From the Desk of the CEO (We’re Under Attack!)

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Hi Guys,
Eugene Ware - Noble Samurai CEO
It’s Eugene Ware here – CEO of Noble Samurai.

I wanted to give you an update on what’s been happening and also ask for your help.

To put it bluntly – we’ve been under attack.

Someone appears to be trying to hijack the back-end servers we use to provide you with data.

This has caused a major overload on our systems. We have been serving approximately ten times the normal volume of requests as we do normally.

This has impacted many legitimate users, preventing them from gathering keyword data, performing SEO Competition analysis and tracking ranks correctly.

We’re really sorry for the frustration you’ve experienced and we’re working around the clock (literally) to try and get the situation under control.

Here’s what we’re doing:

Server Authentication

From our next release, due to go out in the very immediate future, our servers will require Market Samurai to authenticate with them in order to be used.

This will mean that Market Samurai must be updated in order to continue to function

This will also result in older copies of Market Samurai no longer having access to our servers.

The next time you open the software after the update has been released you will be prompted to update to the latest build, which will contain the authentication code that is required.

Authentication will not slow down your research at all – in fact this new system will speed up Market Samurai by ensuring only legitimate Market Samurai customers are able to access our servers.

By The Way…

It’s important to note that whilst our back end servers do improve the performance of Market Samurai, they are not required to perform your analysis.

If you wish to perform analysis without our infrastructure you can do so by following these steps:

Windows Users and Linux Users: Go to the File menu of Market Samurai and select the option ‘Settings’. In the menu that opens, go to the tab marked ‘Proxies’ and uncheck the box that says “Use built-in proxies”.

Mac Users: Go to the Market Samurai menu and select “Preferences”. In the menu that opens, go to the tab marked ‘Proxies’ and uncheck the box that says “Use built-in proxies”.

What You Can Do To Help

We also need your help to try and figure out what is causing the load on our servers.

If you’re aware of any new Internet marketing software that has been released in the last week or two which provides similar data to Market Samurai, please let us know by emailing our Server team.

We don’t want to start a witch hunt, but we do want to try and get to the bottom of this so that we can restore full functionality to our legitimate customers.

Thanks for your support and please be assured that we’re doing everything we can to get this situation under control as quickly as possible.

Yours Sincerely,

Eugene Ware

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139 Responses to “From the Desk of the CEO (We’re Under Attack!)”

  1. For a while Market Samurai has seemed dog slow at doing somethings that my impression was used to be faster. Hope you can resolve this. thanks

    Hendi Wicaksono replied:

    yes, agree with you, I hope MS can be more faster than before. Hope you can resolve this soon as possible. It’s main feature I think.
    Hendi Wicaksonoʼs last blog post… Flip Delux Leather Portfolio Protector Case Cover with Built In Stand and Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for New Samsung Galaxy Tab Tablet Device Note- This product DOES NOT work with Sprint and Verizon version Includes a Durable Screen Protector

    Rodney Daut replied:

    I can tell that rank tracker is much faster since the update. However, for at least one of my websites the results are still inaccurate. When will that issue be fixed?
    Rodney Dautʼs last blog post… How Thinking of Failure Can Help You Succeed

    Felix Albutra replied:

    I also noticed that too Rodney. For the mean time, I used my other rank tracking software called Traffic Travis while Market Samurai is still resolving their issues.

    Anyways, I do hope that they will make it ASAP.

    Thanks for letting us knew Eugene. I really appreciate that.

    - Felix
    Felix Albutraʼs last blog post… Niche Site Duel 008- Factors To Increase Your Rankings!

    RafS replied:

    I have the same, unfortunately.

    my websites have ‘-’ now, before they have top 100 positions,
    BL now 0 or 10000, i don’t like this option with majestic BL. all my history BL are corupted because of that.

    can you give us a choice in settings, Yahoo explorer or Majestic SEO?

  2. I was going crazy with the slow software. Thanks for fixing!

  3. The competition matrix doesn’t seem to work at all for me now.

    Rich replied:

    Hmmm…looks like another update snuck in in the last minute :) Working now…thanks!

  4. Ye, big deal. Does this mean that all those CRACKED copies of MS are finally going to stop working?

    Hell, i submitted multiple tickets regarding cracked copies of MS floating around. What did you do about it? Nothing!!

    I was told in these tickets that as of the next update cracked copies of MS will no longer work. Err, that was like over a year ago and yet, i continue to see posted copies all over the place.

    Hopefully your update will fix your issues and cracked copies of MS. As a paying user of this software it angers me that nothing was done about this especially when i reported it upteen times.
    Mikeʼs last blog post… Renadex Review

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Mike,

    We continue to work hard to fight piracy.

    We’ve recently issued an update which seems to have put them on hold for a while at least! A lot of the posts for cracking Market Samurai won’t work anymore.

