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Hi All,

A quick update on our progress in restoring Market Samurai functionality and some answers to common questions.

First up, a big thank you to all of you who’ve posted, emailed and tweeted various encouraging words (our users are awesome!). As mentioned in our previous post, we’re genuinely sorry for the outage.

The good news is that thanks to a big weekend and some late nights by our development team, we’re mostly up and running again. Here’s a breakdown…

What’s working?

The good news is that with the exception of large scale rank checking, Market Samurai functionality is now restored. Here’s a breakdown of the status by module.

Keyword Research – Fully Operational
Please note, we continue to use Google for keyword generation, traffic and CPC estimates.

We have introduced Bing for some competition estimates (see below for why Bing data works here).

SEO Competition – Fully Operational
Please note, the SEO Matrix continues to show the top 10 results from Google

Viewing (and sharing) a competition matrix has been restored and works as it previously did (including showing Google PageRank for the top 10 competing web pages).

As some users will be aware, when looking at a particular URL, the SEO Competition module allows you to explore and see the anchor text and authority of each of the top 1000 back links for that URL. This is a great way to explore competitor back links and see linking opportunities.

We’ve temporarily substituted Google’s PageRank in this detailed analysis for ACRank (an alternative and less accurate authority). We’re talking to data providers about a more robust measure of authority (e.g. PageRank, MozRank or equivalent) and will revisit this in coming months.

Rank Tracker – Operational from the local machine
Please note, we continue to track rankings from Google

As a temporary measure, we’ve modified Rank Tracker to use your local machine to check rankings in Google. Rank checks for the other engines (Bing & Yahoo!) continue to run via our servers. Checking rankings via a locally installed application works for users monitoring a small number of keywords, but for larger volumes will generally result in your service from Google being temporarily degraded.

Obviously this isn’t ideal and so we’re working on a replacement rank tracking service and we expect this will take 2-3 weeks to implement.

To date we’ve collated our usage statistics, made contact with six potential data providers and drafted an updated user interface for developers to begin working on. You can read more about this below.

Domains – Fully Operational

Monetization – Fully Operational

Find Content – Fully Operational

Publish Content – Fully Operational

Promotion – Fully Operational

Common Questions

As you’d probably guess, our support staff have received a deluge of queries, and so I thought I might help to answer a few common questions:

Will Market Samurai become a monthly subscription product?

Or as one user put it – is this all just a ploy to move to a monthly payment scheme? The answer (to both questions…) is no.

With the exception of Rank Tracker (see below), Market Samurai will continue to be a one off cost. Users who’ve been with us from the beginning (over 3 and half years ago) have received approximately 450 free updates as we’ve kept up with all the various changes in the SEO landscape – and there will be many more to come!

As many have already realised, we believe offering a high value, one-off payment product is the best way to build a loyal user base.

With the demise of Yahoo Site Explorer (previously used to power back link and Anchor text analysis) we moved to a commercial arrangement with Majestic SEO (at a 5 figure monthly cost) and have absorbed the expense without passing a cent of this substantial cost on to our customers.

Will Rank Tracker have a monthly cost and what will it be?

Google’s recent changes mean that we can no longer viably pull rank data for our user base (over 400K users in total).

As mentioned in the previous post, initial estimates put the purchase cost of our daily data requirements at $40,000 per day, a cost that we’re unable to absorb. So our intention is to buy ranking data from a reliable wholesale supplier and make it available on a subscription basis through the application.

We don’t yet know what the cost for Rank Tracking will be and how the offer will be structured. All we can say is that regardless of the reason, we understand that taking one of our modules that was “free to use” and making it “pay to use” isn’t great news for our customers.

We can say with confidence that we’ll be in a position to offer a highly competitive price structure on our revised ranking service. This is possible because we’ll be buying the data in bulk and we understand offering a great deal will be an important way to keep faith with you, our users.

Obviously any such package will be optional and we understand if you’ve recently purchased Market Samurai for Rank Tracking and feel you didn’t get value from your purchase you’re entitled to a refund.

We also feel this move will give us the capacity to improve the functionality in key areas also.

Can I use Rank Tracker on my local network?

As indicated above, Rank Tracker has been temporarily updated to make use of your local computer and we’ll soon be offering a revised service that again pulls data from our servers. Checking a moderate to high volume of keywords from your local computer can result in a temporarily degraded Google service for all those on the same network as you. In corporate environment this should generally be avoided.

Where does Market Samurai now use Bing data?

Important – we continue to use Google for:

  • Keyword generation
  • Traffic estimation
  • CPC estimation
  • SEO competition is still based on Google search results
  • Rank Tracking continues to track rankings in Google (as well as Yahoo & Bing)

However, we have moved three data points within our Keyword Research module to Bing (via their excellent API):
SEOC – the number of competing pages containing the target keyword phrase.
SEOTC – the number of competing pages with the target keyword phrase in the title tag.
SEOUC – the number of competing pages with the target keyword phrase in the page URL.

The great news is that many users rely on SEOTC as a competition metric and due to restrictions on query volume, we previously required users to click on each keyword to trigger the data collection. With Bing integration, we’re now able to revert to automatically pulling this data for all keywords making it much quicker and easier to filter out keywords with high SEOTC / SEOUC competition.

Is Bing a valid measure of competition? Aren’t I trying to rank in Google?

Important – we continue to use Google for:

  • Keyword generation
  • Traffic estimation
  • CPC estimation
  • SEO competition is still based on Google search results
  • Rank Tracking continues to track rankings in Google (as well as Yahoo & Bing).

SEOC (and the related SEOTC and SEOUC metrics) all help answer the same basic question “how many pages in the world have my keywords in them?”. Or put another way, if a keyword has a low SEOC metric, it’s ‘scarce’ or ‘less used’ online than keywords with a high SEOC value.

These measures serve as high level filters to help you weed out prospective keywords that will likely have strong competition. There is a reasonable correlation with low SEOC and low competition. We should note, we have seen many cases where keywords with high SEOC values could be ranked for easily and some with low SEOC values being impenetrable.

Ultimately, in SEO, you only have 10 competitors, and they are those sites taking the top 10 rankings that you must displace in order to pull traffic. SEOC (and related measures) should be used as a basic filter, but NEVER (let me repeat that; NEVER!) as the sole basis for selecting a keyword, particularly one of the primary keywords on your site. Once you’ve filtered out the likely high competition keywords, it’s by reviewing results from the SEO Competition module (which continues to be based on the front page of Google) that you can determine with reasonable certainty your capacity to gain a ranking.

The SEO Competition module allows you to see at a glance the key SEO metrics for each of your competitors ranking in the top 10 positions.

So is Bing OK for high level competition analysis?

Given that our approach to high level competition analysis comes down to ‘how many other web pages have my keyword in them?’, then Bing is a great data source.

Bing indexes the same data (e.g. web pages) as Google and despite being somewhat of a late comer to the search game, they now boast a massive dataset (and have captured a strong market share – approximately 30% in the US including their results via Yahoo!). Remember, this has nothing to do with search algorithms.

We’re not comparing the relative merits of Bing vs Google in returning good search results (although Bing has come of age in this space too). It’s about the size of each search engine’s index – and Bing’s index is now easily large enough to give good competition metrics.

Furthermore, whilst many SEO tools include an SEOC style measure at a broad match level (e.g. your target keyword can be broken up as separate words mixed anywhere in a page), Market Samurai pulls SEOC data on a phrase match basis. This means that with Market Samurai you’re seeing how many target pages contain your keyword as a complete and intact phrase. Whilst SEOC will only ever be still a high level filter, the use of phrase match data is generally more accurate.

Why are other SEO products not affected?

Over the past three and a half years we have become very familiar with Google’s tolerances for high query volumes. Late last week and over the weekend we observed three specific and quite radical changes in this tolerance which we were unable to resolve despite the deployment of additional resources.

As one of the largest players in the market, it’s difficult to determine if Market Samurai was specifically targeted or if Google implemented new policies and we were simply active enough to trigger limits. This is quite possible as were previously one of the only tools to offer real time rank analysis on an unlimited volume of keywords. How other tools will fare, only time will tell. The good news is, we’ve been able to respond and resolve most issues.

Will Market Samurai be offline for six months?

There have been estimates from external parties in the SEO space that the issues at hand will take us six months to resolve. It’s now 5 days since we observed the change in Google’s tolerance for large volumes of queries and we again have 100% of our modules fully operational.

We anticipate a solution to large scale Rank Tracking within 2-3 weeks.

We’ve got 400,000 users, why can’t we just absorb the cost?

As you can probably understand, there are limits to what we can afford when selling a one-time payment software package which requires ongoing staff, infrastructure and data services to maintain and deliver the software.

We have a little over 50,000 paid users, with the remainder using the free edition. Whilst we are fortunate to have a profitable business and cash reserves, the cost to purchase data we previously pulled directly is beyond our means. The only silver lining is that with the user base we enjoy, we expect to be able to negotiate and in return offer ranking data on a very competitive basis.

Thank you again for your support!! (seriously!)

Finally, we would like to apologise again for the inconvenience caused by our down time. All our staff have worked some very long hours to make the required updates and I’d personally like to say a heart felt thank you for all the positive comments, emails & tweets we’ve seen come our way.

We’re as committed as ever to making Market Samurai the best Internet Marketing investment you can make.


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293 Responses to “Market Samurai Is Back!”

  1. Eugene and The Entire Samurai Team!!!!

    YOU ALL ROCK!!! I am just a simple user, I have one website that I work on day and night. When I started building my site, I had the Field of Dreams Mentality, “If you build it, They will Come!!!” Well my lack of knowledge of SEO busted and we have spent the better part of a year learning, growing, evolving all to grow our site. Market Samurai has been a large part of our ability to have success and understand our market.

    I truly appreciate what you do for me and I will never hesitate to encourage webmasters and experts to purchase your program and rely upon it’s data!!! Thank you for your hard work getting the site all back up online and working as best as you can. I look forward to growing and I look forward to growing with Market Samurai as a key tool in our arsenal.


    Leon @ Two Eleven Jay replied:


    I was going to title my comment the exact same title you have so when I saw yours right at the top I had to read it. I could not have said it better myself! I started in the same position. After reading Google’s “Begginers guide to SEO” I was lucky to discover Marker Samurai and see how valuable it is. My partner and I are now growing an Internet marketing company that started with the free tutorials offered by Noble Samurai. Noble Samurai is truly the best and has our unquestionable support through all the changes the world of Internet marketing will ever throw at us!!! Thanks!!!!

    Tony Hamilton replied:

    Hi, I am new to this, so much so that my web site is still in build satge whilst live !! I have just downloaded Market Samurai on a 12 day trial, apart from seeing how much work you guys have put into this and HARD WORK ! i wonder if after the trial every thing on Market Samurai will function and be ongoing up to date..if so then will buy it now :-) great reading all about you guys though.

  2. How does Traffic Travis still produce ranking data? Could you not just do what they do?

  3. 3
    On February 1st, 2012 at 6:29 pm
    Kazi Haque said:

    Thank you very much. i never gave up hope for Market Samurai. It’s my number one tool for last 1 and half years.

    Read thousands of comments from all over the IM forum that you guys are dead :)

    I knew you gonna make it for us.

    P.S. change to monthly subscription or you guys gonna bankrupt :)

  4. Hi Eugene,

    Thanks for the update, moving the rank tracker to a separate product is fine.

    Will you keep the local computer rank tracking in Market Samurai. Also, doesnt it use proxies and why would there be a problem with the local network ?


    John replied:

    Yeah, please keep the local computer rank tracking! At least people will be able to check a few keywords at once. I use this service daily for a few keywords and I don’t have any problems with Google.

    dennis replied:

    keeping the local computer rank tracking in doesn’t make sense from the vendor point of view, as in that case they’d no longer be able to monitor (and act upon?) the keyword/ranking searches of their client base.

    Atanas replied:

    keeping the local computer rank tracking in doesn’t make sense from the vendor point of view, as in that case they’d no longer be able to monitor (and act upon?) the keyword/ranking searches of their client base.

    Huh ? First I dont see any reason for the vendor to be tracking my keywords – even more I dont see a disclosure that MS is actually doing so.

