OCI and Trends No Longer Available

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Hi everyone,

The landscape of SEO is an ever-changing one – something which has become very clear over the last six months working with Google and Yahoo.

Changing Seasons

Two changes that have occurred lately have sadly meant that we have to remove some well-loved and used functionality.

Change #1: OCI is No Longer Available

Microsoft’s Adlabs, one of the most loved, but also most unreliable data sources in Market Samurai, has been removed.

We made this decision on the back of long periods of inactivity from the Adlabs site, with the page completely unavailable for weeks at a time.

Whilst the site occasionally comes back online, the long downtimes with no information or communication from Microsoft have lead us to drop this data, in favour of more reliable data derived by our own algorithms within Market Samurai – you can read the knowledgebase article on using SEOV in place of OCI here.

Change #2: Google Trends Monthly Data No Longer Available

One change that has occurred without our intervention is the removal of Google Trends data from the Google Keyword Tool.

You may have noticed that recently Trends data has appeared as just a blank column in Keyword Research. This is because Google has stopped returning this data through its online Keyword Tool.

However, trends data will still remain in Keyword Research, but will now be accessible by clicking through on the Trends column to view the data in your browser.


It’s sad to see these features go (it’s like losing an old friend!), but as we’re dependent on third parties for our data, unfortunately there’s very little that we can do about it.

If you do find some interesting sources to get replacement data, then please leave a comment below, and we’ll look into the feasibility of adding it into Market Samurai.

On a more positive note, we’ll be revealing some exciting new functionality in Market Samurai very shortly!

Thanks again for your support and understanding.

Warm Regards,

Alex Green

Alex "The Green Samurai" Green is a member of your friendly Samurai support team, and frequently provides updates on the latest Samurai happenings on the blog.

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36 Responses to “OCI and Trends No Longer Available”

  1. Its a shame you’ve lost those two fields, they were useful when I optimised keywords for my website hosting site! Mind you useful as they were, there is still more than enought to be getting on with in Market Samurai!
    Sean Breslin@website hostingʼs last blog post… Creative Thinking and PLR Products

  2. Hello,

    It would be great to have some info on when your forum will be available again. This was a great place to see other people’s issues etc… Any plans for that?

    As for me I would just want to have reliable rank tracking back and this would make my day!

    Still very much looking forward to new functionality but please do not lose more old one! I know most of it is out of your control though. But for what is please make sure the results returned are valid (cf. Rank Tracker).

    Take Care


  3. Here’s an idea: there’s Google Insights. Why not tap into that and improvise a small icon (much like trends) that’s representative of the data in Insights?

    I know it would be a challenge, and might put a lot of bandwidth consumption on Google’s servers, but it’s just an idea (and I think Google could handle the load, anyway).

    And yes, I did notice the trends disappear from the Keyword Tool. I wonder why they’d remove that. I sure hope it wasn’t to save on bandwidth consumption, because I think Google’s servers are very, very powerful.
    African Mango DKʼs last blog post… African Mango Tips- Weight Loss Tips for African Mango

  4. 4

    Hey Alex,
    Maybe you can take a look at this site http://clues.yahoo.com ? Because data there looks very interesting.

  5. 5
    On April 5th, 2011 at 6:01 pm
    Alisa Rose said:

    Thanks for your great software!

    I’m having issues with blank search volumes when i import keywords. They are still blank even when i click analyze keywords a couple of times.

    What should i do?

    I’m importing 2,000 at a time.

  6. Thanks for updating on that, any news with some sort of deal with Majestic for MS users?
    Juliette@dog harnessʼs last blog post… Bling Bling Diamante Rhinestone Dog Collars

  7. You have given us free updates since we purchased the program – like one update every week. The program has way more features now than when I first purchased it a couple years ago. So when I lose a feature because the data source isn’t reliable or available, I’m really not bothered. Market Samurai is worth way more than the price tag on it… I’m starting to feel guilty for not paying enough.
    Dr. Michael Haley@Pompano Beach Chiropractorʼs last blog post… Chiropractor Under Investigation

  8. Its a shame when we start relying on data from certain sources and they become no longer available. However we know that you are always hard at work in adding or checking the latest functionality of Market Samurai. For that, we thank you and make Market Samurai our top niche testing, competition analyzer, competition backlink checker, potential money maker on the market today.
    Paul at Outdoor Playsetʼs last blog post… Flexible Flyer 42003T Backyard Flyer II Swing Set

  9. That’s quite sad but Market Samurai as a keyword tool is still ahead of many out there. The OCI values were good but I never made any decesion based on them unlike the goodle trends.