    While we try to fight the cat and mouse game of piracy, ultimately we believe our users are better served by putting our effort into fixing bugs, and adding new functionality rather than trying to fight

    Thanks for letting us know about the problem. It’s feedback like this that let’s us know about it, and enables us to fight it where we can.

    Thanks for your support!

    Yessy@Singapore Natural Beauty Care replied:

    I must say pirated copies of MS may very likely be the cause of the server hijacked… And I do agree with Eugene that fighting piracy is very much like a cat and mouse game. You fix it, they break it.

    Time and energy may be better spent improving and adding functionality than playing the catching game.
    Yessy@Singapore Natural Beauty Careʼs last blog post… White Rose Natural Body Butter

  5. Thank you for this update. As users we hope you would be able to hunt down the culprits who are trying to ride on your backs.

    Thanks for your splendid service!

  6. This tool rocks!!!

  7. i’ve been noticing lots of time outs and it seems to be worse on my Mac than on the PC…

    Thanks or letting us know – hope you guys get to the bottom of it asap
    Leeʼs last blog post… One for your toolbox- search verticals part 1

  8. I just downloaded the new update minutes ago. Things are running faster now – but – “anchor text analysis” is still not working consistently. Sometimes, it just comes up “blank” and hitting the button again to retry (or even rerunning the project) doesn’t seem to help.

    Thanks for everything you guys are doing.

    Samison replied:

    Same here. Anchor text problems remain.

  9. You guys are great. You’re super proactive with your issues and your software is game changing. You have my full support and patience :)
    Daniel Thomas Woodʼs last blog post… Spot The Enemy Release The Enemy

  10. Thanks for the update Eugene, its appreciated knowing what is going on behind the scenes and that you guys are being responsive to changes as they come up.

  11. Ah…I had seen that it was slow, and just thought I was running too many programs at once.

    I just updated, and though I haven’t used it yet, it seemed to update fine.

    But yeah…hack attacks and cyber wars are really going to be something we all need to pay more attention to. It’s already here.
    DK Fynn@African Mangoʼs last blog post… Burn Belly Fat Fast – 2 Crucial Elements You Need to Know to Burn Fat Incredibly Fast

  12. Thanks for the update. Had been having problems with Market Samurai.

  13. 13

    Hi Eugene & Alex,

    First of all Hats off to you guys. It’s really hard to work with everything in such situations. Only people who are under such situations can understand what it is like to solve everything back to normal.

    Secondly, ever since you have started Majestic for counting BLP in SEO Competition Module, Market Samurai isn’t just fetching BLP.

    I even updated MS with Critical Update just now, and I’m facing the same problem. I’ve tested it multiple times with no success.

    Is the problem at my end? If so, what could be the solution?

    Thanks in advance. And wish you have a smooth operating with Updated Servers.


    Kyle@Kyle Allred replied:

    I’ve been getting the same Issue with Majestic not giving the correct data.

    That being said I know things are a bit crazy and I am sure in the end it will all get fixed. Thank you guys so much for being on top of things and updating your users.

    My only recommendation would be you did a statement like this sooner.

    Market Samurai rocks!
    Kyle@Kyle Allredʼs last blog post… Mozy Kicks Its Users In The Balls

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Guys, were’s looking into the problem right now. We don’t think it’s related to Majestic at this stage. We’ll look into it, and post a fix for it soon.

    Thanks for letting us know!

  14. I’ve been running slow on Mac for a while, thanks for the update and by the way… it really sucks that someone maybe trying to hijack the servers.

    Andyʼs last blog post… How Not to Build Your MLM Business Online

  15. Even with the update I still ran into a time out situation this evening, but only on one task. Nonetheless, this software still rocks, keep it up guys.

    Billʼs last blog post… QR Codes- Everything You Need to Know About QR Codes

  16. Oh great! I really hope this helps speeding it up and stop the annoying could not retrieve cells issue

  17. So relieved to read your email and post above… had wondered what was going on!


  18. Seems the hackers are everywhere these days.

    Thanks for the update and looking forward to a much quicker response from Samurai.
    Sanʼs last blog post… Cutting Through the Red Tape In Business

  19. Heads up though, none of the Correct ranks are showing up for Google in Rank Tracker. Yahoo and Bing seem fine but Google isn’t working.

    Hopefully everything will be working soon… Good Luck!
    Kyle@Kyle Allredʼs last blog post… Mozy Kicks Its Users In The Balls

  20. Hope you manage to find the culprits and grill them hard. :O

    Thanks for all your hard work!

    Allen Walkerʼs last blog post… PLR Mini Mart

  21. Thanks for the update

  22. 22

    I tried to do the update but MS crashed before it was completed.

