wait for the Adwords part to come online.

    For the dutchies:
    Meer weten over relatiegeschenken. Uit onderzoek blijkt dat een relatiegeschenk het imago versterkt. Kijk snel voor uw relatiegeschenken!

  38. thank you for making the changes – keeping up with google is often a full time job and being involved in traffic generation programmes for clients Market Samurai has become an invaluable tool – this will hopefully mean that that trend continues

  39. Hi Market Samurai Staff

    Thanks for the update. I do love this feature. By the way, I have something that I think you guys should look at.

    Recently, i found out that Market Samurai gives AWCPC results different from Google Keyword Tools. I found out accidentally when I ran some keywords in the Google Keyword Tool along side with the Market Samurai. Market Samurai tends to give less AWCPC than Google Keyword Tools! Any reasons behind this?

    Another, I saw that Google Keyword Tools shows Search Trends up to Mar 2011. I’m sure it’s permanent but it’s cool if you can return this Search Trends as well so I don’t have to go back and forth to check keywords with the Google Trends.

    Thanks and waiting for your reply.

    Jeffyʼs last blog post… Life Insurance Description

    Jeffy replied:

    Sorry I should say that “I’m not sure they will return this search trends feature permanently….”
    Jeffyʼs last blog post… Life Insurance Description

  40. Love the fact that you brought back these two metrics. What ever happened to the commerciality metric. I noticed a few weeks ago that when I went to the Microsoft commerciality web site that it seemed to be down. I’m assuming that had something to do with your not offering it anymore.


  41. For last few weeks I have not used market samurai much, as it before when it had SEOTC feature. Now thanks for the update to bring back SEOTC, SEOUC in different manner.
    Gillyʼs last blog post… Goodyear Tires Reviews Help Make Best Selection

  42. Thanks for bringing back these two metrics. It’s a shame that we can’t get the data automatically, but it looks like Google are making life difficult. Keep up the great work!
    Dan@baby strollersʼs last blog post… BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller 2011 Review

  43. The information I miss the most is the “trends” been absent for some time now.

    Alex Green replied:

    Unfortunately Trends data is now available irregularly, but we have ensured that you can still click through to view the Trends data in Google Trends.

  44. People were wondering why these options were not available anymore. It is good to have them back.

  45. It helps me a lot ever. Not that hard to find keyword niche and how best it very much. Thanks for the upgrade.
    adsautoʼs last blog post… Trans Globe Lighting 4183 BK 19-Inch 1-Light Outdoor Hanging Lantern- Black

  46. Seems to be working quite well, and the last update solved an issue I had with very slow rank tracking, which would often hand on the last 2 items.

    Nice work Alex – thanks for building such a useful tool.
    Mr Angry@One Million Things to Hateʼs last blog post… Traffic Lights

  47. Thank you for the great efforts in making business on the net a happy and successful one.We love the return of these features.
    JOHN CHRISʼs last blog post… How to Select the Best Skin Care Products

  48. Thanks for the great work! Keep it up!!!
    Bjorn@adsense worksʼs last blog post… Protecting Your iPhone

  49. Thanks – I greatly appreciate this tool – it really helps to clarify which keaywords to go for.

  50. 51
    On May 18th, 2011 at 7:23 pm
    Dan - My wish list for MS said:

    Alex, OT.. but I REALLY want a simple way to delete keywords from the keywords analisis module.

    Today u would have to do weird negative filtering just to erase the kws. Its not practical.

    When working with tons of kws u just need to just delete a bunch to unclutter the view..

    please consider, “delete selected” keywords..

    my #2 in the wish list is the ability to COLOR-CODE the rank-tracker kws list.. its a way to notice the ones with higher priority for the project


    Alex Green replied:

    The option to delete Keywords already exists. In the dropdown menu “Actions on Selected”, the last option on the menu should be “Delete”.



  51. glad to see seotc /uc back and especially the bug fixed with golden rules… thanks guys!
    Chuck Reynoldsʼs last blog post… What Foursquare 3 means to Small Business

  52. Hi Samurai-Team,

    you make an awesome job on staying at the edge of the “google shuffles”.