    Additionally of course local searches do not prevent them from tracking the keywords at the same time and sending whatever data they want to their servers at the end of a local search.

    Miriam Parkinson replied:

    Hi there, we don’t monitor the keywords you use. While the keywords do go through our servers all keyword data is removed within 24hours.

  5. Great to see everything working again. I use Rank Tracker daily but I happy with the workaround you have at the moment. I look forward to the monthly subscription version. Maybe it could be on a cost be use basis. Big thanks for all your hard getting MS back to working order.

  6. Your competitor says there was no change at all in googles algorithm. Is that true?

    Miriam Parkinson replied:

    Hi Volker, there was no Google algorithm change – it was a more technical change in how they handle high volume queries. Eugene discussed this under ‘Common Questions’ in the blog post

  7. Thanks for the update and the hard work to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Can you give an estimate how many keywords can we track using our own computer each time before Google limits us? Do you think using proxies or VPN help to increase the limit by rotating the IPs?

    Ben Stickland replied:

    Hi Battra

    You can (and have always been able to) enter you’re own IP’s into Market Samurai in the preferences table. That will certainly extend capacity. We don’t heavily promote it because up till recent events there’s been no value in it (and it’s beyond the technical capacity of the average user).

    In terms of safe usage, your milage can vary. On personal projects I’m running 10 keywords down to the top 50 without any problems. Sticking to a reasonable search depth and not including phrase match ranking positions are the two main techniques to avoid service degradation.

    Cheers, Ben

    Battra replied:

    Thanks, Ben! I guess MS works wonderfully out of the box that I didn’t pay much attention to the preferences settings :-p

    ryan replied:

    Will we be able to continue using Rank Tracker from our local machine even after the the subscription service is rolled out? I am fine with the subscription service being offered, but would like the option to use my own proxies and NOT have an additional monthly service.

    Ben Stickland replied:

    Hey Battra

    Sorry to be vauge, but the answer is we don’t know at this point. We’re deep in discussion with potential vendors and I suspect it’ll depend in part on which vendor we select for our services and what the implications are of integrating with them.

    All I can say is I know you’re using external proxies so we should at least consider the number of users in your situation in our deliberations.



  8. Eugene – I can only imagine the level of stress you have been experiencing for the past few days and want to thank you for addressing the questions in such a clear manner. Personally, I am tracking just a handful of keywords so I should be ok with tracking them with my local machine. I’ll be waiting to see what kind of payment plan you come up with. Just keep it affordable for us who are not doing massive keyword tracking.

  9. Great ! I am an enthusiastic user of Market Samurai and all what I can say is a big thank you and that you are very honest guys who deserve respect. About Bing: it’s a good thing you have Google realize that they do have some competition.

  10. 10

    Hi Eugene,

    Thank you for your insane efforts …

    Can I interject one thing …

    I track at most 20 keywords and operate in the micro-niche sized environment. At this level of usage local google search (so long as it is using the US search API and not being location affected by my IP) is perfectly fine for me.

    I understand bigger clients with larger keyword lists and mega SEO’ers need the full data.

    When you do finally do an update with a data provider, can we have a Tiered service?

    At the moment I track 17 keywords for my microniche and they are all in the top 20 rank … so that’s too low a query / api access volume to warrant me to upgrade.

    For people tracking hundreds of keywords and searching 1000 rank deep , I understand, that’s a different usage level and should be a different Tier of service.

  11. 11

    yayy! I knew you guys would pull through! congrats

    As far as long term trends go, it seems like search engines are bent on removing access to data as opposed to providing it in a more efficient way.

    They seem to be undermining the efforts of legit webmasters who try to use the data to provide a better user experience all in the name of protecting content consumers from the dark side.

    This pattern seems to be repeatedly displaying itself in all aspects of global society…

  12. Thanks very much for the update and your hard work. It was interesting, tiring and above all challenging at least. I am looking forward to lighting up “new” MS.


    Maurice Jackson replied:

    Hi Guys

    I try to avoid the knee-jerk reactions and comments brought on by events such as this.

    The top and bottom of this is that MS is still one of the best Keyword Tools around and for the price, if this is all we were getting it would still be a good deal!

    I think you have all responded magnificently to this issue and the MS team (and company) should be applauded for the way in which they have handled the problem.

    I for one am happy to be using a tool/service knowing that it has the highest level of service available – all for less than $150 one time!

    Thanks Guys.

  13. I am so happy that MS is back and I can enjoy it now.

  14. Hi Eugene,

    Thanks for the update and I think a huge level of congratulations and praise is due to you and the team for your handling of the whole situation.

    As a new user of Market Samurai I’ve been extremely impressed at the professionalism shown in both your response to the changes and the way in which you’ve kept us informed – great job well done!

    As I’ve previously read from other users posts I can’t believe anyone is seriously considering requesting a refund! The combination of the very low ‘one off’ price and the support and tutorials freely offered, along with service and commitment like we’ve seen over the last few days shows what a great product and commitment the MS team have, the freely provided videos alone are worth the initial purchase price!

    Keep up the good work, I look forward to working with you for a long time to come.

  15. Thanks for your update.I am using this software too

  16. Great stuff Eugene. I am also curious how many words we can track and what are the ramifications if by chance we try to pull data on too many? cheers

  17. 17
    On February 1st, 2012 at 7:32 pm
    Xavier Yelmo said:

    Thank you very much for being so transparent with the updates and for such a hard work.

    I really love MarketSamurai, and your commitment with us is a really important part of the product.

    Don’t hesitate to ask if you need any halp. Thank you very much.

  18. I cannot vist for a few minutes. I have thought it is down again. Oh it is back. However, I find some golden role keywords are hard to rank but some high competitive keyword are easy to be ranked in to pageone. I think you need make some improvement on keywords analysis. For exameple, you may define the competiveness by analysing sites from page1-3 backlinks nubmer and quality. Try to create some useful index to give user a better experience.

  19. A big thankyou for the enormous effort that has gone into delivering the best possible service throughout what must have been an incredibly difficult time for everyone involved at Market Samurai.

    I rely on the tools in Market Samurai and it’s great to have it back.

    With regard to the Rank Checker, I think that a tiered pricing structure would be best, based on the number of queries made. This would enable individual users to decide which package would be best for them and someone just starting with one website, or growing their business and having just a handful, could still enjoy the same service as someone with hundreds of sites – without being overburdened by another cost at a time when money is very tight.

    Most of all, I wanted to say thank you for keeping us informed, every step of the way – which is a rare thing anywhere these days! No BS, no “sob story”, just a clear explanation of what went wrong, why it went wrong, what you are doing about it and how long it will take to fix. What more could anyone ask for!

  20. At least keep Rank Tracker to the local machine version. I can use VPN and perform searches. It will be good enough for me.

  21. Good news – and thanks for your extraordinary reactivity and honest communication on all these issues. I for one will be prepared to pay a monthly fee to be able to track rankings.

    I have 2 quick questions about the switch to Bing :

    1. Does Bing have the same PBR % issue as Google – ie should we still filter out anything below 15% as you advised us to do when looking at Google data?

    2. Is Bing picking up local SEOT ? Im running some analysis this morning and I’m quite convinced that the numbers are too inflated for the local market I’m looking at (France) – as if it’s getting Google data here. I just can’t believe that there is as much search on the terms im looking at, considering Bing is less than 10% of search market in France.

    Once again, you guys do a great job.
    Keep it up.



    Miriam Parkinson replied:

    Hi Paul. We’re only using Bing for competition data, not traffic data. The traffic data (SEOT, PBR etc is still Google data)

  22. Great for pulling this off with your team and great you are really informing us well. Really appreciated.

  23. Hi there
    Rank checker is a key tool on this
    but would be happy with a monthly costs
    depends what it is though!!
    for all your work

  24. Hi,
    I just use Market Samurai [paid version] for my personal sites. I have very few keywords that I analyse. [Also for a very small third world market] So please make sure for SEO hobbyists like me you will keep a free version of Rank Tracker for limited usage.

  25. Yes, I think that you should implement well the proxies solution. Most of us have paid proxies and that may be the best solution to deal with this issue. We are already paying for the proxies and we shouldn’t have to pay again for other external proxies.

    Implement rotating proxies for Rank Tracker, please.

  26. Good work guys, I’m glad the Rank Tracker is back even if it is temporary. I’d just started using it on a new project and then … Pop! … it broke. I’ll be interested to see the now costing model.

  27. Thanks you very much !


  28. Thank you for reaching out in a timely manner to share this information. I can appreciate all the hard word you put in and what you have been able to accomplish in such a short time.

  29. 29

    Hey thanks for quick updates…you are great but i am now confused for AC rank because in the competition module i am not able to calculate that how many backlinks i need for my site with what PR because now i have AC rank. Also i dont know how to calculate what PR equivalent to what AC rank so if you can help me for that i would be very thankful to you…

    Once again thanks for quick comming back

  30. 30
    On February 1st, 2012 at 7:43 pm
    Michelle Nightengale said:

    Thanks so much for getting Market Samurai back up and running so quickly!

    I must admit, I bought Market Samurai a few months ago, but haven’t really used it yet as I’m in the process of launching a new business (which means I have a LOT of different things to do).

    I’m just now moving into pre-launch of my company, which means I’ll be putting out a lot of content on my site. So I need Market Samurai NOW. So the timing of Market Samurai going down couldn’t have been worse.

    So I’m REALLY glad you’ve got it back up and running so quickly! Thank you so much!

    Would you please update your training videos too? I know you’re busy, but that would be especially helpful. :)

  31. Thanks for the update. With all the changes going on with google, it’s a must the we keep up. I think it’s only fair that users should pay (minimally) for the Rank Tracker.

  32. Thanks for the update and the honesty. Much appreciated.


  33. It is amazing the number of times MS updated its software version in the last few days. Each time I pull up MS, there is a new version. I use Rank Tracker everyday and I dread the day I have to pay for it.

  34. When checking 10 keywords for ranking I’ve been hit with Captcha from Google… however MS does not seem to handle that (unless you’ve just added it today)… it just stops…

    Also, Bing had indexed significanly less pages compared to Google… for some of my sites we are talking Bing 20 pages, Google 12000 pages…

    Obviously if Bing has less pages indexed the SEOC, SEOTC and SEOUC figures will be less accurate…

    Do you intend to re-instate Google for SEOC, SEOTC and SEOUC?

    And finally, a great big thanks to the MS team for everything! You guys are fantastic!

    Marshall replied:

    Anders — If you are running blog sites, Google is busy indexing your tag pages and all your search terms that may be set up. Probably your category pages too and your archieve pages. I have even found them into my wp-content/plugins directory for certain plugins that interact with the published pages directly.

    I read about a month ago on a ticket reply from Planet Ocean what they think Google is doing with the search terms but I don’t remember at the moment.

    So you have a couple of choices. Use the Google webmaster tools along with disallows in robots.txt and wait several months for the junk to fall out.

    Or use a plugin like SEOUltimate or Yost’s SEO for WordPress plugin to put noindex, nofollow on all the tags, search terms and so on. Google certainly takes the fun out of webmastering these days.

    As for Google remaining a free search engine. Those days may be coming to an end.

    As far as MS goes. Thanks Eugene for showing the naysayers in the SEO community they are wrong. And for providing your usual outstanding level of customer service.

    Anders Vinther replied:

    Hi Marshall,

    Thanks for your reply and your tips…

    In this case I’m actually talking about a store with 20,000 product pages, so ideally the index should be even larger :-)

    Anyways, the point here is that if Bing has indexed significantly less pages the SEOC, SEOTC and SEOUC numbers will be way off… and will not be representative for the competition as seen in Google…

  35. thank you for the update I really appreciate it.

  36. Thanks for the detailed post, Eugene. Keep up the good work!

  37. Great news, was so nice to update and have everything fully functional again!

    Great piece of software guys, I think we all appreciate your ongoing support and communication with your user base.

  38. 38

    My favorite toy is back :) Thanks guys

  39. Great to see that it is back given that we paid for that service.

    Can we select whether Rank Checker should use our local PC or your servers?

    I would not mind running it locally for my small no of keywords.

