RSS is Now Simpler Than Ever

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Hi Samurai,

Ben Galt here again.

I want to share with you another Market Samurai feature from inside the “Find Content” module.

This one involves RSS feeds.

What Is RSS and Why Is It So Powerful?

If you haven’t heard of RSS before, it’s a simple yet very powerful tool for collecting specific content automatically from all over the web, and either having it delivered to you to read – or republishing it.

This means you can use RSS to stay up to date with the latest news “from the inside” of your niche. OR keep your web-site updated with fresh content from all over the web (something that Google loves to see) – without lifting a finger!

And using Market Samurai, finding relevant content feeds inside your niche has never been easier.

There is now one button for all your RSS needs.

One button gives you all the feeds for your chosen content sources

When previously selecting your RSS feeds, each content source required it’s own RSS button.

We’ve simplified this process by merging all of those buttons into one.

The “RSS for selected” button now does everything with one click. No matter what content sources you have selected above, the RSS feed will be displayed inside the popup window.

What To Do Now…

If you’re wondering how to use these RSS feeds to research your niche, or republish content onto a web-site, the Thirty Day Challenge has created some great videos on Using Google Reader as an RSS Reader and Re-Publishing RSS Feeds from Market Samurai onto the web these topics.

Just a Quick Reminder…

Just a quick reminder – the “Find Content” module is a part of the full version of Market Samurai – so if you’re inside a current trial, or if you own the full version of Market Samurai, then you WILL be able to access these new features.

But if your trial has expired, then you will no longer be able to access the RSS features inside Market Samurai.

To access these features, you can upgrade to the full version of Market Samurai here.