    What could have caused it? Any advice, please. I need help…

  23. I have to say that I am impressed with the way you are all working to resolve the problem and keeping us informed.
    This is excellent customer service because the worst thing when there is a problem is feeling that nothing is being done about it because nobody is communicating with you.
    This is definitely not the case here. I have read in many places online that it is better to buy a monthly subscription prodct because once you have paid, the vendor just doesn’t want to know about problems – that is DEFINITELY NOT TRUE with Market Samuarai.
    I hope you get it fixed really soon!
    Alison Grahamʼs last blog post… Trade Show Booth Design- Free Online Tool

  24. It is a shame that people try to hijack the servers. I’ve been having problems with slow returns of results. I will update ASAP and see if things will be better.

    Thumbs up for you guys for trying to offer us the best services. Some other creators of tools which I use don’t even care about the customers once you buy.
    Reubenʼs last blog post… Top Ranking Skin Care Products

  25. 25

    Greate, but backlinks data, is useful, because we dont know if those backlinks are do or no fallow :/

  26. Thanks for the update, I suppose it’s a reflection on your success that you get targeted like this. The response and speed of action is to be congratulated. now off to update my copies
    Mark Thompsonʼs last blog post… Internet Marketing Products – Who Will Buy My Magic Beans

  27. I hope the issue dies down soon.

    On a side note, is it possible that MS be able to provide a faster app like maybe a web service? Adobe air is great since I can use it for linux but it’s just too darn slow… =/
    Elijahʼs last blog post… Back to work

  28. Hope you ll find the ones using your servers :(

  29. Let’s hope this update can turn MS into a new and more stable direction. I love this tool.
    Fernando Velosoʼs last blog post… 1º Livro de Fernando Veloso Na Amazon

  30. I never understood how Market Samurai stays profitable with the pay once for an ongoing service business model… in any case, you guys rock :)


  31. It’s all because of those other google ninjas! (-:
    Ilan Jurovʼs last blog post… ‫מעשה בדוב ושני משווקים‬

  32. I have installed the latest Critical Update and MS is still not completiing searches or giving me ranking information.
    The Majestic SEO dependency is also causing me problems as i cant figure out how to see the URLs of any backlinks. Why do i need to set up a seperate account with them so they get information on what websites i own?? I should not have to give away the names of all the websites i own just to look at where all the backlinks come from..
    Markʼs last blog post… Philips SHN9500 Active Noise-Canceling Headphone

  33. I use Marketing Samurai for about 2 years now and I am very happy about it, even in Dutch! The way you support your customers is great! Thabor for your update and all the best with solving THE problems and keeping THE hackers outside…
    Tom Zoethoutʼs last blog post… Social Media Opportunities

  34. Thanks Eugene,

    Having a few problems with the software after the update this morning, seems a lot slower now than previously and results don’t always show up after the research has been done.

    However, great to see you’re keeping an eye on things like this – many companies would stick the software out and then turn a blind eye about any issues with it, so long as it sold. So, thanks.

  35. Yes I noticed that I got no results for rank tracker, and then second time it worked.
    Well done staying on top of it ..
    Jean Wolfeʼs last blog post… Women in business – less confidence than men

  36. If it is another software out there, I would love to see them shut down. That would just be wrong of them to tap into your data like that. Hopefully the new update will track where the load is coming from. but if you announced a scheduled downtime… they would be down too. That would be somewhat revealing. Anyway, I know you’ll get it worked out and I have no problem with the intermittent inconsistencies. Besides, I don’t think you charged me enough for Market Samurai anyway! I get way more that my money’s worth.
    Dr. Michael Haley@chiropractorʼs last blog post… Arthritis and Low Back Pain- Chiropractic Care vs Heat Treatment

  37. It’s sad but true that there is always a little clique of dysfunctional nerds who feel the need to break something that could be doing good. The software you guys have created is an amazing tool and is probably partly responsible for helping many lives out of debt and up to some kind of comfort level and beyond.
    Like most people on the interwebby net thing, I’m probably as guilty as anyone of trying to get a free copy of this and a free copy of that bit of software. It’s this ambivalence of us supposedly legitimate users that gives the hackers and and the torrent turkeys a platform for their fun and games.

    However, Market Samurai is an incredible tool that I could see the value of even when I was absolutely on my knees last year and I took the plunge and purchased. I was well impressed as the months passed to see how faithfully you continue to update and tweak the software to keep it at tip top performance. I do wonder if any of the more vociferous complainants have any idea of the sheer amount of number crunching that is going on behind the scenes and the complexity of keeping all those modules functioning together. Keep up the good work and it is refreshing to see the integrity with which your team works and deals with your customers.
    Ray Cassidy@local SEO internet marketing cumbriaʼs last blog post… Internet Marketing

  38. I cannot even open my MS–a Mac version. I haven’t used it in some time, but when I got the email about the mandatory update, I tried to open MS to install it. Nada.

    Still, I appreciate the candor of the system operators in keeping me informed about what’s going on. If it were Microsoft, they’d do nothing and deny there was any problem at all!