  40. Great update guys. The software development game is a fickle thing. So grateful to See the hard work you Aussies are putting in there.

    Keep up the great work, it really is appreciated.

  41. Just have one thing to say : THANK YOU !!!

    Thank you for providing us with such an amazing tool for only a one-time payment.
    Like many others, my (little) investment in Market Samurai has already paid itself more than tenfold. So using this amazing tool is 100% benefit !

    And thank you also for being so tranparent about the situation. I only wish all the suppliers could be like you !

  42. We really appreciate being kept in the loop Eugene. If you end up having to charge for Rank Tracker I hope the little people who don’t use it often are not penalised with one price fits all.
    Thanks for your wonderful service.

  43. I’d love to see the ability to rotate via our own proxies rather than paying a monthly fee – I have plenty of servers out there I could use.

    The rank tracker is my most-used module of MS.


  44. GREAT JOB Eugene!!!!! Keep Moving FORWARD! :)
    MS is one from many best SEO software I ever use.

  45. Thanks for getting Market Samurai back and running again so fast.

    I don’t blame you for not being able to absorb such monstrous claims yourself. $40,000 per day? Outrageous!

  46. Great to see such a good customer communication. Big companies can learn from you …
    Just realised that you guys are located in Nunawading (haha … that is close to Doncaster East :-).

  47. Thanks very much for the update and your hard work.

  48. Firstly, as an internet marketer, I would like to say that Market Samurai has been the single best investment that I have made!

    Nonetheless, I too have concerns about the accuracy of the SEOC data with Bing. As an example, one keyword I am targeting showed less than 1k competition on Bing and yet is showing 85k on Google. This is worrying if the data cannot be relied upon.

  49. 49

    Your customer service is the reason I’m still a customer. Please don’t stop.

    Your great support and transparancy is the reason why you will always be superior to SEO Powersuite.

  50. Eugene
    Thanks and Congratulations to everyone at Market Samurai – you clearly have been burning the midnight oil by the barrel load and this sort of reaction and performance will only increase loyalty and encourage endorsements.
    Best regards

  51. I have held off for more than a year on buying Market Samurai, mainly because I was not sure how long it would continue to be supported. Having purchased many SEO programs in the past which do not survive changes to the search engines API’s or terms it makes a change to see a product such as Market Samurai which has the committed support of its developers.

    The continued support the product has received in the past few days actually convinced me to go ahead and finally buy it and add my support.

  52. Well done for getting things fixed so quick.

    Rather than looking at charging for the Rank Tracker module as a negative, personally I think it could be a great opportunity to develop it further to provide a produce people are happy to pay monthly for.

    There are some great products out there that I always think ‘I wish MS had that’, such as SEM Rush – I would happily pay a monthly fee for the Rank Tracker module with more features that saved me from using/paying for other tools. With that in mind, Top-3 things I wish the Rank Tracker could do…

    1. Identify keywords a website is ranking for that have not been entered into the Rank Tracker (like SEM Rush).

    2. Have better output options for reports (such as branded PDF’s for SEO Consultants).

    3. Keyword alerts when keywords we’re targeting enter/leave the first page of Google.

    No rush, if you could get this sorted by next week, that would be great. ;o)

  53. You are the team! Thanks for fast update of program. Will be nice to add some more functions to “seo competition” also.

  54. Hi Eugene,
    As problems arise by everybody the quality of a company is basically how they are handling and trying to solve the issues. From that standpoint I give you guys a big thumbs up, especially the communication towards us as customers.

  55. Obviously if Bing has less pages indexed the SEOC, SEOTC and SEOUC figures will be less accurate…

    Do you intend to re-instate Google for SEOC, SEOTC and SEOUC?

    And finally, a great big thanks to the MS team for everything! You guys are

  56. Thank you for putting it all back together.. Great work. I cant imagine my work load without Market Samurai.. Thank you so much.. Keep it up.


  57. How many keywords can we track before being limited?

  58. As Market Samurai customers we’ve had it pretty good so far. Your product is awesome, the training excellent – and I love the affiliate program :-)

    I’d be happy to pay a subscription for the Rank Tracker – just don’t make it unaffordable, guys …

    Thanks for all the hard work to fix this problem
    - Mary Jaksch

  59. Why was my previous (contructive) post deleted?

    Miriam Parkinson replied:

    It was caught by the spam filter

  60. I’m happy most of things come back.

  61. I say fair enough. You have and do give such great value. FULL STOP.

  62. Thanks for the update though a bit disappointed to learn that large scale Rank Tracker is still not working.

    I got an email from Link Assistant mentioned “Google made no changes and nothing happened to it at all. More to that, whenever changes to Google happen in the future, SEO PoweSuite will keep working seamlessly”.

    Though I have no idea if there is any changes implemented by Google, I do hope that Market Samurai can be as good as before.

    Also, time to source for another good rank tracker.

  63. Thanks for the update & well done on you & the team pulling out all the stops to get this great app back up & running.

    For awhile there you had me worried… What did I do before Market Samurai?!?!?!

  64. You guys have an amazing product, and excellent training. I have 100% faith that you will be having our best SEO interests in mind in how you have rectified the situation.

  65. Hi,

    $40,000/day spread over 400,000 users = $3.00/MONTH/user.

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I’d be quite happy to pay $5.00/month to get RankTracker back!

    Robcarl replied:

    $40,000 day spread over 50,000 PAID users is $.80/day or $24/month for rank tracker IF everyone joins in…and many don’t have a need.

    The cost estimate is probably based on existing usage/users so it won’t decline appreciably unless active users drop out.

    Even so, the cost would not drop pro-ratably with the usage decline.

    If half the paid users were responsible for most of the rank tracker usage and were willing to pay the freight…$50/month as a fee looks more likely.

  66. Good to see everything working again. Keep up the good work guys. I’ve been a huge fan of MS for the last 2 1/2 years and it’s the real up front honesty that adds to what you guys are doing.

  67. 67

    Well done Eugene, a great service and a good comeback

  68. Looks like I will have to change to your product. Have been using SEO Powersuite and after 6 months nothing works unless you start paying a subscription…initial cost of purchase was not cheap either!

  69. 69

    If you were to charge a monthly fee for rank tracker, I think you should consider providing a better level of history tracking in the form of a graph like the other paid alternatives have, otherwise the monthly spend could well be directed elsewhere to products that do have this desirable functionality.

    I am a relatively new customer and do think your product is great but certainly limited compared to other alternatives that require monthly fees – particularly in the areas of rank tracking and reporting. So I would very much like to see further developments in those areas if I was to pay a monthly fee… this is just a heads up really not a critique at all, so far I really like the application but its just common business sense that if you are to be spending a certain amount a month on a service that you will weigh up the pro’s and con’s of the alternatives before committing.

    Quentin replied:

    lol I just this minute realized it does graph the history so base covered there! (as I said I’m a new user…), being able to produce some kind of PDF based on this information would be great in that case.

  70. I’m very happy that Market Samurai is back. The work without it was much more complicated and not so effective. During the last days I realized how important for me this tool is. I hope everything will be OK.

    Keep up the great work and thanks for your honest info you provided us.



  71. 71

    Just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work.

    I do have a question. I still can’t get SEOC to work properly…there still seem to be issues relating this collumn.

    I either get WRONG results or I get no results at all. Please explain.


    Ben Stickland replied:

    Hi Vadim

    It’s late in the evening as I write this. I’ve just done a quick check and whilst it’s working on my machine we are dealing with a new API, so there could be teething bugs. I’ll have a look in the morning when I’m back in the office.


    Vadim replied:

    Thanks for the quick reply Ben, I will be waiting for your results tomorrow.

    Have a good night.

  72. Hi!
    Is there any possibility that you would change the SEOC back to google in the future?


  73. 73

    I have just as much faith in both the product and the team that is MarketSamurai as I have always had. Don’t worry about the sabre-rattlers and tire-kickers of this world, just keep on doing what you’re doing: providing a timely and HONEST appraisal of current SEO-trends & tools.

    I <3 MS ;)

  74. Well done Samurai team! What an amazing effort!

  75. 75

    We really need a search depth of 1000 again, but I have noticed this is not possible (for obvious reasons). But what if one was to use many private proxies?

    Is there a way for us to change it back to allow a search depth of 1000 in the rank tracker?

    James replied:


  76. Hi,

    Thanks for all your hard work to restore all the modules and I look forward to seeing the alternative source for rank tracking made available in Market Samurai in the next 2-3 weeks.



  77. Thanks for the update, this is of course good news. Can you provide any more details on the changes that google have made? From an SEO point of view, I’m interested to know what the wider ramifications may be.

  78. Oh, and I’d also like to know whether you will start using Google again for SEOC, SEOTC and SEOUC.

    Please let us know.


    Market Samurai and Article Samurai member

  79. 79

    Thanks for getting things sorted so quickly and being upfront with everything you have my support

  80. 80
    On February 1st, 2012 at 9:08 pm
    Jayden Smith said:

    I’m trying to run the rank tracker with private proxies, but it keeps freezing at 99% or says: “Google rank data not received”

  81. why don’t you stop the free versions and continue giving good quality to paid users. The product is a big name and dont need any introductions. Who so ever has used free version, will be happy enough to buy the paid version.

  82. Hello Eugene,

    a few weeks ago, MS, offered a video to watch how to get many many backlinks in just a few minutes a day.

    below the correct version.

    unfortunately i was no longer running when i tried to watch it. i got the message that within a few weeks it would be offered again.

    can you tell me where i can watch it.

    perhaps send a link?



  83. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your communication and transparency on all the issues you have faced. It is refreshing.

    Although I am a paid user of the product, I do not have the need for the product all the time. Still, depending on your monthly charge, I will probably upgrade to that – just to support you. You are a great bunch of guys and I wish you the best.



  84. Hi,
    I totally Understand the situation and Kudos to you and your team for providing a Part solution within 4 days. (Competitor had however fixed a hiatus of six months time for you).
    Really great for the effort!
    Hope to see the monthly subs on reasonable roll.

  85. What a wonderful news! I feel naked anytime I could not use certain modules in MS.

    Yes, I got an email from one of your competitors(I used their free trial and dumped it later) claiming that they are not affected that Market Samurai is up to something and I should get their services instead.

    Now most of the modules I constantly use are back. Normally I use keyword generation, SEO competition and article generation mostly. Other modules come in handy from time to time.

    Congrats for bringing back MS. Be encouraged and don’t let your competitors edge you out.

    All the best.

  86. Hi Eugene,

    Sound to me like some of the free loaders need to step up and be real clients! Your software rocks!!

    Yes, I’d pay monthly for it. You didn’t ask, but I thought I tell ya.

    Have a great new year Dojo mate,


    P.S. If you’re using the free version ante up!!

    Anne replied:

    Well said Rodney!

  87. Thanks for the information, I was very preocupated about how was working the rank tracker this last days. Today, you said that I was fixed already, but I still have problems. The first project I tracked, perfect, but the second and the third return me no results, and with this I mean that all the tracking information til now disappeared. ¿This is normal or it’s only happening to me?

  88. Great updates, thank you very much.

    With regards to the rank tracking module, can you please make it so people that don’t choose to subscribe still can use the rank tracker module locally, I have under 10 sites to track ranks for, and only a couple keywords for each, so I wouldn’t have any problems running it locally, and it wouldn’t make sense for me to subscribe.

    If that’s not possible I don’t hope it would cost more than $5 to $10 for the sub, or maybe you could have different sized packages.

    Thank again.
    Kim C

  89. Hmmm, think post title is misleading to say the least. The only thing worth using in MS is Rank Tracker and it’s now dead. Can anyone tell me what the alternative softwares that still work are?

  90. Congratulations on bringing back Market Samurai so quickly and apparently with being able to bring back most of the Google interactions.

  91. Fast comeback of Market Samurai functions is welcomed with a big smile!! :) I missed monetization feature the most.

  92. Eugene,
    Like many others, I also think that THE MOST IMPORTANT feature of Market Samurai is the rank tracker.
    However, the rank tracker is not really functioning when you want to use it with many domains and many keywords because Google don’t let a single IP have a massive amount of queries in a short time.
    The built in proxies that the rank tracker is working with is one of the most essential features of Market Samurai, maybe even the most important.
    When do you expect this feature to be back to Market Samurai?
    Is there any way for me to import an array of proxies manually with Market Samurai?