    Thank you.
    GermanSamurai@Hemi-Syncʼs last blog post… HemiSyncForum-Zugang

  53. Thanks for the updates guys. The competition filter is so important so this is appreciated.
    Dog Guruʼs last blog post… How to Stop Puppy Chewing

  54. Thanks, for doing it. I am really happy to see that someone is working on updates.

  55. Thanks for bringing this back, I still seam to be getting very few keywords,as most are still being filtered out. I am looking forward to the new training videos.

  56. This is a relief. I think it is even better to be able to check the keywords separately instead of doing the batch process. Sometimes you may not need certain keywords.

    I appreciate your efforts to help your users. Most software creators don’t even do a fraction of what you do.

    Thanks guys.
    My Health Blogʼs last blog post… Vigrx Plus The Precise Facts

  57. Although still learning about niche marketing online, I cannot believe how much work and information is available from the free version of Market Samurai. Unbelievable quality and great training. Thanks… now to learn to apply it all!
    Lindaʼs last blog post… Zemanta WordPress Plugin

  58. Life wouldn’t be the same without Google moving the goalposts would it…! Well done for keeping on top of what is happening. I am so glad I bought Market Samuri – I couldn’t do my job properly without it.

  59. Hi guys,

    Good to know you brought back the SEOTC and SEOUC.

    Good luck in improving the product!
    Alex Grechanowskiʼs last blog post… The Cream of the Crop in User Experience

  60. 61
    On May 18th, 2011 at 10:40 pm
    Home Inspectors In NJ said:

    Thank GOD these features have returned! It is a pain to do it manually.

    In some of the top posts people mentioned that the Google search tool could provide better information. This is true the numbers are highly inaccurate, but they give you an idea of what the volume is.

    When I want to know the real numbers before I build a site, I will run a PPC campaign on Google that is geotargeted and use the exact match [keyword phrase]. Then I let it run for a week or a month. This gives me more accurate information. Yes it takes longer to do your research and it does cost money, but if you do try this you will be amazed at how off the numbers Google actually provides really are.

  61. Thanks for the update,

    SEOTC is very useful so thanks for bringing it back and its good to see the golden Rules updated. Training would be good but I guess its better to have a working , meaningful tool and figure out how to use it rather than no tool at all!

  62. Sounds like a positive development as opposed to no SEOT. It is a bit unfortunate that we can only handpick the SEOT for certain keywords,this was often used as my main filter….

    Do you have any suggestions on a different work flow?

    Shira@Internet Marketing Duruʼs last blog post… CBSurge Makes ClickBank Research Easy – Free Download Here

  63. 64
    On May 18th, 2011 at 11:15 pm
    Maggie Holley said:

    Hi Alex,

    I love MS and know you guys have your hands full with all this stuff!
    HOWEVER- I am still having issues with my trying to update- and I NEED HELP.
    Several emails back & forth from you have not fixed this- despite my attempting to do as you suggest with manual install..HELP!!
    Is there a phone number for you – better yet TeamViewer? :(
    Need this to be fixed urgently…

  64. You guys are great about constantly updating your software and helping us keep up. I love that I have a partner in keeping up with the changes google is constantly making in our world.
    TheSurvivalgirlʼs last blog post… Keeping Chickens

  65. This is awesome. Still though, I’m wondering if the PPC module will ever see the light of day and if MS will ever be out of beta?
    Erik Heylʼs last blog post… How Can I Help

  66. Hello, the shown Adwords CPC didn’t match what Google Adwords shows??? I just checked keywords and MS shows for example €5,67 while Google shows for the same € 0,78???
    And I find this nearly with all searches??
    So where the difference comes from?

  67. Thanks for including the Title and URL competition again. Before you updated the software the SEOTC was out of wack for many of my keywords, so I stopped using it.

    I did not use SEOUC before. What are the recommended values for Niche Websites? It appears there are no MAX numbers of either of these metrics in the software right now when you filter by “Golden Rules”.
    “Kurt@Acreage for Sale”ʼs last blog post… ATHENS CTY- 25 Acres only 12 Min to Downtown Athens

  68. I am sure that Google’s servers really take a hit when all the new search tools check keywords every which way they can.
    I also wounder why Google has not produced their own keyword tools for sale? They have the database!

