7 Reasons to do the 30 Day Challenge

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The 30 Day Challenge begins on August 1st (in less than 2 days!) and we’re throwing our full support behind it again this year.

If you haven’t already signed up, here are 7 reasons why you should now.


1. Because It Changes People’s Lives

Countless people have received their first taste of internet marketing via the 30 Day Challenge, and really understand how internet marketing works.

While not everyone makes it to the end of the full 30 days, dozens have used 30 Day Challenge strategies to make their first dollar online – and I’m told that there are several 30 Day Challenge multi-millionaires today.


2. Because It Showcases New Marketing Strategies First

  • Twitter,
  • Facebook,
  • Squidoo,
  • Hubpages,
  • Social Bookmarking,
  • Ustream,
  • Market Samurai…

Before just about anyone else was even talking about them, the 30 Day Challenge was already teaching marketers how to use them in their business.


3. Because Top Marketers Recommend It

It’s recommended by top marketers worldwide – who don’t make a cent from their recommendation.

Here’s just a few of the heavyweight recommendations from the past few days

John ReeseInternet Marketing Legend (& Fastest Man on 4 Wheels)

“Ed does a fantastic job with this program and it has
changed a lot of lives.

I highly recommend you check it out if you haven’t
already seen it.  Again, it’s free…”

Frank KernInternet Marketing Legend (& Semi-Pro Surfer)

“This is always awesome….

If you’re wanting to “cut the crap and just GET STARTED
with *something*” then it’s for you.”

Jason Moffatt“Big Lebowski” of Internet Marketing (& Inventor of the 6 Day Weekend)

Ray Edwards“Obscenely Profitable” Copywriter To The Stars

Suzi DafnisAustralian Internet Marketing Pioneer and TV’s “Dragons Den” Venture Capitalist


4. Because It’s Free

What more can you say here… The whole month of August is “Pitch Free” for the 30 Day Challenge.


5. Because Everyone Gets Full Access to Market Samurai

If you’re going to complete the 30 Day Challenge, you’ll need access to all of Market Samurai’s features – including the advanced “paid version” features that we offer time-limited trial access to.

But what happens to people whose trial has expired?

Well, all Market Samurai users who are completing the Thirty Day Challenge will be able to access these features in August (again, for free) – so that you can still get full value out of the 30 Day Challenge.

Plus, we’ll be releasing several new features (for the first time ever) inside the 30 Day Challenge.


6. Because WE Think It’s Awesome

We wouldn’t support it, or recommend it, if it wasn’t the “real-deal”.

Where else will you find a group of people who will dedicate a whole month of their lives to teaching the latest internet marketing strategies to the masses – for free?


7. Because Thousands of Participants Don’t Lie

Check Twitter, forums, comments on blog posts or reviews about the 30 Day Challenge just about anywhere on the web and listen to what other people say)

(Have you participated in the 30 Day Challenge? Leave your comments below. What’s the 30 Day Challenge really like? Do you recommend it?)

If you haven’t signed up – you have less than 2 days to get in before the action begins:


It’s an easy decision to sign up – don’t let it be something you regret missing out on.


Brent Hodgson a co-founder of Noble Samurai, and an internet marketing specialist.

Brent has written 68 post(s) for Noble Samurai

24 Responses to “7 Reasons to do the 30 Day Challenge”

  1. 8. Because you get best advices on one place, for free, with support and with actual examples on how to do internet marketing right. It is just awesome!

  2. Even though i didn’t finish the course last time, I have signed up again this year because I use everything I learn every day. 30DC has helped me get a new job and is helping me do better in it every day…one of my job titles is Social Networks Manager!

    I can’t wait to get awesome again. Free.

  3. 30 Day challenge is where the “Dream” of Internet Riches is made real by the word “Challenge” It is not easy… but you will have fun while you learn. You might even make a few bucks.

    Don’t let the word Free confuse you this is worth thousands of dollars

    Full access to Market Samurai for a month….priceless!

  4. I agree the 30 day challenge is a great way to see whats new in the marketing world, and to listen to the twitter strategies that they will be teaching for free as well.

    Market Samurai for me is not just the best keyword tool to use but, the feature’s that you guys have in this powerful software cut’s 100′s of hours of my time too.

    Cheers Danny

  5. Everything you said is absolutely true. I did the 30 Day Challenge in 2006, 2007 and 2008 and I learned so much each time. And it’s fun too! Ed Dale is a natural teacher and a really amusing person. He simply loves to help people learn this stuff.