    Miriam Parkinson replied:

    Hi Dana. Yes, you can do this in Market Samurai via file->settings->proxies

  93. after been told the hype that it would take six month to fix we knew you would fix it sooner

  94. Thanks for repairing the options…
    Its such an invaluable tool, and by fixing the seo section
    means i can get back on track. Its such a great tool thanks so much..


  95. You have found favor in my eyes Market Samurai

  96. Thank you for the update. I must admit that for a while I lost my hope for the software but it seems that you are doing great job restoring its functionality. Thank you for that!

  97. I recommend the rank tracker search depth be quite limited and that users remember that using automated software to search is against Google’s policy. User analysis can connect IP’s, search patterns and websites. I would hate to have my site banned based on automated search patterns from my IP.
    I have learned of the MS ethics and wish they had the 400,000 paying a subscription fee. I could only imagine what kind of product we could have if they had that kind of income flowing in. Although… Is there anything really lacking? It seems that MS is too concerned about keeping our costs too low. I am hopeful that subscription based modules do pay MS well above their maintenance costs.
    Maybe this change will help break us from our rank tracking addictions so we can focus on the other modules that really matter.

    Jimmy Tango replied:

    I must say this is a compelling comment. If MS were to start an overall subscription/membership model, think of the type of development advances MS could have. Even at just a small $47/month is $18.8mil per month. From a development standpoint this puts your monthly costs for partnering with other companies for the Google Data and development capabilities on a much favorable position. Even $37/month could work, heck even $1/month puts you at an increase in cash flow, in addition to sale of the product, (retail price + continuity)= monthly cash flow.

    The other question is, can MS continue to provide the level of service the MS community has come accustomed to without charging a monthly fee? Accounting for Speed, quality of data, and reliability of data.

    Love to hear feedback from the community.

    Jimmy Tango

  98. Thanks for getting so much functionality back so quickly. Looking forward to a long association with you guys. Keep up the outstanding support and development – definitely will take up a subscription for reliable ranking services if required.

  99. You guys are absolutely amazing and talented programmers and businesspeople!

    I seriously thought MS was “dead” to me for many weeks or maybe months to come. Once again, you’ve worked miracles. Many, many kudos to you for this latest feat of legerdemain, and so many prior ones…

    While there are undoubtedly going to be grumblers about any monthly fee (me among them), we are all at the mercy of the mighty Google. When it changes the game, we all must either adapt or perish. Noble Samurai could not know what the future holds any more than the rest of us.

    As a paid-in-full and very happy MS customer of several years now, I have been absolutely thrilled with the quality of your product, your obvious dedicated and passion and the tireless way you have all gone about making your product *the* market leader (at least as far as I’m concerned).

    The fact is, other keyword tools will be similarly effected. If we have to start paying, it’s the way it goes.

    To all the unhappy campers out there, I say that I would rather pay what I hope will be a reasonable monthly fee and *have* MS than not have it at all! Frankly, I’m surprised that the MS team have been able to provide such an excellent product and support for so long *without* implementing such.

    I would be remiss in pointing out that most other “serious” and professional keyword tools have long since been on the monthly payment model — some to the tune of hundreds of dollars a month! We’ve all been spoiled by the fact that Noble Samurai has taken it on the chin for a long time for all of us!

    I cannot say this about too many companies, but… I trust the “MS boys” to make a smart business decision! In fact, one which will best serve both the company and the MS community.

    Keep up the great work, guys!

  100. Congratulations and thank you for your honesty and your clear communications. The positive response you’ve received demonstrates that customers respond well when you trust them.

    Thank you for showing how a problem should be addressed. Maybe a couple of governments could learn something from you?

  101. Happy to read that, keep up the good work. I’m a relatively new customer but still fully likes your product.

    As you haven’t answered my last post, will you continue to support Linux and Mac OS, even if you get to part with Adobe Air ?

    I’m ok to pay for the Rank Tracker module on a mounthly basis, but dropping support for your non Windows-users-customers would be a bad move in my opinion.

    I hope I’m just being paranoid on that one!

    Miriam Parkinson replied:

    Hi Alex, currently Market Samurai is built on Adobe AIR so we don’t have 100% control on what platforms are supported. Unfortunately AIR stopped supporting Linux and versions of Mac OS before snow leopard so those are already not supported. Rest assured though – we are all Mac users at Noble Samurai, Eugene refuses to use anything else! So, if we move away from Adobe AIR we will never be moving to a platform that will not support our non-Windows users.

  102. For those like me, has article marketing, rank tracker will be included in the monthly fee?

  103. Hello Eugene,

    Thanks for the update. I can also confirm as I’m sure you’re aware that the SEO PoweSuite guys were trying to use this as a selling point for their software. Now while I did buy a full enterprise edition of their software a long time ago (at over $400) and it was very good, it was full of features that would be used by professional SEO companies but many people would find a bit overwhelming. Still I found using both that and Samurai worked for me.
    However the thing they failed to point out in their email was that they changed to a monthly charging system for updates a long time ago (after I had purchased) so they are on dodgy ground trying to compare their product with Samurai.
    I have also used Market Samurai far more as it is so easy to use. I still like both products but for value for money Market Samurai wins hands down.


  104. 104

    I still don’t see an answer to my question.

    SEOC now being pulled from Bing on the Keyword Research page. Are the numbers in the Searches column being pulled from Bing too? If not, it wouldn’t make much sense with Google Searches column data next to a Bing SEOC column data.

    I submitted a support ticket for this and never received an answer. I’m also surprises no one else asked this question.

    John King

    John King replied:

    Could someone please answer this question!!!!!!!!!!

    Miriam Parkinson replied:

    Hi John,

    The numbers don’t need to come from the same place. ‘Searches’ is a measure of how many people search that keyword in Google. SEOC is a measure of how many competitors there are on the internet, not just on Google. While the SEOC number taken from Bing and from Google are not going to be identical, they are going to be directly proportional to each other – so a keyword with high competition numbers on Google will also have high competition numbers on Bing.

    Remember, SEOC is only used to rule out the high competition keywords, you then need to look at the SEO Competition matrix of the keywords that are left to check their strength of competition – this module will still show you the top 10 results in Google as this is the primary search engine that we, and our customers in general are optimizing for.

  105. Thank you for keeping us so fully informed. Good luck with all your efforts.

  106. Ladies and Gentlemen! After a little break… The show goes on! Not user yet? Please, take your ticket, the future of the best SEO tool, I called Market Samurai, is thrilling!

  107. Thank you, I appreciate the hard work you guys have put in.

  108. 108

    Thanks for the update:
    Just a couple of comments:
    1. When looking at SEOC, I would prefer to know how many pages ranked by google use these keywords, since google is still the place to be for traffic (maybe I’m not understanding what SEOC is, but the way i understand it is that the higher the value, the higher the competition and i don’t really care that much about how many bing ranked sites use the kw, but I do care very much how many google ranked sites use it).
    2. can you enable the local network rank tracker long term as an option? I don’t have any issues with network bandwidth so that might be a great option for smaller opertators

  109. I realize that I have not utilized the program to its fullest capability as I typically use only certain pieces of it. However IF you are already working on it could you please accept a suggestion of something that I would find beneficial?

    A way to know what the top 5 or 10 questions are on a keyphrase submitted to the SEs? Saw this available in another product and think it would be helpful.

  110. 110

    I have two paid licenses for MS, one of which I won way back when, but have never considered refunding the other one because it is just such a great product!

    For those of us with many site / keywords to track a paid module certainly makes sense (are we not making something off all those pages?) however I hope you can keep the option in place that you just created, to do limited numbers of searches from the local machine (limited by Google rather than MS) – that will work for many of the less active customers.

    Thanks again for such a high quality, well maintained product.

    Chris B

  111. I’m glad all the functionalities are back! Thanks for your honest post and hard work to get Market Samurai full running.

  112. You all are the BEST! Even though you have a nice client base, I still believe you are the best kept secret for your followers…

    Your loyalty to us is off the charts…it is up to us clients now to return that loyalty and integrity.

    Bless you hearts for all your hard work and commitment dealing with the “beast”…and we all know who that is!!! You are doing all you can do to give us the best Internet Marketing product out there!!! I still believe so myself…

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the edge you all have given us over the past 3 1/2 years. I have been there since, and will be in the future…

    God Bless,


    Rick@ReligiousQuotes replied:

    LOL…I thought I would try out the Keyword Luv…fun! I might be behind the times with this one, but I am going to put on my blog as well…thanks for that as well! Even more value here…Great for your commentators…


  113. 113
    On February 1st, 2012 at 11:23 pm
    Chris@OutsourceFactor said:

    Guys – I own two paid licenses for my staff and I completely appreciate your hard work and understand the reason for this change. Thanks for all you are doing. The changes seem very reasonable.

  114. I really like the way you care your custumers and I know how hard search engine turn you life with their constant changes. Congratulation to fight for us Mr Samourai.
    —- Im french canadian —- ( thats why , english is bad…)

  115. BIG LIKE

    Guy Harduf

  116. Very pleased that the system is back again. Thank you guys for this quick back up!!! You guys ROCK

  117. I admit, I was a little bit discouraged at the beginning of all of this. The first announcement(blog post) did discouraged me a lot because all I got from it was that you would use Bing instead of Google, now thank god you have written this post!

  118. Thank you Eugene for the update. I’ve read remarks from your competitors that make the situation sound so bad. It is nice to hear what is really going on and I appreciate the time you took to write and post this update.

  119. You are and will always be the bomb when it comes to all that you do with Market Samurai. For the price of admission and what type of service we get, this will always be worth the wait if google burps again. Also although another expence would be unwanted the ROI far surpasses double the price for what ever you charge. Now by saying that I hope you are able to find a solution one that is best for all. This is the best matrix research tool available bar nun. Love ya.

  120. 120

    Top job getting things working again,it shows how even the most stable internet business modle can be changed by Google`s whim
    Keep up the great work!

  121. Thanks for working quickly and effectively. MS is a great tool and I think adding optional subscription modules might be a viable business model for NS, so you do not have to rely on sales alone.

    I appreciate very much all that I got for the one time fee I paid long ago – there were so many updates and upgrades – Exceptional. Many others would certainly have issued some paid upgrades during this time!!

    So, again, THANKS and I hope you find a really good way to carry on.

  122. Thanks for bringing back such a useful tool. Some things that i use it for is the rank checker. No problem separating from whole package.

  123. I am one of the “Little” guys. I do not mind using MS from my machine and do not use MS the same way the “Big Dogs” do.

    Even at that, I would gladly pay a couple of bucks a month (or $25 a year) to be sure you stay around.

    What you might do though, because, as you said, (and it’s beyond the technical capacity of the average user) you might send instructions on how to do that set up.

    One hell of a job in a very short time span!!
    Thank you!

  124. Eugene,

    I think this has to fall into the Sh*! happens category. You guys are doing a great job keeping us going and keeping us informed.

    If it’s loyal customers you’re after, you’ve earned one.

    Looking forward to seeing the details of the monthly service.

    -Rich Casamento
    WSI Net Marketing

  125. I bought MS in August of 2008 during the 30 Day Challenge. You had one module. I have seen you grow the tool and your business with integrity and great customer service. Do what you must, I trust you with my dollars. Great post. Stay with it and stay well.

  126. Just curious: I got the most recent update and there was some type of addition a-something, but I hit the button too fast and don’t know what was added. Can someone explain what it was?

  127. 127

    Great job guys with getting MS back up and running.
    Your customer service is the best.

  128. Great example of moving to find new cheese! Congratulations to the team at Market Samurai.

  129. That’s awesome guys! Market Samurai has been a staple product and one of my favorites not to mention one of the most raved about keyword research and competitive research products in the market.

    Thanks guy,
    Bryan Dulaney

  130. Hi guys thanks for the update. I too wondered what I’d done before Market Samuri!
    Hopefully you get Rank Tracker up & running again soon….as for those charges….are you going to scale them by use ie 15 keywords or less = band a) 30 keywords or less = band b) and so on…?
    Anyway – great work guys!

