The Best Kept Secret in Market Samurai

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SEO BlueprintSo you’ve found a great keyword – It’s got good traffic levels, high commercial value and it’s extremely relevant to the product or service that you have for sale.

Sounds like a winner right?

Well – maybe…

You see the biggest mistake that new online business owners make is that they select keywords that are just too difficult to rank for!

It’s the SEO equivalent of a tiny 80-pound weakling going up against Mike Tyson – They just don’t have a chance!

What’s worse is that many new website owners THINK they can win if they just work hard enough, so they put in weeks and weeks of manual work but still get NOTHING.

Others try to win the SEO battle by employing outsourcers to build links for them, but after spending thousands of dollars, they often realize that they’ve been trying to win an impossible battle and that all the money they’ve spent has been completely wasted.

To make sure YOU don’t fall into these common traps, you need to learn how to assess the true competition in your niche.

Now what if there was a step-by-step BLUE PRINT that told you not only how strong your competition is, but also exactly what you need to do to outrank them?

Your SEO Blue Print

The good news is that this BLUE PRINT does exist and everything you need is already built into Market Samurai’s SEO Competition Module.

BUT only a small handful of SEOs actually know about it.

In fact, it’s probably fair to say that this is the Best Kept Secret in Market Samurai.

AND what’s really cool is that this powerful feature just got a HUGE boost in performance, which means you can now systematically demolish your competition faster than ever before!

Here’s How It Works

We’ve just struck a deal with Majestic SEO, the owners of the world’s largest and most frequently updated back link database.

This means that we can now analyze the back links to your site AND your competitor’s sites faster than ever before.

Literally, what used to take 10 minutes, now takes SECONDS!

To show you how this powerful feature works and to walk you through your SEO BLUE PRINT, we’ve put together a video that reveals how you can apply this in your business RIGHT NOW.


Dr Anthony J. Fernando is a respected internet marketing expert, and Head Sensei of Training at Noble Samurai.

Anthony has written 3 post(s) for Noble Samurai

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  1. Thanks guys,

    This PR analysis update is really great and the video breaking the steps down for the SEO Blueprint makes things very straightforward.

    Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year to everyone there.

  2. Just one word.. Awesome.
    This makes MS the best Keyword tool in the market.
    Happy to be your customer.

    Barry Turpin replied:

    Totally agree with others, an awesome piece of software.


  3. A quick question regarding the PR and the number of links on a page. If a competitor has a backlink from a PR4 page but there are over 1000 outbound links on that page is it really worthwhile going after a link.

    I’ve found a few articles that give some indication of calculating PR score from a page and simplified it amounts to the following equation –

    PR weight of Link Page / number of outbound links on Link Page – 15%

    PR Weight Score
    PR 0 = 1
    PR 1 = 5
    PR 2 = 25
    PR 3 =125
    PR 4 = 626

    I know this is simplifying the calculation but what are your thoughts on the matter and is my understanding of the page score even correct?


  4. Great post! Market Samurai is an amazing tool but the key truly is to take action! Thank you!

  5. You guys are awesome. What a great holiday gift!

    Keep the instructional videos coming… they are so helpful and motivating. If you own Market Samurai and Article Samurai, how could you NOT dominate your niche in 2012???

    Happy holidays to all at Noble Samurai!


  6. Not only is the tool one of the best I’ve used in the past 5 years but the upgrades are very welcomed. Most companies start like a rabbit and then die out. These videos are setting a high standard for user education AFTER the purchase. To me, that’s the most important part. Having a tool and not using it to the full function is a waste. These videos eliminate that. Great work! Going to watch the video now.

  7. Market Samurai is easily the single most important tool in our SEO toolbox. Without it each project would take 10 times as long to get started and to start seeing results.