    Will I be doing the 30 Day Challenge this year? No, or at least I’m going to try not to. Why not? Because it’s summer and I want to have a life. You see, when I do the 30 Day Challenge I find it so fascinating that I tend to become obsessed with internet marketing for the duration :)

    But if you are more self-disciplined than me, go ahead and sign up. You can always save the materials and work through them later at a reasonable pace.

  6. After taking the Thirty Day Challenge last year, I finally began to make money online. It is truly awesome!

  7. I not doubting its awesomeness but I am due for my long awaited holiday to Africa in 14 days time.

    But I know many signed up even though they knew they couldnt go at the stated pace due to other issues. May be I’ll sign up just to get access to the juicy info :)


  8. 8

    I think that the 30 Day Challenge is the greatest opportunity to enter the internet marketing arena that exists today. You’re talking 30 days of FREE, cutting edge instruction in a user friendly environment with the top strategies and tools in the world. Tools like Market Samurai. Finishing the 30 Day Challenge and implementing even a fraction of the instruction could change our lives forever. Internet Marketing has “leveled the playing field” and allows all of us to compete with the “big boys”. What an exciting time to live in! Thanks guys for making Market Samurai available for the 30 Day Challenge.

    Excited & Ready For The Challenge!

  9. 9
    On August 1st, 2009 at 6:13 am
    Tony Frost said:

    Not to mention Ed Dale has worked closely with Frank ‘hot diggity’ Kern!

  10. 10

    Hello OH great Samurai

    I’m writing because I signed up for the 30 day challenge and never got the email to start on the first of August!! I signed up the day you sent me the email! I don’t want to fall behind, can you find out why I haven’t received the start up email!!

    Thank you OH great Samurai

  11. 11

    Can I ask you Market Samurai guys … are you going to offer MS at a discount again for 30DC participants??

    I flippin’ missed out on it by a few days last time and was a little miffed that I could not get in on that deal.

    Just wondering…as would love to have it, but trying to save when I can…especially during these times!!!

    It would be good karma to offer it again ;-)


  12. Hi Guys,
    I signed up for the 30 day Challenge, admittedly I was a couple of days late,but have not seem any response from you— most unlike you and Market Samurai.
    Dennis Palmer.

  13. @Dennis – We’ve been having a lot of deliverability issues with Aweber lately :(

    You should have received an email confirming your signup – and just reminding you to sign up at http://www.thirtydaychallenge.com too so that you don’t miss out on any of their training emails.


  14. Hi Brent,
    No Luck yet. Tried to sign up again only to receive the “Error”
    records indicate already a subscriber.
    Thanks for the response though.

  15. 15


    I am having the same issue as Dennis, I too have not received any information from 30 day challenge and get the same sign-up error.

    I do receive emails from Noble Samurai for updates to Market Samurai!


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  17. I’m the wrong side of 50, love my laptop but have no real idea of Internet Marketing. I just thought it was buying stuff online!
    I stumbled across the 30 DC, was curious about it, am way behind in putting the stuff into practice. but am learning loads.
    I will finish with all the lessons, but won’t get to the stage of going ‘live’ in 30 days, but d’you know what? It doesn’t matter. It’s learning the process and this to be done in simple language and for free…..well,I say thank you to everyone who is involved.
    Wales, UK

  18. 18
    On August 22nd, 2009 at 1:03 am


  19. 19
    On August 22nd, 2009 at 10:33 am
    Christopher said:

    I have using the software throughout the 30DC and it seems pretty good. The only criticism I would have is that the rank tracker only looks inside google.com Many of my client’s markets use google.com.au (Australia) so it would be nice to be able to include some additional country specific data.

    Brent Hodgson replied:

    It should do.

    The Rank Tracker uses your country and regional settings from your project file… So if you have “All Countries and Territories” selected, you will see results from Google.com… But if you have “Australia” selected, you should see results from Google.com.au.

    I just checked it then and it seemed to be working fine – but if you have any troubles, let us know.

    I hope this helps you out.


    Christopher replied:

    Hi Brent,

    Thank you. Put it down to operator error. I never selected the region as Australia. I guess I went with the default setting.

    Thank you for taking the time to get back to me.


    Brent Hodgson replied:

    Happy to help :)

  20. I bought the software, then followed the 30 DC. Market Samurai is the most useful IM program I have and the challenge tutorials are good quality and entertaining. I am a satisfied customer – not something I feel the need to say very often.

  21. I am very grateful for using software to analyze the samurai market a keyword to be easy. Successful