    Alex Green replied:

    Hi Maggie,

    Do you get any error messages or anything similar when you try to open Market Samurai? Or are you just not getting the update message?



  39. I am sorry to hear about the hijack of your servers! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you guys! YOu are great, I thank you so much for your help with the MS tool which is the best on the market!!

  40. 40
    On February 24th, 2011 at 8:43 pm
    Clay Taylor said:

    Hiya Eugene,
    There seems to be some new keyword research software available at the “Warrior Forum”. It may be worth investigating…
    Hope you guys can resolve the problem quickly. I love MS, keep up the great work!

  41. 41

    Just updated this great tool,thanks! but my MS can’t retrieve SEOC and rank tracker is not showing backlinks. I use built-in proxy servers.

  42. Hi, I have just updated Market Samurai, but it is still not working correctly, the backlink dater is jumping about sometimes no backlinks at all, and other times not the correct figures.
    Wolfgangʼs last blog post… 11 Ways a Local Website Can be a Help for Local Businesses

  43. Just completed the update and ran rank tracker – this is not retrieving google results correctly as it reports one of my sites as outside top 200 whereas manual check shows it at #5. This reported correctly previously.
    Also zero backlinks are now reported (this may be the first time I have ran rank tracker since Majestic was introduced).

  44. Thanks for the update.

    As mentioned above by another commenter, the Yahoo and Bing rank positions are working fine but Google shows no positions for anything.

    Good luck and I hope you get to the bottom of it soon.
    Aaronʼs last blog post… Starwood Hotels Category Adjustments for 2011

  45. Hi,

    The software is still not working well after I generated keyword

    when I press keyword analysis

    it return to this … Keyword (3 active, 0 removed, 691 filtered)

    Why it automatically filtered??
    Best Product Reviewʼs last blog post… Acne No More Reviews complete details

    Miriam Parkinson replied:


    The keywords are being automatically filtered due to our filter presets.

    To remove filtering change the filter preset dropdown (directly above the keywords) to ‘no filters’ rather than ‘Golden Rules’.


    Best Product Review replied:

    Thank Miriam :)

    It started to working right now!

    Best Product Reviewʼs last blog post… Acne No More Reviews complete details

  46. 46

    Hi Folks

    First or all I want to thank you for your proactivity in this matter and indeed for Market Samurai – I don’t know what I would do without it!

    Like many others here, I am having the same problems after the update – Rank Tracker slow, incorrect results for Google, strange backlink results – some zero or for one set of queries every page reported at eg. 30 backlinks, when trying to cancel Rank Tracker the dialogue window remains open and I have to close MS to get rid of it. Problems also with SEO Competition module – in some cases it just shows additional URLS added and not the top 10 and it is now not retrieving all the Page Rank data in the PR analysis – phew!!

    I agree with the comments above re Majestic SEO but that may be an issue to deal with on another day.

    I know you are working on this and I look forward to further updates – just realising how dependant on (addicted to!!) MS that I am.

    Many thanks!!

  47. Hope this update fixes the problem.
    Darrenʼs last blog post… Let’s Get Digital- Digital SLR Photography Basics

  48. Hello,

    I look at some “black hat” sites and have seen illicit copies Market Samurai being pointed to for download over the past few months.

    There is not much that can be done about this, but your new verification procedure should help a lot. Of course, you must make sure that the results of the verification are checked at a good number of points in the client system or the checks can be bypassed.

    Best regards,


  49. Hi Guys,

    Just updated MS and run Rank Tracker, performace was good.
    Thanks for the update.

  50. 50


    Just wanted to thank you for the approach you’re taking and for your communication with us. This is a difficult situation on so many levels — never easy.

    I think you’re handling it as well as I’ve seen done by anyone and better than most.

    Good luck and again — thank you — Market Samurai is one of the greats.

  51. 51
    On February 24th, 2011 at 10:04 pm
    Philip Wong said:

    Hiya! I fired up Market Samurai, but there was no update. Does this mean mine is already updated? There isn’t any way to tell what version it is so I have no clue.


    Miriam Parkinson replied:

    Hi Philip,

    I’m slightly worried that you are having trouble with the automatic update system.

    The latest version is 0.87.32. If you do not have this version you can update here:


    Philip Wong replied:

    Thanks Miriam. When installing the update you sent, I discovered that my version is 0.85.34.

    Thanks again! :)

  52. I updated…fine.

    I ran one project seemed a bit weird.

    Ran another project tally for all backlinks went to 0

    Ran a different project…timed out.

    All these runs were in Rank Tracker.

    To the MS team beyond the efforts of some low lifes, I appreciate what you guys/gals are doing to get this sorted.