    But the trends are in the KW research so not too much of a loss :p

    I cant wait for the new functionality you’re working on. Keep up the good work :)
    Susanʼs last blog post… A PLR Niche Blog &amp Review Site With Content

  10. Hello Alex, Will I hate to here that the oci is gone. But at lest I can still use the google trends. I still love my Market Samurai and can’t wait to see what coming.
    Chrisʼs last blog post… Harley Davidson Boots for Women at a Glance

  11. Hello,

    I still didn’t have the time to use all market samurai tools, so what you are saying to me is now I have two less tools to learn, Thanks god :-)

    But to be series it’s a great product, I’m using and recommending it all the time.

    I’ll be glad if you will add the possibility to found out where a certain website on a specific keyword is on the search engine places.

    For now I know where a website is on if it’s on the first ten places in Google.

    But if my website is in the seven page I’ll never know it unless I’ll go page by page till I’ll find my website.
    Thank you very much
    Guy Harduf
    Guy Hardufʼs last blog post… ‫לא הבייישן פותח עסק מהבית‬

    Isha of Market Samurai Resources replied:

    Hi Guy,

    You can find out where a website is in Google by using the Rank Tracker tool that is in your Market Samurai.

    You can see how it works in the Dojo video here:
    http: // www .noblesamurai.com/dojo/marketsamurai/14897-introduction-to-the-rank-tracker-module

    (you’ll need to remove the spaces in that url)

    Isha of Market Samurai Resourcesʼs last blog post… Market Samurai In-Depth Glossary – Keyword Research Module

    Guy Harduf replied:

    Thank you very much

    Guy Hardufʼs last blog post… ‫לא הבייישן פותח עסק מהבית‬

    Guy Harduf replied:

    Great great movie. Thanks
    Guy Hardufʼs last blog post… ‫לא הבייישן פותח עסק מהבית‬

  12. 12

    Thanks for the update alex. I trust that you guys are persistently looking for alternatives to move forward with market samurai.

  13. I stopped using OCI and trends a long time ago anyway :P
    Really looking forward to any new additions :)
    Jamie@StartBusinessOnlineʼs last blog post… How to Start a Business Online with No Money

  14. Thanks for keeping us up to date. I really love Market Samurai.

  15. 15

    2 days ago a keyword returned 271 related keywords, leaving 8 potential keywords after filtering. Today it returned 116 related keywords, leaving 5 keywords after filtering. I’m using Adwords account to fetch the data. Is this related to some new update by Google or a bug in Market Samurai?

    Isha of Market Samurai Resources replied:

    Leon, I *think* that will be connected with the different Google data centers.

    There are many of these scattered all over the place, and as to which one you happen to hit when you do a search on any particular day, it can be a different one that you hit when you do the same search a couple of days later.

    I hope that makes sense!

    Isha of Market Samurai Resourcesʼs last blog post… Market Samurai In-Depth Glossary – Keyword Research Module

    Leon replied:

    Thanks Isha,

    That makes sense. I wonder if there is any way to force change the data center? I did another run for this keyword today and it returned 3 active and 120 filtered results.
    I checked a few more keywords. It seems there is only such a big change for this one. Some return the same number of related keywords as a few days ago, some are slightly different.

  16. Hi Guys

    I agree with Michael Market Samurai has been filled with updates after updates and is very much appreciated since the cost was low.

    I still prefer Market Samurai to other software like Keywordelite 2.0 but there is another software that has just hit the market call SE Cockpit http://www.secockpit.com/

    I’ve watched the webinars, and training… and they seem to use there data from SEOmoz, which is more reliable than Yahoo data.

    Also there has been many stories regarding Yahoo slowly shutting down there search network, any info on that at all.



