Noble Samurai Unplanned Server Outage

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At approximately 3:30pm this afternoon our servers were brought down by an excess of connections.

Our development team were alerted to the issue and took action to get our servers online again.

Whilst we are unaware of what brought the servers down, we are monitoring the situation to try to ensure our services aren’t brought down again.

We’ll also keep you updated with our investigations into what caused the server crash.

The total downtime was approximately 20 minutes, and during this time the following sites were affected:

Noble Samurai’s main page
Market Samurai’s main page
Domain Samurai’s main page
Market Samurai’s back end data servers

If you attempted to use Market Samurai or Domain Samurai during this time, you would have experienced timeouts and no data would have been retrieved.

Now that our services have been restored, if you retry your analysis all data should be successfully returned.

We apologize for the inconvenience cause.

Warm Regards,

Alex Green

Alex "The Green Samurai" Green is a member of your friendly Samurai support team, and frequently provides updates on the latest Samurai happenings on the blog.

Alex has written 22 post(s) for Noble Samurai

8 Responses to “Noble Samurai Unplanned Server Outage”

  1. Didn’t notice it. But then again, I didn’t use Market Samurai today. It’s really great to see you guys come out and say, “Hey, our servers went down today, and we brought them back up.”

    More companies should be up-front like you guys.
    DK Fynn@African Mangoʼs last blog post… African Mango Diet Pill

    Allen Walker @ Internet Marketing replied:

    I agree. :) Most companies probably don’t bother, and there’s a lot of chaos…
    Allen Walker @ Internet Marketingʼs last blog post… Leveraging Custom WordPress Blog Design

  2. Thanks Alex, glad it is fixed. I just thought it was super slow internet, and gave up – LOL. Now I can go back.
    Rhonda @ Laugh Quotesʼs last blog post… On-Line Friend or Psycho Killer

  3. Hey thanks for your dedication guys! I hope whoever is disrupting the service can be blocked soon!

    Thanks for all you do to keep everything online. My business rely’s on it.

  4. I must have been lucky and not used MS at that time, although I did most of the day. Thanks Alex, for yours and MS honesty when these matters arise.

  5. Hope you guys manage to find the culprit soon :D

    Thanks for all the hard work!
    Allen Walker @ Internet Marketingʼs last blog post… Logo Galleries- Quality Backlinks &amp Brand Exposure

  6. Hi, thanks for keeping us posted like this, seems like you are under attack.
    It is great that you are keeping us informed every step of the way, that makes all the difference.
    Alison@heartworm treatment for dogsʼs last blog post… Dog Heartworm Medicine- Main Types of Preventative Available

  7. You guys earned the growing pains by having the best search tools. Thanks for the updates.