A New Samurai Appears…

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Something exciting is on the horizon…

For the first time since Market Samurai, we’re releasing an entirely new online marketing tool.

That means you’ll have a new piece of Samurai software inside your internet marketing arsenal to play with very soon.

Stay tuned…

Brent Hodgson a co-founder of Noble Samurai, and an internet marketing specialist.

Brent has written 68 post(s) for Noble Samurai

35 Responses to “A New Samurai Appears…”

  1. Huh!

    Your mail got me here double quick :)

    Talk about creating some curiousity LOL

    We’ll sit in wait probably or hopefully for at least a teaser demo video


  2. I have been nothing but imptressed with this fabulous tool. I paid for this software with my next clients request to do SEO for them. Love the updates and now Christmas comes early with a new tool!!!

    Thanks Team,
    Michael Mock
    Technology Workgroup

  3. 3

    I’m interested to see what it is. . . .though to be honest, I wish your energy was put into finishing Market Samurai first. Getting it out of beta

    Thanks for all the hard work.


    Brent Hodgson replied:

    Don’t worry – the final Market Samurai features are in parallel development too (although sadly, they were beaten to completion by this 2nd tool. We needed to overcome some technical limitations in Market Samurai so that it was capable of what’s coming, and sadly this created a longer than expected delay.)

    Vincent replied:

    Hi Brent,
    No problem. Finally is release!

    Bobby Blens replied:

    Ditto this. And if you were beaten to it, just include it in MS and upp the price :D

  4. Based on the quality of your current offering, I’ll buy it sight unseen. Where do I put my CC#? :)

  5. 5

    I can’t wait any longer!

    Release it now!!!

  6. How can you tease us like this?!? How much longer do we have to wait?

  7. Everything you folks have delivered has been great so I know this will not disappoint. Can’t wait to see what you have for us.

  8. 8

    Yes, and it’s called Domain Samurai… I know ‘cos you hid a little hint it in that latest update!

    Alex Copeland replied:

    And that’s the name of the image at the top of the post when you go the nerd route and look at the properties to make sure… :) lol!

  9. I want it and I want it now. Give it to me matron!

  10. Yep, Domain Samurai – check out the ‘products’ page…

  11. Domain Samurai sounds interesting. Can’t wait.

  12. 12

    I really hope its something to do with creating back links. There is so much free domain software about.

    Peter replied:

    Yep its Domain Samurai. So when is Link Samurai coming?

  13. Very good and even though the programme is still in beta it is very valueable.
    Funny thing i was doing some research into wp direct as i don’t know what it does and ended up on the WF.

    Some opposing views but all said they where very happy with MS even though they bitch an wine about wpdirect all views to MS where good.


    Side note:

    Would gladly pay extra for some Extra modules( bad english ) on top of what is promised….like posting/rss aggregators or even a drag n drop site builder like Nathan Anderson has to keep it all in one tool.
    just a thought.
    A survey of us could be in order?
    what about if a certain number of MS users all put in X dollars to pimp out some aggreed upon modules(speed ppc/rockstar/IBpro site analysis

  14. 14
    On March 31st, 2010 at 2:29 am
    Kevin Taylor said:

    Hey Guys, Must have new feature now –going through withdrawals. I feel the sweats coming on HELP! Eugene, see ya In San Diego!

    Take care
    Kevin Taylor

  15. Looking forward to it… I know it will be premo!

  16. What a Tease! And like we don’t have enough SEO help with Market Samurai already? What could you possibly add to it???

  17. 17
    On March 31st, 2010 at 3:22 am
    David Snyder said:

    Let’s make this happen!!!

  18. 18
    On March 31st, 2010 at 5:40 am
    tomartomartini said:

    When do we order …im a customer right now

  19. 19

    I just signed up to be THE FIRST. Can you say….firsty ?

  20. Can you give us an idea as to when you will be releasing it? Can
    you tell us what it does?


  21. Exciting Stuff!!

    Danny Cutts

  22. you are great

  23. I await with bated breath…

  24. I have been lucky enough to be on the beta for Domain Samurai (which was originally called Name Samurai). You will need the integration with Domainface to get the full power of this new and powerful software.

    Ketan Shukla replied:


    Did you go with the free or paid account of Domainface?
    What kind of results did you get? Are you happy with it?


    Steve Williams replied:


    It only went on sale today.
    It was free whilst in BETA for the last few months :-)

    I will be going for DomainFace DS then PRO when available.
    Great software from The Nobel Samurai & Kenny Goodman. :-)

  25. For people who asked when it will be released – very soon…

  26. Your latest version has a number of glitches such as not showing the number of keywords in the results above the results

  27. 27


    Is it the “Adwords Module” released already in Market Samurai?

  28. 28

    Hi Guys,
    sounds great!
    Will this be offered cheaper for people that invested in market Samurai?