  131. I am fine with having to pay for the Ranking module separately. Not really a big deal there, so long as this feature is also kept inside of Market Samurai for smaller queries of 10 or so keywords.

    I tend to use Market Samurai purely for keyword research anyways, so this isn’t something which inhibits my business. I already use a monthly subscription based tool for rank checking anyways. If you guys are going to put out a tool that can compete with something like Web CEO for rank tracking though, then.. I may just need to cancel my subscription with them and move to yours!

    Cheers, and keep up the great work!
    Ryan Dinelle

  132. Can you guys set the record straight on the mixed message coming from the SEO PowerSuite camp?

    …”So let us once again disprove the rumor: Google made no changes and nothing happened to it at all. More to that, whenever changes to Google happen in the future, SEO PoweSuite will keep working seamlessly…”

  133. Market Samurai needs to go SOCIAL ! I love market samurai, but as I said in a comment on Smart Passive Income blog, “SEO as we know it” is going to die. Here’s the quote, I believe it’s one of better comments I’ve left, so I have to repost it here:

    “A lot of important information in a single post. Market Samurai was indeed a worthy service, and I believe that they will continiue to be so.

    I am not sure that Market Samurai will survive for long with the upcoming Google changes. And I don’t refer to the current changes, but I am thinking ahead and about the changes that are about to come.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am not a prophet and I don’t have visions, but in late 2011 and now 2012 Google is becoming ever more social. That’s why I am wondering why you Pat don’t have “+1″ in your Sharebar.

    Google Plus will integrate completely into the search, making Google one of the most profound Search Social Networks. If you are Apple user, you know how well Apple products integrate well into each other, Google figured out that this trend works well.

    Imagine how Smartphones “killed” the need for cameras, because Camera became a feature of a Smartphone, leading it to a better product. Also Smartphones have a potential to kill Audio Players, because Audio Players are “feature” of Smartphone.

    Now transition this to Google World. Google Plus is a feature of SEARCH. Google Reader is integral part of your search experience! Picasa is integral part of your SEARCH. Result for 100 million Google Plus users (and will grow on daily basis), will actually recieve completely different search results than all other users who aren’t under Google Experience Umbrella.

    The explosive growth of Google Plus is frightening, and will render Googles tools, like KeyWord Tool, completely obsolete as the time passes by. This will make Market Samurai viable tool for next period, maybe up to two years, but after that, too many results will be “socially enhanced”.

    Google knows that the money lies in “social graph” and unlike Facebook, they will be the first to figure out how to monetize that data. This is my bet.

    I love Market Samurai, but as the time passes by, I feel and see that “SEO as we know it” is going to die.”

    Link to the whole post is here:

    I can’t wait to see future upgrades of Market Samurai, as I still intend to recommend it to my friends and clients. You gave a rocking year, and thanks to your video tutorials I’ve learned a lot about SEO and saved hours upon hours of learning and cramming.

    You’ve left immense impact on my online marketing knowledge, I want to thank you once again for that.

  134. Hats off to Market Samurai … Again!

    One may suppose in limiting free queries, Google itself is responding to certain kinds of heavy free use of its servers, perhaps (for all I know) a discovery its decision-makers made as Google looks more closely at dividing the virtual search world by locally-relevant criteria … in which milieu search volume per locale is typically rather less than the global sum.

    Market Samurai has developed a reputation for keeping abreast of changes in an ever-changing environment, yet at low cost to its customers. Thank you again, this time especially for your recent Herculean efforts.

    “Free” rank tracking (not that it was ever entirely free to everybody) will be missed, but there seems little point in fighting against gravity here.

  135. Thank you Eugene for placing us all with the full up todate knowledge of whats happening and what is going on with our MS tool. It only stands to reason that woith such a great tool as Market Samurai that it would not be just dropped with so many users of the software.

  136. Thanks so much for all you’ve done. I’m an occasional user, very happy with the service and how hard you work to keep things running smoothly when bumps come along the way.

  137. I just purchased MS (yeah me)! I actually was doing the trial during your outages but thought those to be a temporary issue. Regardless, I still think it’s a viable product at the cost.

    My question though: I have been involved with brokering large amounts of data and know that once you buy data it quickly becomes dated (pardon the pun). What will the schedule for updates be to your data base? Weekly, Monthly?

    How is this different from SEOMoz or any other rank reporting tool? You might not be able to answer that but I’m curious if pulling from a ranking database is how it’s done or is it more real time.

    I wish you all the best with your dilemma. Sounds like you are handling the best way posible.


  138. Excellent news. Thanks a lot.

  139. Just a short note to commend the Market Samurai team for keeping us in the loop and working as hard as they do to solve problems. Dealing with all the Google changes must be challenging and frustrating.

    Given all the updates they do to the core application (updates that have great documentation), I think the company is well within their rights to charge a monthly fee for rank tracking. Sites like SEOmoz do. I hope it’s not too much and as a previous poster set, is tiered so that those who use more, pay more.

  140. Thank you so much for all the hard work guys. I assume everything is alright with Article Samurai as I use it for my clients in local online advertising.

  141. Stop worrying about the cheap users. It’s understandable that they’re going to be the loudest when you ask them to pay for something, but you can’t please everyone all the time no matter what you do.

    Charge for the whole package. If you’ve got 400,000 users, charge each one $5 a month. That’s enough to cover your costs? (400,000 x $5 = $2,000,000 per month or $66,667 per day) That’ll cover your data buying costs and leave you profits too which you guys deserve.

    If someone can’t afford $5 per month then they’re lying.

  142. Will Market Samurai become a monthly subscription product?

    I have come to depend on Market Samurai for my Keyword projects so my concern is not that you may ask for an annual or monthly payment, rather that you remain successful enough to fund your excellent maintenance program and improvements.

    All of us long-term customers are being kept going by your ability to recruit a steady stream of new recruits paying for a license. There are a finite limit to the SEO SEM market and when recruitment starts to tail off I will be happy to pay an additional basic license fee and so should anyone else who uses Market Samurai as a business tool.

  143. Glad to see you guys got it all worked and and thanks for all your support

  144. Glad all is working.

  145. 145
    On February 2nd, 2012 at 1:48 am
    Dustin Wright said:

    It is very typical for business software to be a one time purchase price and 10% annual software maintenance in order to be provided with updates, not upgrades (ie. to 3.zzz, not 3.x to 4.x). I’m very new to this product, but it is apparent to me it needs to be constantly updated and worked on in order to continue to function in the very fluid environment it works in. I’d be perfectly willing to pay maintenance on it. You can’t be paid one time and work forever for nothing more. That is not sustainable.

  146. So glad you are in recovery mode! So many of our sites got hit hard when Google changed their algorithesms back in October of last year.

  147. 147

    Great Stuff…!! I am quite confident that whatever fee structure you develop will be fair and equitable, the important thing being that you can operate with some incentive to continue offering your service.

    Business is always facing challenges ans we are in business to overcome challenges.

    I suggest you are doing a great job in dealing with this one.

  148. Congratulations to all. I knew that you could with this problem. It was only a matter of time. Market Samurai is by far the best tool on the market. I love this tool. Thank you again.

  149. Thanks for the updates. It’s quite amazing what you’ve delivered with no charge for upgrades — Market Samurai is worth every penny, and I’m sure the new rank tracking service will be the same. Thank you for the excellent product and for keeping us all informed along the way.

  150. 150
    On February 2nd, 2012 at 2:05 am
    Joseph Gary said:

    Market Samarai hardly worked during my trial period a few months ago. How about a trial since its working now?

  151. I’ll gladly pay for a paid subscription for a good solid rank tracking service, it’s very important to me and my team.

  152. This is Great news that you were able to bring back Market Samurai so quickly and with most of the Google functions still working, I’m glade to work with a company that can bounce back so well, after taking a hit like this from a large player like Google.

    Keep up the Great work!

  153. Thanks guys, you’re efforts are greatly appreciated. I’ve been here almost since the beginning and have lived through all of the assorted growth spurts and problems. MS has been invaluable to me and my keyword research.

    Seems to me that way back in the beginning rank tracker was much as it is now. Run to many checks and get cut off by google for a few hours. It worked then and it works now. However you created a position junky when I could do unlimited keyword rank checking.

    Funny tho, it didn’t add much to the bottom line as there was no focus. Lol, runem all and see what’s working. While I don’t think going back to the beginning is a great thing it will, at least, make me focus on the keywords making the best money and not all of the keywords just out of curiosity. After a few weeks you mostly know whether a kw is a winner or loser. No sense to continue checking the losers.

    A big list of great proxies would be appreciated tho. Assuming the proxy part still works the way it used to. ;)

    Paul B replied:

    Make a list of proxies public and see how long they remain “great”? You need to source your own, the moment a proxy becomes too well known if becomes a waste of time.

    Cynical One replied:

    Actually, MS still says it has proxy servers. If you check settings under proxies there is a check box that says “Use built in proxy servers” but I’m wondering if these even still exist in MS.

    If not a list of proxies would still be a good thing. The guys at MS have much more knowledge of proxies than I do. All of them I find are slower than hell so a list of the better ones provided ny MS would be a great help.

    BTW, everything free on the net decreases in value with over usage.

    Paul B replied:

    The point I’m trying to make (all be it not very well) is that they wouldn’t be supplying YOU with a list of proxies, they’d be supplying their 400,000 users. Unless that is a very very big list then whatever they include will soon become as you put it, slower than hell or worse.

    Find your own under utilised ones and you can get away with half a dozen at most. Alternatively there are paid proxy services out there, I’ve been using one and rank tracker is running fine.

  154. Thanks for the hard work, I know how intricate and stress software development is let alone how frustrating it is when an external source such as Google makes changes that you have no control over. The fact the you let us know right away what was wrong fixed and communicated so quickly and thoroughly continue to make me a big fan of Market Samurai!

  155. I know so many companies that wold have run at the first sign of trouble. You guys are a class act, and for a one-time payment kind of deal this is more than a bargain; it’s almost steal :D.

    But seriously, if we look at this objectively, the only thing we’re (partially) missing is the Rank Tracker. Overall this is the best SEO-Keyword research-…etc, combo that exists nowadays.

    Keep up the great work and you deserve way more than you ask (at least I made “way more” than what I paid for your service ;)).

  156. 156

    Again, top level approach to the challenges.

  157. Well done Eugene and team.
    I am amazed you have things up and running so fast.
    MS is an excellent product and I am quite happy to pay a (reasonable!) fee for the rank checker.
    It is good to know I am working with professionals.
    All the best

  158. 158

    I agree that the Market samurai was the best internet marketing tool, thanks for that. What i totally disagree is that the mixing of google-bing information is giving accurate and even decent results as i have notify to the staff showing several comparisons to the seoc data provided by MS and those found in the actual bing search and allow me to say that is totally messed up!.

    Like some one said before is very hard to compare the size of the indexed pages that google has with those of bing-yahoo.

    Im very aware of your efforts to overpass this big issue but is not transparent to make us believe that you have made the best decisions by combining the two data sources to offer anything similar that MS was delivering before.

    And sure thing is that the most of the MS users have this specific matter in mind, as many of them are asking, will the seoc, the title and the url number of indexed pages going back with the google data? if the answer is no, you guys as savvy as you are, by now just throw over a good piece of software.

    As far we as users we are doomed to walk blind, trusting on what you say, or to find a way to invest on decent and reliable data like this market more than many other requires.

  159. Thanks Market Samurai…

    For communicating so clearly and quickly with all of us.

    It’s refreshing to see. Not many companies care as amuch as you folks seem to. It is appreciated!!

    ~ Louie

  160. While, at times, I’ve been frustrated w/ NS, the decision to offer rank tracking as an up-charge, monthly fee module within the MS software, while continuing to extend the basic service w/o additional charge, is a high integrity move by your team.

    Reality is that MS is a terrific tool for the money. Thanks for the continued effort in keeping the software effective, and affordable, as the environment of the web evolves.

  161. Amazing work as well as communication and transparency. The way you’ve handled this entire event should be the “counterpoint” to the big companies out there who cover stuff up, then lie, then finally admit the truth, then scramble with bad communication, then get defensive, etc.!