    Kind Regards

    Darren Lucas

  53. btw this comments form has been acting strangely lately.
    Eric D. Greene (artist)ʼs last blog post… Oil Pastels – Homage to Diego Rivera

  54. 54
    On February 24th, 2011 at 10:13 pm
    Jo Carey-Bradshaw said:


    I have just spent near on 3 weeks with major connection (internet) issues both with the server and the actual connection itself. Frankly it feels just as you describe, Eugene – tho’ of course I’m aware of your greater ramifications…. so I’m pleased to note that one of nearly the first things I’m doing now that I’m back online, is attending your request.
    Thanks so much for not only your magnificent product, but also the wonderful team you have.

  55. Hello,

    Installed the update and tried running Rank Tracker; it ran faster; didn’t have the error pop up; but it didn’t return Google ranks and didn’t return backlinks.

    Keep up the great work!


  56. Market Samurai is one of my most valuable and favorite IM tools. In addition to running really sllooooowwwww, it was crashing and/or returning bizarre results.

    Market Samurai is actually one of two tools I use on a regular basis that is dealing with major hacking issues. When you find the creeps that is missing things up, throw the book at them!

    I thank you for the update. I truly appreciate Market Samurai keeping us informed on what’s going on. I’m a huge fan of MS, and you have my full support.

  57. Since the recent switch to majesticseo for backlinks, my results show no backlinks for my website. Before it showed 60+. Also, the rank tracker no longer works for me.
    Brianʼs last blog post… Unexpected Benefits Of Creatine

  58. It used to be you could always spot the criminals because of the gun & ski mask! It seems that the anonymous nature of the internet has bred a whole new crowd of thieves.

    So sad…

    On a good note Market Samurai ROCKS! Keep it up!

    Rex Turner

  59. That is so lame! Market Samurai is one of the rare service providers that I actually pay for and someone stealing your computing power is lame as hell.

    Hope they get chought along with everyone else who steals your computing power!

  60. I have only had problems, include pr checker, after todays update

  61. Thanks Eugene & Co.

    I learn a little more about Market Samurai every time I hear about it.

  62. Good Luck MS team!

  63. I agree with Elijah that MS is generally super slow. Might be Adobe Air causing it, I don’t know, but I have disabled themes completely on a pretty darn fast machine, and MS is devasting slow.

    When I first bought MS, I used it everyday for client work and my own project. Now I barely start it once a week, because it’s so slow, it’s unbarable and unproductive to use.

    It’s great to see so many updates coming in, but they sadly haven’t improved anything here.

    Great product turned unusable, I’m afraid. For me anyways.

    (Tried sending in debugging information a few times, but never got a response… )
    Lasse Kristiansenʼs last blog post… Tv-overvågning skaber røre i andedammen

  64. 64

    oops!sounds bad seems that ive to redownload an imperfect version,but its believed that MS will protect us legitimate users,so,MS,cheers!ganbarou!

  65. As of today, Feb 24th I,m still not getting any Back Link data from Majestic. Hope a better solution is found soon.

  66. 66

    Mine just dosen´t work at all…
    It just shows the message to reinstall it…
    …should i do that?

    Miriam Parkinson replied:

    Hi Carlos,

    This issue is caused by damage to your computer’s installation of Adobe AIR.

    To resolve this, it will be necessary to remove both Market Samurai and Adobe AIR in the order shown below.

    Uninstall Market Samurai.
    Uninstall Adobe AIR.
    Download a fresh copy of Adobe AIR from
    Download a fresh copy of Market Samurai from your unique download link.
    Install Adobe AIR.
    Install Market Samurai.


  67. Updated Samuarai this am.
    Loading Google Keyword Tool no longer work

    Eugene Ware replied:

    HI Ray,

    google changed their keyword tool today, and as a result Market Samurai isn’t working. We’ve got the team on the problem. We’ll be releasing an update as soon as we can.

    Thanks for letting us know!

  68. 68
    On February 25th, 2011 at 1:05 pm
    Annie Binns said:

    Eugene, et. al.

    Just a quick note of encouragement to the best software team I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. This must be incredibly frustrating and I’m sure it’s no consolation to be told that your software is a target because of the brilliant way you’ve designed it for all of us who use it every day.

    Keep fighting. You have a savagely loyal fan base that will stick with you!!!

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Annie,

    It’s definitely really hard at the moment. Been working around the clock to battle our server issues and now Google has just changed their keyword tool. When it rains it pours! :-)

    Thanks so much for your encouragement. It’s like fresh water in a desert at the moment. Really appreciated!

  69. Hi Guys,

    Can somebody please explain to me why MS is not working today? It cannot even pass the “Loading the Google Keyword Tool” phase. Now because of that, I cannot do any keyword research on some of my niche sites. It was working just before the update. I’m seeing some posts about server attacks. I hope this is not the issue. Could it also be some software problems.

    MS has been working perfectly for me all the while until today.