  8. Thank you guys for the continued dedication to improvement of your product. Really great stuff!!

  9. I currently use Article Samurai and Market Samurai thank you so much for these tools and the more importantly the instruction on how to use them. All the greatest software in the world is useless if not fully understood and utilized to it fullest. These tools are the most used/trusted in my marketing tool box and after the latest update 5 out of my 6 ecommerce sites went up in page rank so I must be doing something the search engines like.
    A special thanks to Dr Anthony J. Fernando you do an excellent video!
    Steven Barnhart
    Smartshops LLC

  10. Я живу в Украине и веду несколько веб-проектов в поддержку нашего семейного бизнеса .Мы работаем на маленьком и очень конкурентном рынке г. Киева. С помощью Вашей программы я получила все нужные мне данные о ссылках и конкуренции буквально за несколько минут . И это для микроскопического в рамках мировой сети рынка ! Это действительно подарок к празднику. Спасибо Вам и успехов в наступающем году !

  11. Hi Anthony,

    This was a great instructional video, and I agree with the concept of reverse engineering competitor back links. What I struggle with, however, is the the assumption that we’re going to be getting the same PR link. In fact, the whole process seems a bit over-simplified.

    In the case of the blogspot blog about scrapbooking, if you did in fact write a guest post, the link to your site would likely not be from a PR3 page….it would probably be a PR0 page if it was new post. That post page would then need to be linked to (internally and externally), have some level of popularity, or the value of that one post will never get to a PR3.

    So while the site may have a respectable domain authority, the page authority is still quite low (or negligible).

    Same with the Squidoo lens page. If I set up one today, it would not be a PR4 page. I would have to build that trust and authority over time, and now I’m diluting my SEO efforts away from my main website (in a way, right?).

    Can you elaborate more on how you specifically overcome this scenario?


  12. Very valuable and much appreciated addition guys – saves time and money too as there’s no real need for a subscription to Majestic SEO for this level of detail now.

  13. Ah… thank you a million.
    I thought MS is dead and you guys were busy with AS, but I was wrong.

    THank you again.

  14. This is really great.Thanks

  15. Congratulations, for this video, but I would like to see it in Spanish, please, I am your guest of Spain

  16. Nice video and great professional sounding audio. What mic do you use Anthony?

    Warwick replied:

    Hi Ankur.

    It’s a Blue Microphones Yeti USB

  17. Market Samurai is a great tool for both beginners and professionals.

  18. Hi Dr Anthony
    Love that lion story.

    Thanks for a brilliant video.
    I do a good job for on page SEO, but I struggle for inbound links.

    “We’ve just struck a deal with Majestic SEO, the owners of the world’s largest and most frequently updated back link database.”
    This will really help.

    Have a good holiday and look forward to more vids in the new year.

  19. 19

    Ok, a real posting , not an employee. Ms still hangs on many processes even after contacting support many times. Majestic has a huge OLD database with dead links and other negatives. I still havent found a reasonable backlink sw . If ms would make it a cloud service the sw would be incredible. I would pay up to $60 mo for this. $60 x how many existing customers?! Ms plz plz make this sw unbeatable. Thx

    Dixon replied:

    David, I’m a director at Majestic. It sounds as if you used the old database of Majestic. We call that one “historic” these days. Market Samurai has our absolute most up to date data, which includes our ” Fresh” index. Any links not “reseen’ inside 30 days drop out of the fresh index. Hardly old. It updates up to 3 times every day.

  20. great video. could you address a couple points?

    you mentioned DMOZ as a possible source for a link…Does DMOZ or GOV or EDU links really carry any more authority than another site of the same PR?

    Should the efforts of increasing SERP position be approached with a focus on the leader or merely stepping in front of each site above systematically?

  21. Thank you very much Anthony, We really missed the option of PR Analysis, finally we’re very happy to getting it back. Always appreciate your cooperation.

  22. Thank you Anthony, This is great news, I didn’t know that it would be so easy to find out what my competitors are doing, I will be working through all the pages on my site over a period of time.

  23. Great Video .. Thanks for sharing.. A must have!

  24. 24

    Great video, thank you. Looking forward to your help.

  25. This is what I’ve been waiting for! YAY!! :)

    Patients is a virtue! It’s true! ;)

    I’ve been a paid member / user of Market Samurai since late 2008 I think (or was it ’09?)