  69. Jeepers, Google does seem to want to sink us all but what would they do without all the advertising marketers? Look after us I say, if we stay in business, so will they.

  70. 71

    Hey Alex, any reason why my question about private proxies got moderated out?

    Alex Green replied:

    Hi Graham,

    It didn’t get moderated, it just arrived whilst no one was moderating comments. The default is for all comments to need approval, rather than being approved by default and later removed.

    I’ve approved it now and will respond to it soon.

  71. Hey Guys,

    As a long time customer, I appreciate your teams hard work and dedication but it seems like it’s been months since it worked like it should. I’ll give these changes a shot tho and get back to you. I owe you guys thatfor all you have done.

    And I’m still waiting on trying out the adwords What’s the word on that?

  72. This is greatly welcomed. Look forward to new tutorials
    Nursing Forward @Traveling Nurseʼs last blog post… Forensic Nursing Fast and Easy

  73. Welcome Back SEOTC and SEOUC. I loved this features very much and it is very helpful for me while my niche selection process.
    Rahinur Rahamanʼs last blog post… A Brief Overview of Money Making Software

  74. Thank you Market Samurai,

    I was very disappointed to lose SEOTC and SEOUC so it’s great to see them back.

    I had become quite lazy with my filtering though.

    So, one added bonus is that the new structure will actually make my keyword research more efficient.

    Thanks again MS!

    Mark@Nespresso Review replied:

    At the risk of showing my own stupidity …. I discovered something useful a little while ago. It may help some other users of MS.

    (Market Samurai – please correct me if I’m wrong)

    In doing LOCAL market research I obviously want to see the Google results that someone would normally get when searching from that country.

    I had wrongly assumed that the LOCAL comp, title and url searches (SEOLC, SEOLTC and SEOLUC) would give me this (the equivalent of Google’s &gl=) for the country in my project settings.

    I was wrong – the straight SEOTC and SEOUC will return the &gl= results for whichever country is set in your project settings.

    The SEOLTC or SEOLUC results narrow this down further to the equivalent of someone clicking the only show me “pages from the UK” (for example).

    In my mind the SEOTC and SEOUC give the results that most people would actually search for so I no longer use SEOLTC or SEOLUC.

    This has saved me a lot of time and inaccuracy but also cuts down on the number of Google search requests.

  75. I was a bit troubled when I saw these two were taken out. I am new to the arena of Internet Marketing and every course I bought praised you guys for making this available. I dont make great money as yet but I decided to buy the product because of all the praise I heard. I have heard others say there pulling out of using MS but I knew you guys would come back strong. Thanks for brining them back.

  76. Thanks for the update boys.

    Love the software and appreeciate all the hard work you do in the background.
    Keith Davis@Publiuc Speaking and Presentation Skillsʼs last blog post… Online Video- Un Art… Une Technique

  77. SEOTC is very useful, so thanks for bringing back and its good to see the Golden Rules up to date. The training would be good but I think it’s better to have a job, valid and find ways to use it instead of any tools at all!
    Posicionamiento paginas webʼs last blog post… Acelerar la carga de tu sitio web

  78. I have been using Market Samurai now for 18 months and met some of the guys back in London in the autumn at the Challenge conference and can simply say that if its fixable this company will sort it out and are very professional in all they do. Best thing I ever bought and also best value.
    Lake District Walksʼs last blog post… Dacre Castle Near Pooley Bridge

  79. Great work… You guys are always on the ball, when it comes to updating things of fixing issues. Awesome..
    Mo Mastafaʼs last blog post… Time Management Tip- How To Get More Done By Working Smarter Not Harder

  80. 81

    I’m doing local research and somehow the SEOTC is accurate and the SEOLTC is very inaccurate… It’s also bigger then the SEOTC score… which is unlikely.. Very confused now.. where does SEOLCT get it’s data from?

  81. I have my own samurai to fight the giant like Google. YAY.

    So good to have this software.

    Thanks for everything.

    Guy Hardufʼs last blog post… ‫עסק מהבית- מזל ושיווק רשתי‬