    NEED help
    Bryan@Work From Homeʼs last blog post… The Top 3 Reasons Why Your Blog Must Be SEO Optimized

    Eugene Ware replied:

    HI Bryan, google changed their keyword tool today, and as a result Market Samurai isn’t working. We’ve got the team on the problem. We’ll be releasing an update as soon as we can.

    Thanks for letting us know!

    Bryan@Work From Home replied:

    Thx for the reply Eugene. Will see if it works.
    Bryan@Work From Homeʼs last blog post… The Top 3 Reasons Why Your Blog Must Be SEO Optimized

  70. 70

    I made the update but the SEO Comp function still does not work. No doubt you are aware of this, but I wanted to let you know in case you assumed it was fixed for all.

  71. 71

    Keyword tool still isn’t working. When I click Generate Keywords it hangs on “Loading Google Keyword tool” I updated with the latest update file.

    Eugene Ware replied:

    HI Bryan,

    Thanks for the heads up.

    google changed their keyword tool today, and as a result Market Samurai isn’t working. We’ve got the team on the problem. We’ll be releasing an update as soon as we can.

  72. 72

    Me too. Haven’t been able to use the Keyword Tool for days.

    Several different errors, but now it’s just freezing on the first step. Sometimes goes to “Not-Responding”.

    Please help!

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Henry,

    Google changed their keyword tool today, and as a result Market Samurai isn’t working. We’ve got the team on the problem. We’ll be releasing an update as soon as we can.

    Sorry. Hopefully you’ll be up again soon.

  73. Thanks for the info on the update. My “Google Traffic Estimator” is not working. I bought a copy directly from you and have a copy with the StomperNet logo. The Traffic Estimator is either loading very slowly or not all all.
    Anything that can be done to speed this up. It also tends to hand and say (Not Responding) a lot too.

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Eric,

    I’m sorry you’re having problems with the keyword tool.

    It’s definitely currently not working for anyone at the moment as Google just updated their tool.

    We’ve got the team working on it and will have an update soon.

    The google keyword tool is very difficult to get data from and very slow. We’ve been working on some performance improvements, and hopefully in the next few weeks we’ll have a faster version for you to use.

    Thanks for hanging in there and for your support.

  74. Hi Sorry to hear about the hackers. I have uploaded the latest version of MS this morning and have the same problem as sandy b can only get as far as the google keyword tool before the program just hangs. Have tried a couple of times with the same result – most frustrating.
    Rosemaryʼs last blog post… How to Improve your Eyelashes Growth by 80

    Eugene Ware replied:

    HI Rosemary,

    I’m sorry that you’re having problems with the keyword tool.

    Google changed their keyword tool today, and as a result Market Samurai isn’t working. We’ve got the team on the problem. We’ll be releasing an update as soon as we can.

    Hang in there. We’ll be up again soon!

  75. 75

    After update, still doesn’t work – hung up on “Loading Google Keyword Tool…”

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Richard,

    We’ve got the whole team working on the problem right now. Google made a change to their keyword tool, and we’re updating our software right now.

    We’ll have a new version soon.

    Thanks so much for your support and patience.

  76. My my…what a situation this is. I just hope its resolved soon cause I am seriously restricted by what I can do right now. My keyword research is not working even without using your proxies.
    Costa Rica Newsʼs last blog post… Bird’s Eye View- GCS group planning trip to Costa Rica

  77. Hi Samurai team,
    Thanks Eugene for the info. My paid copy of Samurai has been super slow the past few weeks and when I installed the update yesterday I was pleasantly surprised that it was working much faster.
    However, a new update was also there today, so I upgraded. Back to not only super slow, but also not retrieving anything at all now.
    I have adjusted proxie setting as advised but it has made no difference.
    Any idea when this will be fixed.
    Bevʼs last blog post… Affiliate Article Marketing – Introduction

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Bev, the problem wasn’t in our update, but that Google just updated their keyword tool.

    We’ve got the entire team working on the problem right now. We hope to have a new update soon. Hopefully in the next 4-6 hours hopefully (fingers crossed!)

    Thanks for hanging in there and your support.

    Bev@affiliateonlineprogram replied:

    Hi Eugene,

    Thanks for your personal reply. As always, I am happy with the fantastic service and support from Market Samurai Management, technical and support teams. I know that you all are under the pump right now, and Google has a way of throwing a spanner in the works from time to time.

    It’s just that from my perspective, as a loyal Market Samurai paid member, I love Samurai so much that when it’s not working the way I expect, it’s like the loss of a security blanket.

    I will try to be more patient – I just miss Samurai!!
    Bev@affiliateonlineprogramʼs last blog post… Affiliate Article Marketing – Introduction

  78. 78

    Your tools are superb. But you should have market samurai examinations and award certificates (Belts) to the top users.

    Thank you


  79. The problem with the keyword tool not loading is definitely the worst I’ve seen since all of this started. Hoping the next update with a fix for this comes soon.