    Anyway, Love you guys, and appreciate all your hard work!
    I’m sure you guys receive angry emails from time to time when Google does an update or Yahoo just “quits”… But I want you to know that “THIS” customer understands and is patient (well, 99% of the time :P )

    Thanks Nobel Samurai!

    Gary Anderson II

    P.S. Is Article Samurai open again? It was closed last time I checked… I suppose I could go look for myself huh? :P

  26. 26
    On December 25th, 2011 at 6:08 am
    Jay Couture said:

    You all pack value in everything you do! Thanks for the awesome tutorial on SEO and backlinks. It is nice to be able to get a “one up” on the competition.

    Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year!

    Jay Couture

  27. 27

    great video, theres alot of new tools out there but they still can`t get close to MS

  28. Increase in MS speed is definitely good news. MS already saves hundred of hours on keyword research and if the speed is up to 10 times faster it will makes me very happy man.
    Thank you SM and thank you Anthony for informative and professional tuts…

  29. Wow, yes many “thank you’s” to you all
    for releasing this tool!!

    This’ll really help cover this
    SEO step super quick. Nice.

    “Lacing up my sneaks so I can
    run with lions… haha.”

    Merry Christmas guys and thanks!


  30. The instrument is great! Thank you for the blueprint!

  31. Love having a step-by-step process for getting my website to climb up in the search engine rankings.

  32. Hi!

    Thanks for the great explanation of using the MS for competition analysis. The only questions – is there data from Majestic SEO free or paid options? I know that depending on that they offer different depth of backlinks. Very important point.


  33. Thank you Dr. Anthony for the great explanation.

    This new addition to M.S. offers one an advantage in the IM place.

    Also great analogy with the Lion story.


    Willie Robertson

  34. This was great, learned a lot again! Just got my hands on MS and still figuring it out, but it all seems sooo handy in handling your SEO. Merry Christmas to you too!

  35. Great stuff Anthony! I’m really glad you guys DID decide to create this video rather than just update the software without the extra details. This will REALLY help us compete for our sites and our client’s sites too!

    Merry Christmas!

  36. Being from Africa I loved your Lion story!

  37. Merry Xmas to Noble Samurai team. Suitably impressed in all that MS does for keyword and backlink research. PR Analysis module training is superb. True Australian ingenuity and a damn good product.

  38. Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukkah Noble Samurai. Thanks for the early gift of an awesome upgrade to Market Samurai, the just keeps giving!

    The instructional video provided is awesome too. Nice SEO blueprint for new Internet marketers and also great demonstration of the new feature for experienced Market Samurai users/believers!

    Also, way to go integrating the Majestic SEO data after the much anticipated retirement of Yahoo! Site Explorer.

    Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukkah to all!!

  39. You guys are going to make my Christmas a very merry one. I can’t get a better Christmas gift. Ever since Yahoo phased out their siteexplorer tool, I have been wondering how I will manage to perform the analysis.

    Secondly this video has explained in a very simple but straight forward manner and I should start to put the advice into practice as soon as I can.

    Some people are just gifted with explaining things and therefore I will like to congratulate Dr. Anthony for the way he explained.

    Merry Chritrmas and a very happy new year to you all!

  40. Thanks a lot. This is Great. I’ve just upgrade Market Samurai.

    Merry Christmas! I Wish You Happy Holidays and Successful New Year!

  41. Great video! This will definitely help me get the most out of Market Samurai.

  42. Great video. The updates to Marketsamurai are awesome. Great product for SEO and generating website traffic.

  43. Hmm, never noticed that the PR analysis was taken away. Got to watch the video now and upgrade Market Smurai. Merry Christmas everyone!

  44. Don’t mean to step on anyone’s reindeer food, but when I look at my backlinks report, I see that my highest PR ranked backlinks are ‘nofollow.’ When I look at a competitor’s links, some of the lower PR ranked links are not rel’d — so I assumed carried much more weight.