  17. Looks like we’re moving from BIG sources to smaller BUT better one, which ones is more focused like a Majestic SEO example.
    Vitlay Makarkinʼs last blog post… Real Success Story And Step-by-Guide From Thoughts To Investing Earned Money

  18. Kind of glad that the Google diagnostics aren’t present. I personally would like to see more weight or attention put on Yahoo and MSN tools.
    John Hrivnakʼs last blog post… Nikon D7000 162MP DX-Format CMOS Digital SLR with 30-Inch LCD with Nikon 18-105mm f-35-56G ED VR AF-S DX Nikkor Autofocus Lens BLACK SSE Best Value 16GB Accessory Package Reviews

  19. Hey Alex, always appreciate your updates and candor. Yep, the landscape of Search Marketing changes quickly – I follow all of Google’s blogs and some major SEO blogs and the pace of change is dizzying, to put it mildly.

    Okay, so on to the topic at hand: part of the SEOV calculation is “AWCPC = Adwords Cost Per Click which is an indication of what advertisers are willing to pay for ads targeting that keyword”.

    It would appear MS is pulling from the “estimated CPC” column in the Adwords Traffic Estimator tool, correct?

    For those of us actively engaged in Adwords campaigns, we know that the estimated CPC is rarely on par with the actual CPC when a campaign is run, even with a very high quality score and high CTR. For example, the traffic estimator says I should expect to pay $0.77 per click for traffic that I’m actually having to pay twice that amount for currently.

    So then: How reliable do you and the MS team believe that data from the Adwords Traffic Estimator is, based on your experience? What kind of variance between the estimator and actual CPC have you and your team experienced?

    Thanks for your input.

    David Portney, Public Speaking Expertʼs last blog post… Life Coach Marketing – 7 Simple Steps to Getting New Clients Right Now- &amp For Free

  20. Market Samurai has been extremely useful to me and I really appreciate all of the updates that you make. Thanks for all of your hard work. :)

    Looking forward to seeing the new functionality coming up.

  21. 21
    On April 6th, 2011 at 6:55 am
    runner2009 said:

    Hmmmm, I used OCI as a metric that I believed was very helpful in many cases – even with the long delays. Along with the SEOTC and SEOUC all very good metrics and quickly done instead of by hand.

    Hey, you guys are great both from a support and software stand point, but it seems now the keyword research is not much better than just going and using google direct.

    Perhaps, now is the time to bring in more keyword from other search engines.

  22. 22
    On April 6th, 2011 at 7:09 am
    Erik Heyl said:

    I hope that you guys come up with new functionality soon (PPC module? Or perhaps PPV?). I also hope that the forums make a reappearance. Personally it almost seems as though Google doesn’t WANT anyone to be able to do deep keyword research.

  23. 23
    On April 6th, 2011 at 7:10 am
    Erik Heyl said:

    Can we get a lil hint as to what you’re planning (as you mention new functionality in the post)?

  24. 24
    On April 6th, 2011 at 7:10 am
    Erik Heyl said:

    Curious, how would you set it up (what filters would you use) if you wanted to do AdSENSE?

  25. 25

    I have been a great supporter of MS since it was first released and it has been my keyword tool of choice.

    However it is now without many of the essential features that made it the tool to use.

    A keyword tool without competition data is not really that useful for serious use any more.

    I understand why, but that doesn’t make the reality any easier to live with.

    I hope you can come up with a solution.


  26. 26

    I would suggest using google insights for search to replace and give data for the trends.

  27. 27
    On April 6th, 2011 at 11:46 am
    Alisa Rose said:

    It would be great if you could whip something up so we could use our deathbycaptcha or decaptcher accounts to solve captchas automatically…

  28. It’s a pity… :( Too many of the great functions are disappearing one by one.

    It’s time for the Noble Samurai team to start exploring other options and data providers. Not just those provided by MSN, Yahoo and Google :P
    Allen Walkerʼs last blog post… Natural Health PLR Articles

  29. 29
    On April 10th, 2011 at 3:42 pm
    Erik Heyl said:

    Perhaps time to try SEOMoz like the guys doing SECockpit are?

  30. I really want to get MS, I need a keyword and market analyzing tool, I have to admit though I’m a bit weary
    if the big G starts cutting the grass out from under your feet, what we’ll be left with…

  31. 31
    On April 13th, 2011 at 1:21 am
    Erik Heyl said:

    Its not the tool that’s at fault remember. I wish people would understand this. If Google goes completely nuts, everyone will just move to Bing, or Yahoo, or any of the other search engines.