    Either way, Samurai is still awesome… I agree with Annie; you guys have a savagely loyal fan base. We have great faith you’ll sort it all out soon.
    Dawn Marrsʼs last blog post… How to Improve Website Ranking- A 2-Minute Trick

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Thanks Dawn for your kind words. Google made a change to their keyword tool which has broken Market Samurai.

    We’ve got the whole team working on it right now. We hope to have an update in the next few hours.

    Thanks for your support!

  80. 80
    On February 25th, 2011 at 3:38 pm
    Margaret Saizan said:

    MS stopped functioning after installing the update. I can’t even get the keyword tool to load.

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Margaret,

    Google changed their keyword tool about the same time we pushed out the latest update.

    Great timing hey?

    We’ve got the team working on it right now. We hope to have a new update out very shortly.

    Thanks for your support and patience.

    Margaret Saizan replied:

    oh goodness Eugene. Sounds like it’s been a bad week in doggy land for the good folks at Noble Samurai!

  81. 81

    Yea hung up on Loading Google Keyword Tool too since the last update.

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Yep. It’s been a rough day. Google just made a change to the keyword tool which has broken Market Samurai.

    We’ve got our team on it right now and hope to have an update out very shortly.

    Thanks for your patience.

  82. Looks like the new update was released. It seems to have fixed a few more problems, definitely is faster than it used to be, but I suddenly gained 940 backlinks on one site in two days. I’m pretty sure that’s a glitch as it only shows about sixty when I dig deeper.

    The positive is it’s still moving forward, good job guys.
    billʼs last blog post… QR Codes- Everything You Need to Know About QR Codes

  83. Updates all installed ok. Any obvious patterns on the IP address ranges the extra server requests were coming from?

  84. Hello All,

    Just installed the latest update a minute back. Operated on the first project. Everything is working pretty well and pretty fast, i.e. Server Attack has been taken care of it seems, and Google’s New Tools has been linked well.

    But, the problem with BLP in SEO Competition Module remains the same. MS isn’t just fetching any data in BLP column.

    Just a note, it started occurring after you guys started getting data from Majestic.

    Hope you will solve it too… soon…

    It feels nice to get MS Back.



  85. 85

    I agree with some of the comments above. I really love the tool, but is very very slow.

    I just updated and the keyword research tool can’t finish generating keywords, it stays on “Loading Google Keyword Tool…” forever.

    Uninstalled and reinstalled MS again and still have the same problem, so basically I can’t use the tool.

  86. 86

    I installed the latest update and the rank tracker results are so wrong. And every time I run them, I get different results. Hope this gets sorted soon. Thanks for the updates.

  87. 87


    Thanks for all the hard work and also forthe communication. Excellent customer service !


  88. Personally I don’t know of any MS-style software recently released, but I’ll let you know if I find it.

    Thanks for taking good care of this issue.
    Paul@Natural Cures For Panic Attacksʼs last blog post… Conquer Panic Attacks

  89. Hello all!

    I am using MS for a long time now and it was a really good tool. Since you started using Majestic, backlink counting was useless as it was absolutely inaccurate and search engin position for google didn’t work at all for some time now. With nearly every update the behavior of the SEO competition module and the rank checker module changed and I hoped for the best as these are the modules I use most.

    After installing the latest update, MS doesn’t pass backlink retrieving at all. In the SEO competition module the dialog box just keeps telling me it’s “Finding results” – for hours until I cancel the job. In the rank checker module it’s the same. I hope you can solve this issues soon as in this state MS is absolutely useless for me.

    However – I highly appreciate your work and your transparent and up-to-date communication!


    Walterʼs last blog post… Kann man sich mit 16 schon eine GeldKarte auf die ec-Karte machen lassen

    Eugene Ware replied:

    Hi Walter,

    Thanks for the heads up. We’re getting feedback that there are a few people who are having Majestic SEO issues. We’re looking into it, and will hopefully have an update next week, and probably will add in an option to choose either Yahoo or Majestic in our settings.

    I’m really sorry you’re still having problems!

    Martyn replied:

    I’m having the exact same problems & Majestic has totally screwed up backlink counts in fact its reversed them!

    At the moment its quicker & more reliable to manually perform the tasks that MS is supposed to stand out for!!

    Im very frustrated but do appreciate that you are actively on the case! Really hope its sorted soon.

    Thanks Martyn
    Ps MS has always been pretty slow please speed it up!!!

    Sunny replied:

    I agree with both of you, Martyn and Walter.

    I now have to use SEOQuake in order to check the Backlinks. Because checking each link manually at Yahoo’s Site Explorer is very time consuming.

    I personally request Eugene to let the Yahoo BLP be available right away, and experiment with the Majestic at your convenience. Since Yahoo BLP was already there in MS for ages, it doesn’t make sense to completely remove it and experiment with other services.