    How is the nofollow/follow status of a link evaluated – or is it?

  45. This is awesome. I mean really, Anthony, you just saved me hours upon hours of work!

  46. 46

    I can only say WOW, this is exactly what I needed. I use to use WebComp Analyst until Yahoo decided to shut down its services and I had no clue as to what I was going to do until I saw this video.

    This is perfect and actually is much better than the methods I used before. Thank you for this great Christmas gift.

  47. that is great – I use this feature the most and absolutely love it – great job and merry xmas

  48. Great tool. I just heard about it here. Started using it already.

  49. Great additions and change and as usual outstanding training Anthony. I see from your post it is Christmas there in Oz. Best Wishes from Central Ontario to all the Noble Samurai team. I have had this product for over 3 years and use it, as Apple might say, It just works.

  50. This is a wonderful video on PR and how it works using the updated PR function, I look forward to using it, Thanks!

  51. Nice info, I will be taking action on these SEO steps.

  52. I can’t wait to try it out. I must say you guys keep working hard to improve market samurai it is a great investment.

  53. Good that backlink checker is back. I’ve got a question regarding to video: how can you beat your competitor using the same links and the same strategy as he?

  54. Dr Anthony and team: Thank you so much for all you efforts in helping us to make a success of our businesses!

  55. Thank you very much for hard work and nice video.

    Happy holidays to all at Noble Samurai!

  56. Great! Loving it!
    and what’s next? Keep up the great work!
    Merry Christmas all and have a prosperous New Year!

  57. As always a good educational video from Market Samurai.
    MS is back as one of the best seo tools. If you could have only seo tool, this should be it :-)

  58. Very good and informative video. A wonderful refresher that shows a “blue print” to link building that i will definitely be following to crush the competition

  59. Good stuff! Thank you. Merry Christmas.

  60. Great update. Time saving, money saving and makes MS THE best marketing tool out there.
    Love how you guys always have you finger on the pulse.

  61. I have watched countless videos relating to Internet Marketing but I must honestly say the videos from MS, in particular Dr Anthony J. Fernando, are the best; they’re clear, precise, informative and almost idiot-proof. Well done.

  62. Thank Dr. Anthony…
    straightforward information very useful and valuable

  63. Hats off to the team this is a great Christmas gift. Again another step in making this software even better. It’s one of the SEO tools I truly trust upon! Merry christmas by the way!

  64. congradulations on a brilliant update to an existing good program. With this addition I can get all the relevant information from 1 program, instead of going back and fourth between 3 different programs to get everything I need to make a decision.
    thanks, keep up the good work

  65. Dr.Anthony Fernando I want to thank you for a great lesson and wish you Happy Holydays.
    thank you


  66. Market Samurai is one of the best tools I’ve purchased in recent years. I especially appreciate the followup training provided. This alone makes it well worth the investment

  67. That’s fine. I was testing it yesterday with a client and it’s really impressive. Your videos are really great!

  68. Amazing……
    I thought this feature will be dead. I just want to ask one question. In the video your page ( has 6.274 BLP but when you investigate with the “PR Analysis” the sum of the backlink only 911. What makes different? What is the right count of backlinks from that page?

  69. I’m currently on the free version but after watching this video I’m convinced that I need this tool to be successful at internet current keywords I believe are too difficult to rank.

  70. Thanks for getting the PR analysis back up and working. I really missed it. Cudo’s your team.

  71. This is the kind of improvements that we really want to see. I’m happy to be one of your customers!

  72. Very impressive and clear video on the process of backlink analysis. Love market samurai. Aussies know how to create awesome software.

  73. Very useful information I’m glad I have Noble Samurai instead of other tools

  74. So what exactly does this new data represent?

    The number of links analysed bears no apparent relation to the number of links listed for the BLP or BLD values (for either the fresh or historic index).

    Surely if the data is from Majestic SEO and the same database is used for the BLP and BLD values, these numbers should be identical?

    While it’s nice to have this data back again, it’s still not particularly useful until I know what I’m looking at.