    I was already a loyal (paid) customer, and this clinches it.

    I absolutely hate paying a monthly fee for software, but yours is one of the few that we’d do that for – it’s that good and saves that much time.

    So yes, it is great that your software was a one-time cost. But to agree with a couple people above, with all the work necessary to keep things working, not to mention adding features, a maintenance charge would be completely understandable.

    I have to spend $50 or so every couple years for new versions of Quicken financial software. I view them as a necessary evil, and don’t love them as a company, but still do it otherwise they simply don’t support any of the online features. Although I moan about it, I do understand that they do a bunch of development to stay current and it’s only fair to do it that way.

    They don’t even try to hide it as maintenance – they just say “buy now, you have until April xx until your software will no longer work.”

    We pay $5 or $6 per month for a program in this space that does one thing that MS does. They hid that in fine print when we bought – I thought maintenance was only to get new features, and I figured we would decide if we needed them or not at that time. But after their initial period, I discovered that the maintenance was necessary or it simply would not work any more.

    I don’t like the way they handled it, but we are paying their fee.

    Would I pay $5 per month for MS, with 10x more functionality, integrity like you have shown from the beginning, new features, great training, and a great community?

    Ummm, yes, I think so!


  162. 162
    On February 2nd, 2012 at 2:58 am
    Steven Ladd said:

    Amazing service! I downloaded a free trial and never used it (too busy). You have turned a very bad situation into at least one new customer. Eugene, your open communications and very fair customer policies make me want to buy everything you sell, even before I know how to use it.

  163. 163
    On February 2nd, 2012 at 2:59 am
    Joao Zorro Goncalves said:


    I’ve been using Market Samurai for some time now and all I have to say is that I can’t “live” with it!

    I’m happy to see that almost all issues were solved.

    I have a question regarding SEOC.

    I was using this metric to filter keywords that have less than 30.000 competing sites in google…

    I have no problem in using numbers from Bing but the problem is that there a significant difference in numbers… I’ll give you an example for one keyword in my niche:

    “online relationship counselling”

    SEOC in Google is 63400 (for english language and for the US)

    SEOC with BING is 541…

    The question is: Is there a maximum number for BING SEOC that we can use a reference?

    Miriam Parkinson replied:

    I did some number crunching and it looks like 15,000 SEOC is a good filter value to work with when using Bing data – Miriam

  164. 164

    I understand your reasons for adding the fees for the rank tracking service, and I’m more than willing to pay for this service, however it raises a few concerns.

    None of the other (one time fee) keyword research tools have rank checking built in, so that fact gave Market Samurai a clear advantage over its competition.

    There’s the free rank checker plugin in Firefox, but it doesn’t keep a history, and it doesn’t have the nice charts. So Market Samurai’s rank tracker was better than the free stuff out there.

    However, as a paid monthly service, you introduce a whole different class of competition and a whole different class of features.

    Most paid services are fully automated.

    The rank tracking module requires zero brainpower to run, but it does require us to open the software daily, click the button and wait quite a whole.

    This is a significant disadvantage when comparing yourself to your new competition(monthly paid rank tracking services).

    Some services will show more information about your keywords and point out opportunities. For example, oftentimes there are keywords that you already rank on page 2 for that have quite a bit of traffic. Other paid services will show the traffic stats right next to your rankings, so you can very easily pick out the big opportunities.

    There’s a host of other features that many of the paid rank tracking services offer.

    So although I understand your need to change your fee structure as a self preservation measure, and I have no problem paying a monthly fee, I hope you realize that as a paid service, you’re being held up to a completely different class of standards.

    Please make your new paid rank tracking service competitive with other paid ranking services, not just in pricing, but also in features and convenience.

    Don’t forget you have a new class of competition now.

    alan replied:

    Thanks for the thoroughness Rob, yes I for one would pay a mothly fee but if funtionality, useability, better metrics are found elsewhere then loyalty or not doesn’t feed my kids.
    Theres a great idea for the free firefox plugin for someone to create a basic history download and small basic chart.
    Anyway Thanks again

    side note
    Seems to be low responses from the MS team considering this is a major issue?

  165. This should help Market Samurai users’ spirits up… something that’s really needed especially after reading that very discouraging email from Link Assistant. :|

    Kudos to MS team!

  166. Behind a great Man there is allways a great Woman

    Behind a great Software there is allways a great Team

    Only two things and it’s not Market Samurai fault: Tutorial for Local Results and a better separation for data from Portugal and Brazil, Google keeps mixing up the two country results.

    Thanks and Keep the Very Good Work!


  167. Eugene,

    Thanks for such an informative report. I wish you guys all the best in moving forward.

    You are the most un-greedy people in the space. The fact that you give access to such an amazing tool for no subscription fee is just unheard of.

    I can just imagine what hell you have been through in the past week. It is very impressive how fast you have bounced back. You all should be very proud of yourselfs.

  168. 168

    Why don’t you offer a Rank Tracker version that works like SERPAlertPro? You can learn about this by searching for it by name at the Warrior Forum. It is software that works in the background on your own machine and provides analysis, etc. It is a one off payment. I think it is a good idea and will work fine for non-power users. For those people, proxies would be needed. I would rather buy such a product from you because, with your resources, you could create a better product and support it better. As I said, this could be just a version of Rank Tracker, i.e., you could also have a monthly subscription for those that need more power, added convenience, etc.

  169. Looks good guys. One comment I do have (if I read it right) – you have 400,000 users and only 50,000 of them paying customers?

    There seems to be an opportunity there for scaled fees, i.e $ = very basic functionality and $$$ = full functionality. Sure there are benefits to a time limited trial but maybe a range of MS options/packages might help ease the burden and still keep the majority happy?

    I do agree that other SEO software that uses the local PC internet connection results in serious bandwidth degradation – and not just to Google. After using other packages I always have a much slower connection to websites for the next few hours. This is not good as it implies that my ISP “must know” that I am carrying out a lot of automated searches.

    Your approach wins through for me.

  170. Thanks for the detailed update!

    I just used Market Samurai again last night after downloading the latest version. So far, everything seems to be working fine. I love the fact that you all are so committed to this excellent software, and that you’ve already done so much to ensure that we can continually use it, even in the face of Google’s changes.

    Thanks for making things clear about Bing’s database also. All in all, I’m still impressed with Market Samurai, and how the software team has handled and is continuing to handle this problem. Thanks.

  171. Thanks for the updates Eugene, I look forward to seeing whats is going to happen with regards to rank tracking the other changes are all positive and Market Samuria is still the best value for money there is!

  172. It looks like my previous comment didn’t post. Not sure why.

    Anyways, just wanted to say that I really appreciate what you all are doing. Market Samurai is excellent software, and continues to impress. I love how dedicated the software team is to resolving these issues, and I think they’ve done an excellent job in the face of what’s happened.

    I’m continually impressed. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication, so that we can all benefit from using Market Samurai!

  173. 173

    Hi Guys
    Have you seen these allegations by CEO from SEO Powersuite:

    We’re getting 100s of worried requests from users so we decided to explain this web rumor.

    Rumors of a drastic Google algo change started spreading after another SEO software house officially announced their software stopped working with Google. What Market Samurai told its users is, “Several days ago, Google made some significant technical changes to its services” which made it impossible to work with.

    Now hundreds of ex-customers of Market Samurai and our own users write to our support: Is SEO PowerSuite working? Is it safe to buy SEO PowerSuite license now when other tools are failing to work?

    The answer is YES, your software is working and will work with all search engines (Google as well, until the end of Google.) We are able to guarantee that SEO PowerSuite is the safest SEO software to invest in.

    So – right, SEO PowerSuite keeps working. The thing is, what is proclaimed a Google’s technical change doesn’t look so and has never been confirmed by anyone outside Market Samurai team. Our team of search engines experts confirms no changes to Google algos – and the speaking evidence for that is the seamlessly working SEO PowerSuite.

    No other reasons for Market Samurai’s software failure have ever been officially named. However, more realistic reasons were suggested by their former users, assumed by many SEOs on all kind of Internet forums – and never commented on by the Samurai representatives. So the actual reasons for the fail are assumable and lie in a strategic error at the early stage of designing the software architecture. Our experts say, the estimate of fixing such error to restore an SEO tool to a fully working condition is about half a year.

    Seeing that now Samurai is planning to switch to Bing instead of Google, we assume the estimate is right.

    So let us once again disprove the rumor: Google made no changes and nothing happened to it at all. More to that, whenever changes to Google happen in the future, SEO PoweSuite will keep working seamlessly.

    As many know, for 7 years on the market Link-Assistant.Com software has been working reliably. And we can guarantee reliable work of all SEO PowerSuite tools in future, with a team of engineers and analysts monitoring search engines every day.


    Miriam Parkinson replied:

    Hi Theo, we published a response to this on the SEO Powersuite blog and it is also addressed in the comment section of our other blog post.

  174. Thank you for the great update and following up on the problems with Market Samurai. There are a lot of vendors out there that do not understand the concept of customer service. You obviously do and you continue to prove that over and over again.

  175. 175

    I’m personally very glad that the Market Samurai team has everything under control. This is still my Go-To tool for initial market and keyword analysis, and I don’t see that changing until they begin charging for modules that were included in the original purchase.

    You see… there is an issue of a contract made upon purchase of the product (I’m glad I took screenshots) and the promises made constitute a contract. Changing that agreement now could be interpreted as a breach of that contract.

    I completely understand that you’re experiencing costs greater than you anticipated in the beginning. That’s the nature of business (not just Internet Marketing, all business). I’m sure that many here will also agree that we shouldn’t be penalized for late in the game updates due to necessary modifications and adjustments to your sources of information.

    I say… live up to your agreements that are already in place, and make the necessary adjustment to your pricing for all new purchasers. If that means that there is a monthly subscription for All New Purchasers, then so be it.

    That is really the only fair approach, considering that those of us that purchased early on had to pay for the privilege of being “Beta Testers” for all this time.

    Sorry Guys, but it’s not right to penalize the very people that helped get you where you are today. Make the necessary adjustment to your pricing structure applicable to those that are purchasing your product from this point on.

  176. 176

    The best thing to do it would seem, is to leave rank checking on the local machine for those who want to take the responsibility and offer a separate high-volume service on a monthly fee for those who need or want it. Failing that, offer a “lite” rank tracker for free and a “pro” heavy-use version for a monthly fee. It is apparent that a relatively few very high-volume users are causing the problem and it hardly seems right to penalize the rest of us.

  177. 177

    Why not make the rank tracker wholly based on customer’s networks with the ability to enter private or public proxy IPs and ports? This seems the most cost-effective and efficient solution for everyone.

    Kim@beginners guitar lessons replied:

    I agree, I don’t use it for more than 6 sites so I could easily run it on my own network.

  178. 178

    Can I use Rank Tracker on my local network?
    As indicated above, Rank Tracker has been temporarily updated to make use of your local computer and we’ll soon be offering a revised service that again pulls data from our servers. Checking a moderate to high volume of keywords from your local computer can result in a temporarily degraded Google service for all those on the same network as you. In corporate environment this should generally be avoided.

    I might sound rough, but that doesn’t really answer the question, which is: Can I use Rank Tracker on my local network? … so a Yes or a No would really be an answer. Ok at the moment works locally, but will we have the option to “take our own risk” and check data locally? (hello proxy!)

  179. Good job in keeping up updated. One of the things that had frustrated our team was the manual clicks required of the SEOC, SEOTC, SEOUC numbers.
    The automatic display will be a great time saver.
    By the way, as a frequent user and very appreciative of the frequent updates, we would not mind going to an annual subscription model (ideally less than $100) in order to keep the quality up.
    Best Luck

  180. Kudos to MS team for bringing back Market Samurai so quickly

  181. I personally want to say a BIG THANK YOU for your support and for the quick turnaround you guys have done for a small organization.

    Can’t believe how quick you have managed to get this fully working again with most modules.

    From my initial investment of Market Samurai I have saved thousands of hours, and a shit load of money to.

    I would be more than happy if you were to offer this as a monthly service because of this powerful Resource.