    That’s my humble opinion and a much demanded request.

    Hope you understand.



    Walter replied:

    I would highly appreciate an option to choose yahoo, as this is what I manually use now – besides Rank Checker Firefox Plugin and SEOQuake – and what gives me numbers which seem to be the most accurate.


    Walterʼs last blog post… Kann man sich mit 16 schon eine GeldKarte auf die ec-Karte machen lassen

  90. 90


    Sorry to hear about troubles. Congrats on the way you’re handling it. You guys rock!

    I came across a new software called Profit Monarch that includes a keyword and niche research module. It’s built on Air platform too. Could this be the source of your server problems? It looks like they typical super-hypey IM crap that comes out all the time and I personally wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole, but with a $1 trial available I suspect many people are. If it is the source of your server problems, they’re scum!

    Cheers, Brandon :-)

  91. MS is very slowly, make me crazy

  92. 92

    many longtail keywords do not show their results,anyone got the same problem?

  93. 93

    Hi Guys

    I appreciate the plan to give us a choice to use either Majestic or YE as Majestic has been wildly inaccurate and inconsistent in its results and thats when it even works.

    It would be great if you could give us a quick restore of YE and then when all the other issues are resolved roll out an upgrade giving us a choice.

    Unfortunately MS is practically unusable at present and restoring YE could help.

    Looking forward to a fully functioning MS – I miss it a lot and appreciate all you are doing to make this happen.

    Mary Jo

  94. I’ve emailed the servers with a new keyword tool url – others have probably emailed it already, but you never know…

    127 comments so far is a measure of the high regard that we hold you guys in; I hope one of us has found the culprit for you.

    Thank you for this heads-up Eugene.
    Ishaʼs last blog post… Your Market Samurai Glossary Is Ready &8211 Keyword Research

  95. 95

    MS didn’t work, loading keyword tool and block.

    i can just cancel.

    i want to use my tool, i’ve paid this and i need to use this.

    What is the problem with your uptade

  96. Giving us the option to choose between Yahoo and Majestic would be greatly appreciated.

    My backlinks reported in RankTracker have been all over the place since the switch to Majestic. Now, it’s returning zero, in the RankTracker and SEO Competition Module.

    Are we supposed to setup an account with Majestic?
    Q@Positive Affirmationsʼs last blog post… Stress Affirmation- The Peace in Going With the Flow

  97. 97

    Eugene You said:

    “We’re really sorry for the frustration you’ve experienced and we’re working around the clock (literally) to try and get the situation under control.”

    Litterally working around the clock, you read that right?

    Now read the following post from one of your employees at

    “We think we have the widespread issues under control and the development team are taking a well deserved break over the weekend.”

    Thinking is not the same as HAVING and it is clear (see all the blogposts) that things are NOT under control.

    What is going on here?

    Alex Green replied:

    Hi Erol,

    When this post was put out on Thursday the 24th, our development team had already been working around the clock for a couple of days, and they continued to work around the clock until late on Saturday.

    We are currently in a stage of data collection, as we need user debug logs to determine the causes of any remaining issues. Whilst the support team continued to collect data yesterday (Sunday), the development team had some downtime to avoid burning out, as they had been working extended hours for the better part of a week.

    As of this morning they will be back on board and we will continue to troubleshoot any remaining issues in Market Samurai.

    I’m sorry that this has given you the impression that we aren’t giving appropriate attention to getting Market Samurai up and running, but we are giving it our all!

    All the best,

    Alex Green

  98. Are there still issues with MS and the rank tracker as mine still seems to be playing up?

    Bridie Jennerʼs last blog post… Why outsource your transcription

    bill replied:

    Hey Bridie, it sounds like they are still working on it. The last patch seems to have fixed a few things, like speed, but I’m finding Rank Tracker is hit and miss. Some of my sites get what appears to be accurate results, others, well not so much and some just hang waiting for the last 1 or 2% of results.

    billʼs last blog post… Is Your Business On YouTube It Better Be!

    Bridie Jenner replied:

    Thanks Bill, yes speed is definitely improved just the results that are all over the place!!

  99. 99

    The speed has definitely improved for me too and it seems that the Google results are more accurate now but the backlink results are still far from consistent with even sites that are a couple of years old returning 0 backlinks.

    Please, please folks give us back YSE!

    Thanks for all you have done so far.

  100. The Rank Tracker still wont complete and the Keyword tool is really slow. The tool is useless for me at the current time. Wondered if there are any other fixes. I have just updated to the very latest version..

  101. Appreciate all your hard work but please tell me where have all the backlinks gone? Since switching to MajesticSeo, some of my sites have gone from hundreds to thousands of backlinks, whereas other are left with zero backlinks.
    Peter@Retro Kitchen Appliancesʼs last blog post… Retro Kitchens