    For example, lets consider a website with some very high authority links built many months ago (which are responsible for the website’s high ranking) who has only been building lower-authority links in recent months.

    If the data being return from the new backlink analysis feature was only using the fresh index, then it wouldn’t account for the links that are actually helping the website to rank.

    More info would be great please and thanks for doing the development work to return the software to a state where it’s actually useful again! :)

  75. Just had a look at the new SEO Competition Analysis page in Market Samurai. congratulations everyone! This is a very useful feature of the software. In fact, if this was all that Market Samurai did, it would still be worth the asking price.

    Happy Christmas everyone, and thanks for making MS the leading SEO package. Hopefully you’ve got even more goodies lined up for us in 2012!

  76. I am really thrilled with the amount of time that Market Samurai has saved me.


  77. 77
    On December 26th, 2011 at 6:25 am
    Jmichael@Mobile Text Marketing said:

    This is valuable information and will help me get more from my online marketing efforts. I have used MS for a few years and thanks to your software have been able to rank in some otherwise hard niches. I expect it to get even better now. Btw your training videos always provide good quality instruction and info! Thanks!

  78. You guys never cease to amaze me !!! No sooner do I think that you have the answers to all my queries…that you add something that makes it that much better.
    Thanks for your continued excellent efforts.

  79. Not bad for people starting out with their web seo, I wish i did have this kind of resources when I started. Even if there are a lot of other factors affecting rankings, it’s good to get a strong base and this video does its work.

    btw merry xmas for all :)

  80. Thanks again for this valuable information. I am new to the complex “game/science” of SEO but your videos and tutorials are breaking it down to smaller and simple steps.

    Happy Holidays!

  81. Backlinking is not one of my strong points, but this does make it easy to find were I should be getting my backlinks from to improve my rankings.

  82. This information is very valuable, but I think that you put too much emphasis in backlinks and got to mention that is really important to constant add more content to your site,(I do not use the article samuray) and also get a good internal structure.
    Thanks again, great video bty..

  83. Why is there a discrepancy between BLP and running the PR Analysis?

    I’ve tested a few times and I see figures like BLP of 596 and Total links in PR Analysis of 53.

    As you get both sets of data from Majsetic SEO, shouldnt they be the same value as youre analysing all the backlinks?


  84. Indeed one of the best kept secrets, brilliant tool!

  85. You guys are amazing! Absolutely love how clearly you present your lessons. Thanks so much from a novice.

  86. Thanks for this video and update, Anthony. I really liked the analogy you brought out of the “Lion’s Fable”. Looking forward to using market samurai and the new improved PR analysis feature.

  87. Well… nothing new, the tool is the same but luckily faster!
    Good improvement, thanks.
    Have a nice holiday!

  88. Thank you very much for your great ideas.
    Very good blueprint.
    I learn always something new from you.

  89. I am new to SEO and Market Samurai has certainly been a very effective tool for me. I love this new analysis tool and will be using it to outrank my competition!

    Thank You!

  90. I was just looking for this feature a few days ago. Great timing! I enjoy your videos and have watched them over and over in the MS dojo. They are clear and step by step without a lot of tech-speak. Way to go!

    Question: When I look at the SEO competition for a page I see “a number” for page backlinks. However, when I look at the same page in “PR Analysis” the number of backlinks is much smaller. I’m I doing something wrong or is there another reason for this?

  91. Glad to see that Market Samurai is back. This feature is very powerful. But like most tools, you have to “use” it.

    Thank you for the video, Dr. Anthony. And thank you for the reminder of Article Samurai. I’ll definitely have to take a look at it.

  92. Hi Market Samurai,

    and thanks for bringing it all back!

    Was starting to stress over the Yahoo SE that was so powerful.

    Ever thought about taking over the YSE? You guys must be big enough by now?
    It is so difficult analysing a site while browsing now – any plans there?

    Keep up the great work, you make my life/business so much easier.