    With all the changes that Google has made in the last 12 months etc… you should not be apologising to us, WE should be thank full for having a trusted honest team that is here to provide the best training, advice, and tools to grow our business further and for that THANK YOU

    Sorry for rant but needs to be said



  182. 182


    I really appreciate the truth from the team. Keep up the Good work. I am a newbie to Market Samurai and the world of SEO, but I am sure of one thing, this company is there for the long haul. Thank you.

  183. 183

    You guys are awesome. I now just need to learn how to harness MS’s power!!!

  184. This is complete hogwash in my opinion. Many other, similar, program continue to work fine, particularly with their Rank Trackers. It seems to me to be some short-sided coding at play here.

    And as a further insult, we need to rely on Bing data in certain cases? Google is where it’s at. I could care less what Bing has to tell me.

  185. Honesty is the cornerstone of every business, so thanks for sharing all information with us so openly…

  186. You might want to look at the speed controls that some other stand alone rank tracking software use and do something like what they do (search delays, etc.). It does slow down the rank tracking, but it keeps you from putting a heavy load on Google’s server and also from having your computer temporarily banned from using Google services.

  187. I must say you’re great guys. I used MS for more than 2 years before I purchase it (I mostly use keyword research). I purchased another tools, but I didn’t find good and reliable as MS. With this last update, I was worry you become late in resolving the issue, But it’s no wonder you’re so fast in fixing that issue.

    Thanks very much.

  188. I’d like to make a recommendation for the rank tracker module. Since right now, it is using the local PC to perform the searches, can you enable some form of human emulation (configurable delay) so that it doesn’t blast all the searches at Google as fast as it can? This will minimize the impact to other users of Google search on the same network. Great product. It’s a shame about the negative impact of Google’s changes.

  189. Great to have MS back and functioning more on automatic again.

    As for recent google changes im sure its a part of their continueing evil deception tactics to not let anyone that isnt paying their adwords side of the buisines, have any real data. Google for the past year has moved to be move of ANTI website owner search engine then ever before, and worse if your an affiliate or trying to earn online. Google has made it their prime directive to screw everyone from making money off their engine, except themselves.

    I mean they even stole the “like” feature from Facebook and forced users now to use the google plus 1 feature.

    Google in my opinion will continue to kill any opportunity for making money that includes taking keyword and ranking data till the DOJ steps in but they wont cause their funded by google inc.

    The days of a free internet with the ability to earn from google is over, google will make sure that it will all be gone by the end of this year, and will be even worse if the republicans get into power again as Google Inc is the biggest repulican support this year making them almost untouchable and able to screw with the internet in anyway they want to. And they do to effect constant changes to reduce everyones ability, unless they pay the evil google more ,money.

    I miss the days when Google was for us little guys and on our side, now their in with the elite and hate all of us and will continue to steal profits from the world.

    Good to see use of the Bing API, and BING engine as i believe bing will eventually (because of underhanded google tactics) be the search engine to rank for and get data metrics from that will allow real world analysis.

    Thanks MS for continued advances and continued updates allowing us all to mine the data reasonable well and get back to earning off the internet.

  190. Hey, good to know you’re on the game again!
    I’m not so confident about Bing option for Seoc. Bing doesn’t have so many pages indexed as Big G to make a good comparison. You kept your clients informed during all the time and that showed how professional and serious you are. Keep on like that!

  191. I’m glad to see Market Samurai back up, definitely one of the BEST pieces of software that I’ve purchased. Keep up the good work!

  192. 192

    You guys are %Q#$ AWESOME!!

    As a business owner, I am floored by how fast and completely you have dealt with and solved a major interruption to your business. You should be very proud.

    As a paid customer, I appreciate the timely notice, updates and detailed explanations you have provided.

    Really guys, I don’t think it could have been handled better. Congrats!


  193. Will there be options to buy Rank Tracker for each user, as I personally use other software for this purpose and would not use it inside of MS?

  194. I am a little confused here. You state you have 400,000 users but only 50,000 have paid to use the software? Was this a typo?

    If not, it appears a large part of your problem is that you have been too generous. It is all right to have a 30 or even a 90 day free trial period for your software but after that those free users need to pay to use the software.

    If you have been able to do all you have done with just 50,000 paid users while supporting the 350,000 free users, think how much more you could do if you converted the free users to paid users. It appears to be past time to tell the free users to convert to paid users and dumped those who continued to want a free ride from you and your paid users.

    Your operating costs might drop drastically if you eliminated the 88% of your users who are not paying for the software and using your servers.

    Sorry, free users, but at some point it becomes time to pay for the ride or get off and walk.


    Paul B replied:

    I 100% agree with this, I was shocked by those figures. It’s no wonder you’ve upset the Big G if you’re running queries for 400,000 users from a cloud infrastructure funded by 50,000!

    Just imagine how much extra infrastructure (IPs at least) you could have had in place if they were all paying customers? Or to look at it the other more realistic way, imagine how much less of a burden you’d be on Google if you were only hitting them for paid users?

    Bin the freeloaders, if people don’t buy within say a 60 day free trial then they’re never going to. Even if this isn’t enough to get things back to where they were then I’d vote for an annual maintenance subscription like others have said. Your software is one of only a couple of tools I trust enough to use on a regular basis, everything about it has been superb to date and I’d hate to see the whole thing wrecked at the expense of a few cheapskates.


    Ed Seward@SEO replied:

    Unfortunately if these numbers are true, it isn’t “a few cheapskates”. It appears that 88% of MS users are getting a free ride.

    I was in support of an annual maintenance fee for the software to support development.

    Now I say it is time to purge the user base of whatever portion of the 350,000 free members who refuse to convert to a paid copy before talking about additional fees to those who have paid.

    Then I would again support a small annual fee for maintenance again.


  195. I think MS is exceptional. It’s worth every penny and would be worth additional pennies. :-)

    Ed Seward@SEO replied:

    Only if they remove the 350,000 free members from the system.

    Clean house, then look for a strong continuing source of funding for future development.

    I use MS daily and would hate to see it fail as other software has in the past. I don’t mind paying a small annual fee for updates, but only if the free users who have used the software for more than 90 days are removed from the system.


  196. Good to hear that MS is back in action.

  197. MS is worth the once off fee for the competition analysis alone. It’s the simple reality of business that sometimes charges for services rise and I think it’s pretty clear here that the Noble Samurai team aren’t doing this deliberately.

    Of course, I would rather not pay a monthly fee but the alternative may well be to go to other providers who charge exponentially more.

    Keep up the good work Noble stable you remain the best value tool out there

  198. 198

    Hi Eugene,

    You guys are absolutely AWESOME! Thank you for all your hard work to respond to google’s change and to do so with such speed and thorough thought.

    You guys set a new benchmark in delivering a quality product and service with the way you handle things and also in the clear, concise and informative method of communication.

    Hope Google doesn’t read these posts and take you guys away to work for them!


  199. 199

    Hi, I have suggested this several times before and I dont understand why you guys have never implemented it.

    Adding a server query delay option into the admin settings would allow users to run MS from their local machine without tripping to many queries at once.

    SEO Elite and Keyword Elite have had this for years.

    You can adjust the server delay to suit your needs so the more kwds the longer the delay and it saves your ip getting blocked from Google.

    Given how great MS is Im sure this wouldnt be that big a deal to add in and would save so much hassle for users to stop us getting u=our ip’s blocked.

    Hope fully you’ll add this, it really would be good.

    Daniel replied:


    I agree. Just add Advanced configuration dialog for adding some human emulation for google requests – like configurable random delay from 0 to 100 seconds for each request.

    Possibly some more features like visiting home page of google before doing searches, clicking some of the search results …

    Since you have done great job so far, it should be rather easy to add this feature which would enable more reliable rank tracker and other features.

  200. As usual you have provided exceptional customer service and dealt with a massive problem with minimal service interruption. I was wondering how your product as good as it is, was going to stay away from monthly prices knowing full well, Google was eventually going to pull the plug.

    I have made tens of thousands of dollars off of a beta price of 67 when Samurai was released to a select few before it went widespread.

    It continues to be, and is one of the best investments I have ever made, and you guys and your updates are unbelievable on a one time price.

    Hats off to the Samurai team, and I commend you on excellence in what you have done with this product, and the tutuorials made available to its users.

    Its a bit of a downer to pay monthly, but it is what it is, and beyond your control.

    thanks guys!

  201. 201

    Ok, im testing now the keyword research module and… excuse me about this but Market samurai is now plain crap… why
    the results of the keyword research module are useless, a good word of advice, anyone relying on this data just don’t do it, it screw up every single research i was doing.

    A shame i think if MS remain with this data is simply useless
    You guys better develop the tool again or accept a total fail…

  202. 202


    A suggestion to make the rank tracker still available free. Why don’t you consider enabling proxy setting by users option, which pulls the data from proxy IP’s instead of local servers ?

    This same concept is being used by Link-assistant’s rank tracker.


  203. A well managed crisis; Great problem solving and client communication, thanks.

    Mike FD

  204. Hi,

    As an Article Samurai subscriber I would like to know if the AS specific features are going to be affected by the changes.


  205. best internet marketing software on the market – you continue to Over-Deliver – thanks…

  206. You guys are Awesome! Market Samurai is by far the best keyword and research tool around by far!

  207. 207

    You guys are the absolute best. Thank you so much for all you do!

  208. 208

    Hi, thanks for such a great tool!

    My SEOC-value is now not correct maybe this is possible? If i type in a keyword with “xyz” (in google or bing) then i get another value as shown in market samurai. My location is germany.


  209. Exceptional! Leave it to a bunch of Aussies to run such a slick operation that can solve epic challenges with such finesse!! And keep us well and truly informed in the process.

  210. Nice to know that all the key functionality of MS have been restored and now we can get back to using it in a way we used to before.

    Kudos to the MS Team! many thanks!

  211. Hello,
    i’m still using Market Samurai trial..when i’m analyze keywords the results of SEOC,SEOTC,SEOUC,SEOTCR,AWT,AWCPC,AWCTR,AWV and SEOV did not appear or still blank.Is it because it’s not available for the trial version or because the change has made by Google so it’s temporary unavailable? Thank You.

    Miriam Parkinson replied:

    Hi Ady, the data isn’t pulled back automatically when you generate keywords. If you click ‘Analyze Keywords’ on that page it should be returned.

  212. Hey Eugene,

    Really appreciate the hard work put into fixing MS. Most of my market research efforts online rely on MS. Hope that in future the rank tracker monthly subscription won’t be too costly

  213. 213
    On February 3rd, 2012 at 12:16 am
    Paul Evans said:

    Sorry but using Bing for SEOC, SEOLC etc. just does not wash with me. I have been testing for 2 days now and there is absolutely no correlation (as you say above) between Google and Bing competition and traffic levels, at least not on my local market.

    I may see on a specific phrase 100,000 SEOT (Google) and absolutely no competition (less than 1000) in SEOLC (Bing). When I check the local Google database by doing a simple search in Google for the same phrase it comes up as more than 1,000,000 pages having that keyword in the page. If I had believed the data MS was giving me I would have attacked this keyword. But at over 1 million Google pages this would have been suicide.

    And the argument that Bing has more pages indexed than Google just cannot be true – the data MS is showing me for each and every search term proves this to be completely flawed as an argument.

    Also, you say 30% share for Bing in the US market. Perhaps, but here in France it’s less than 8%

    >>> Bing data is completely useless to us if you are using Google for SEOT, and if your local market is dominated by Google, which is the case for me.

    As a paying customer I must really push you (as are several people above) to get Google data back for SEOC and SEOLC, etc.

    Without this data coming from Google – and it pains me to say – I would have to leave MS for good and find another solution.


    Flo replied:

    I subscribe to what Paul said. Bing data – totally useless. In the UK Google counts for 94% and I’m sure in the US counts for much less than 30% (the data from comScore is flawed because of their way of calculationg it).

    Currently I’m evaluating the options and I’ll possibly move away to a different product.

    Paul Evans replied:

    Hi MS team

    Could we get an answer from you on this issue?

    For me this is the key : I use MS 90% for keyword analysis and competition study, and 10% to check rankings.

    Moreover, I am finding that the SEOC and SEOLC figures are not working, even for Bing. I can see 10,000 pages in competition for a specific phrase on SEOLC: when I click on the number to get the link over to Bing, Bing is telling me 100,000+ results in its local database.

    So I don’t know how I can possibly use this data

    Please do update us on this burning issue



  214. Good job Market Samurai Team!

    Once again the Noble Samurai takes on Godzilla (ゴジラ, Gojira, Google) in a spectacular battle avoiding the gorilla whales’ atomic breath of destruction aimed at SEOs across the globe.

    Victory to Noble Samurai and its loyal followers!

    With Market Samurai we shall continue to dominate website competition with this great targeted Internet marketing software. May the force be with you! Oops, wrong script….

    Ron aka LANWANMAN, Ocala, Florida USA

    SEO, SEM, SMM, Joomla, WordPress and more!

  215. 215

    Eugene et al,

    Congratulations on providing a solution in an incredibly short space of time.

    I think the Noble Samurai team are a collection of bright, dedicated experts with the highest integrity.

    You all, and Market Samurai continue to impress me in more ways than the tool itself!


    Caro :-)

  216. Thank you very much for your effort to bring MS up. Kudos to whole team of Market Samurai!

  217. Hi Eugene, Hi Ben,

    Firstly Ben, thanks so much for your personal reply in SuperFast Results. Shows you care!

    The important thing that you guys have pointed out is that SEOC is not an accurate measure of the competition we REALLY face when doing keyword research. These days I just go straight to the SEO Competition module because it’s those first ten entries that really count! And you’re pulling that data from Google. Great stuff.
    These days (as an affiliate) I use the SEO Competition module by only going for keywords that have at least four of the top ten entries easy to beat (pretty green), and if there are too many big players in there like Amazon and Walmart with PR4+ I won’t bother.

  218. Great to have MS back online. Surely it has been a good start for the MS team for 2012, but I do see the MS team effort in trying to mitigate all the challenges they face and offer excellent customer service for their products.

    I read that some of your paying customers aren’t confident about the data drew from Bing which I must say I agree. Bing although growing in market share, has yet to prove itself being capable of replacing Google. In fact, much of the traffic to my websites and my clients are from Google, not so much from Bing.

  219. This is awesome customer service. I’m very impressed with market samurai and the the level of transparency. I really enjoy the product and appreciate this notification.
    Thank you!

  220. 220

    In SEO competition SITE (Index Count) must be from Google – really. Here in Europe Bing has 3 – 8 % of market….

    Mayby you should stop giving away MS for 40 days for free. 12 days it enought for someone who want buy it.

  221. Hi Eugene,

    Thanks for the excellent work MS has put into getting something up and running again so soon.

    I’ve been using the limited rank checker for a few days and to be honest I’ve had totally inconsistent results. For example I’m seeing pages reported as not ranked that are clearly (cache cleared/no history etc) on the first page. I’ve even checked using proxies and the results are there. Talking of which, I’ve just signed up to the HMA VPN solution that I’m hoping will give better results. It was worth the $12 or whatever for 1 month just to give it a go. If it works then I can take the burden of you guys full stop.

    I know it might seem slightly out there but would it not be possible to use something similar (3rd paryt) over the existing cloud infrastructure to anonmyise (is that even a word?) your Google traffic or do you still reckon there’s just too much throughput?

  222. 222

    Hi there !

    I want to purchase MS, but it seems that there are a lot of problems with their data.

    I don’t know if it is just me but MS does not return Backlink data anymore :(.

    Can you please confirm this ?


    Miriam Parkinson replied:

    This has now been resolved

  223. 223
    On February 4th, 2012 at 9:19 am
    Just Curious said:

    Hey guys,

    Long time MS user – I have 3 licenses actually, so… you could say I’m generally a supporter.

    What I want to know is this:

    Many tools offer rank trackers. There’s everything from CuteRank to the actual “Rank Tracker” from the guys behind SEO SpyGlass.

    All of these other tools have kept their rank tracker functions working, and there’s no discussion amoungst the users about fee structures, etc.

    So what makes MS unique here?

    Why is it that MS is the only software talking about this?

    If this was a “Google” problem, how have all of the other tools overcome it so easily?

    Hell, if Scrapebox can still query Google at 500 threads of inurl: searches behind proxies without being banned, what’s the issue?

    I’ve never seen one explaination that makes any sense about why MS is the only tool with a problem that will begin to require fee’s.

    Mind you, it’s not about the money… it’s about this being an isolated incident that only affects your software, and it’s not unreasonable to just ask why…

    I’m sure this will get the crowd looking to hang anyone that says anything out of turn all worked up, but that’s their decision. I don’t really care about people getting super defensive, so if anyone would like to, be my guest.

    In the mean time, the question still stands…

    Miriam Parkinson replied:

    It seems that something specific in the way we were gathering the data is causing us to have problems

  224. 224


    There is a trouble in SEO competition, nothing is shown for RDD, RDP, BLP, BLD and BLEG. Is it just for me ?

    Thank you

    Miriam Parkinson replied:

    There was a problem with getting data from MajesticSEO – we have fixed this so it should be back up and running.

  225. I have only used the Keyword research and SEO competition modules, primarily but occassionally used the domain module. Unfortunately, if ‘works’ is your definition of how the SEO competition module now functions all I can say is

    Does anyone want to buy my MS license?

  226. 226

    Again, Thank you so much for your honesty, and hard work.

  227. Hey guys, thanks for your great work. I don’t access Rank Tracking all that often (maybe once a month), so I’m concerned that when you start to charge for it, I’ll be even less inclicing to use your software.

    But I have an idea…

    May I suggest that you add a cost ONLY to those who use the service frequently? Maybe above a threshold per day/week/month – surely there’s a way to build a monitoring mechanism into the system?

    Just a thought…

    Keep up the good work, Mark

    Miriam Parkinson replied:

    That is the type of pricing structure that we expect to use – Miriam

  228. Thanks to the whole team for such a tremendous effort. Your software is fantastic and I wish you continued success.

  229. I can tell ya from my own experience that I’ve gotten back 100X more than what I paid for this software.

    I been online for 12 years now and I’ve never seen a company in our industry have the level of service as the Market Samurai team.

    I thank you for that.

    Now as to getting a refund! Come on, lets get real here. Do we actually expect MS team to fork up $40k a day just to have this one feature free?

    I could understand the new users wanting it but for the rest of us, I believe we’ve gotten our moneys worth. I know I have.

    I for one rely on the Rank tracker feature. Helps my business. so if and when it goes to paid, then I’ll think about it.

    I won’t stop using though. There’s tons of other features that help my business. The Rank Tracker is just one.

    Thanks for all you do fellas. Keep up the support and great job you guys are doing.

  230. 230

    I sold a bit MS copys by my website and affiliate program. After the last changes a cant get any sale… Really. PPL are downloading trial but they dont want to buy it. This is the best proof for me that staff should solve the last issues. I bet that global MS sales are also going down..

    I can understand the issue with Rank Tracker, but please stop using BING instead Google in SEO Copetition. BING data like “Index Count” is worthless for all Europe. Really, it worst than blank data.

  231. 231
    On February 6th, 2012 at 6:49 am
    Rene Remington said:

    I am happy to see that you are back. That dedication and team work. Noble Samurai will continue to be successful.

    Thanks you :-)

  232. In SEO Competition, Google Index Count(IC). After I checked this is not count index Google but Bing Index. can you make back for Count Index Google?

  233. 233

    Been using MS for years and love it. What a great team and great value. Thanks so much for making this tool affordable for the little guy!

  234. I have never posted on this blog before so please do not interpret what I say as trolling to any degree. I will have to agree with just about everyone that says the SEOC must be restored to utilizing Googles Results and not Bing.

    I have been trying your product for the second time now the first time was a couple of months ago and I just could not believe how powerful your software was and how awesome in general it was as a whole. However, this second time around using the Demo I have noticed that SEOC does not return nearly as many results as it had prior when it used Google for the SEOC.

    I have been wanting to buy Market Samurai since I had initially tried it but money has been really tight the past few months so I have been unable to purchase it for those reasons. I will also mention that with the way things are currently with MS using Bing I am kind of on the fence about my decision to purchase your software Regretfully, I have to make my thoughts clear on your decision to use Bing in lieu of Google for SEOC and other areas of the software!

    I have been doing SEO for about 4 years now and I will be very adament when I say that I would not rely on Bing to make me toast let alone trust their data to be accurate in comparison to Google’s!
    Even if they do posses 30% of the Market share here in the U.S it is soley because Americans have become lazy by nature I really cannot believe that it has anything to do Micro$ofts Tech.

    I mean hell, you would think that seeing how Microsoft governs about 83% of the computer operating system industry that they would be ahead of the curve on just about everything. Lets look at Internet Explorer as a perfect example they are behind in all of the current coding standards for web design and by far present the biggest pain in the ass when building websites compared to other browsers.

    So no I would not be inclined to believe they are formidable competitor for Google when it comes to search algorithms!

    Joanne@fleece dog harnesses replied:

    No I don’t agree with going with Bing either and was not impressed with Magestic.

    mark@junk silver for sale replied:

    Great comment about microsoft! I consider all their products a “virus”.

  235. That are good news.

  236. I’ve been using MS for almost 3 years now. I’m going to be quite honest here and say that I’m disappointed with the performance of your product within the last few months. With the need of constant updates, and now MAJOR issues with the Rank Tracker (one of my sole purposed for purchase), it’s becoming a HASSLE to use your product. I’ve been patient. I’ve been supportive. But if things don’t change in the very near future, I’m going to have to give my loyalty to another product.

    I would sincerely appreciate a blog article on HOW TO SETUP A VPN AND PROXIES IN MARKET SAMURAI so I can use the Rank Tracker for medium-high volume queries without getting my IP banned from Google’s services.

    Please and Thank you. I appreciate what y’all have done to combat the Rank Tracker issues, but it’s your responsibility to do better… way or another. I understand things change, but you need to “adapt or die”.

  237. 237

    Dear Staff

    Any news about Bing issue? When data from Google will come back in at least SEO Competition?

  238. Been using MS for quite some site and good to read that you are back in business!!

  239. 239

    I have always backed MS and the Team.
    Like others i got a good deal when i purchased
    a few years ago.
    But because of recent “problems” with MS iv’e
    had to use “other” tools to keep up.

    I am wondering why other tools don’t seem to be affected by the latest Google updates when it comes to Rank Tracking etc?

    Is it true that MS has an inherent coding problem? Ergo the constant scrambling to fix problems?

    Is the huge percentage of “Free Users” causing a problem?

    Are the accusations leveled by SEO Powersuite CEO true?

    I would also like to add my voice to the anti-Bing choir, Google is where the money is, i am not interested in any results from Bing (Sorry)…

  240. 240

    Any word yet on what the price will be for the new rank checker? Also, whats the word on the ETA for its release?

  241. 241
    On February 10th, 2012 at 10:10 pm
    Austin Salvador said:

    As a businessman I can appreciate the attempt at making more money on a continuous basis from a pool of clients that already paid the one-off price.

    As a client if we don’t have a simple way to make searches with our own proxies with G’s search engine(our clients usually do not care about Bing or Yahoo), that would be suicide seeing how so many of your competitors offer this for free, as well as Google’s API also is free to tap into.

    Give us options, not just limitations and we will keep recommending your awesome software to the uninitiated.

  242. I am new to Market Samurai and the Rank Tracker issues haven’t effected me (yet). However I was so impressed with the way Eugene and his company responded to this issue, that I wrote a blog post about it. People may be pissed off with how MS has handled this issue, but it beats crawling under a rock and going radio silent.

    Keep up the open and honest work!!

  243. is it possible to have High ACrank and zero gogle rank?
    how this happens?

  244. Thanks for keeping us in the loop Eugene.

    I can imagine it’s difficult keeping up with the challenge that present from search engines while still keeping the high quality of your amazing tools and products.

  245. 245

    Please ETA subscription. I am going to stick with you guys, I believe you deserve it. But, I am desperate need for a good rank tracker, I’m using others, but they are not as accurate as MS during the good times. Go Go Go