  93. Thanks again for another informative video…and great to see the back link analysis…an awesome tool.
    Looks of ideas to help 2012 be a more successful year thanks to Market Samurai and hard work :)

  94. Thank You so much for the update,
    this software gave me a boost in my seo strategy from day 1 i begun to use it and i can’t explain how much i am gratefull,
    i can’t imagine now that it will be also better :)

  95. Another excellent video Anthony, learned so much and I’m extremely happy that PR Analysis is back! Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year. This is coming from a happy and proud owner of Market Samurai!

  96. This is just so great a tool.

    I’m really impressed by the speed!

    I’m just so glad that this module is up and running again! Awesome work!!

  97. Dr. Anthony,
    Wow, having the Majestic SEO PR link data incorporated into Market Samurai is terrific! I’m glad I bought Market Samurai!! Thank you!


  98. Phenomenal post guys,
    Great idea to revisit the entire process instead of just updating us on the feature, and putting together a easy action plan. About the only thing you could do to make this post better is to have a printable PDF action plan that we could print out.

    Once again Majestic post!

  99. Love your work guys, this is going to be an invaluable tool!

  100. Thank you for this, clear and concise as ever. Saved me $30 a month and a load of work. Keep up the fantastic work.

  101. Great video Anthony, really helpful and I love that new PR analysis. Fantastic!

  102. For those who are asking about the apparent discrepancies in the numbers –
    Note that SEO Competition only checks a certain number of backlinks in depth – 1,000 by default, and you can reduce that number (though there’s less reason now that it’s so fast).
    In the event any of them are duplicates of each other, they won’t be listed. This is why the numbers in the PR/Anchor Text Analysis tool won’t always match up with the totals.

    We are looking into whether there are better, clearer ways to present this information! Any further questions, please contact

  103. After having Market Samurai for a couple of months I wasn’t confident how to exploit great links, but now this video has shown me how I can build my business by using my competition.

    This is TRULY brilliant customer service!!



  104. Thanks Anthony,

    It’s good to see this module is up and running again!

    Happy holidays to all at Noble Samurai!

  105. 105
    On December 28th, 2011 at 10:15 pm
    Alex Standiford said:

    Thanks for sharing this. It’s true! I’ve seen countless people make this same mistake. I usually hold the “it’s too good to be true” assumption until I have checked every avenue of data on a keyword.

  106. Fantastic video, and truly a great Market Samurai “secret” worth exploring. MS has us helped a lot up to now. Keep up the good work!

  107. 107

    You should check out this guys video on how he uses Market Samurai – pretty cool stuff!

  108. Market Samurai is my number 1 tool for IM and the tutorials are the best.

  109. I appreciate the update emails that alert me to your great improvements as well as the easy-to-follow and informative videos.


  110. Thanks for another very straight forward, informative video.

    I’ve also noticed that subsequent PR/anchor searches seem to already be fulfilled after the first website has been checked. Does this mean MS looks for this data for all websites in the top ten list at the same time?

  111. WOW… the timing of this couldn’t be better, I’ve just got a brand new client that is unhappy with their current SEO program and decided to try something new… ME ! – Thanks so much for your great work.

  112. I was searching for reviews on Market Samurai and your site was on first page. Recently, I just bought a training course to promote Amazon products and Market Samurai tool was mentioned by the author but as an option. From your description above, I can now understand why and what the author is trying to teach us newbies on SEO traffic.

    This Market Samurai tool is a MUST for newbies!

    Thanks & Happy New Year 2012


  113. Thank you for the post. I agree that reverse engineering is one the easiest get quality backlink despite we have to find whether the results are doable or not. I have found one site with good quality backlink but all of them done on private network….

  114. I’ve been using MS for a year. I love it! Thanks you guys and Happy New Year!

  115. Yet another brilliant and well explained eductaional gem from Anthony. I just love the way he breaks things down into simple, easy to digest chunks which get straight to the point, with no padding. I’ve paid good money for SEO products and information that are not a patch on the insights delivered here. Thank you so much for the value you continue to deliver. Happy New Year.