New Module Release: Announcing the “Make Money” Button

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It’s never been easier to turn website traffic into cash.

We’ve lifted the lid on our new Monetization Module – and paid Market Samurai users can upgrade and start using it for free right now.

View on YouTube: Affiliate Marketing Software: Market Samurai’s Monetization Module


Affiliate Marketing Makes Sense…

You earn up to 75% selling other peoples’ products (so you don’t need to create your own). There’s no support, no refunds to process, no administration hassles – you just concentrate on marketing and making money.

But if it was really so easy, we’d do it all day every day.


…But it Takes a LOT of Time and Effort.

The truth is affiliate marketing takes a surprising amount of actual work.

We create content, attract traffic – but never fully monetize the traffic that we receive.

So we miss out on hundreds – perhaps thousands of dollars in ongoing sales.

…All because monetizing that traffic using affiliate marketing takes too much time and effort.

That ends today.


Introducing Market Samurai’s New Monetization Module

Today, we’re making affiliate marketing so easy, so fast, and so lazy to monetize traffic that it will be the most fun part of having a web-site… (well, besides collecting your commission payments!)

Here’s how we’re going to do it…


Step 1. Searching for Products

Let’s find the best affiliate opportunities in our marketplace.

Searching – The Hard Way:

If you’re doing this manually, you’ll need to log into the 4 key online affiliate marketplaces – Amazon, Clickbank, Commission Junction and PayDotCom.

Then, battle their (usually sucky) product search results – full of irrelevant junk and keyword spam – and try to find the great products that the searches overlook.

Then analyze the results manually, and select the best opportunities from among all of the products you found.

Then write down the details of the product – the product name, the URL, the affiliate link, etc – so that you have this information for later.

Every little bit takes time – and that time adds up.

10 minutes searching, 10 minutes analysis, 10 minutes recording product details for the products you find… that’s 30 minutes… multiplied by 4 affiliate marketplaces.

That’s 2 hours searching for products – IF we do it the right way.

So we’re left with a choice:

A) Cut corners and potentially miss out on opportunities.


B) Take a full 2 hours searching for the best affiliate opportunities.

Searching – The Market Samurai Way:

With a click of a button, Market Samurai retrieves the top, relevant products in your market – from the affiliate market places you select.

View on YouTube: Affiliate Marketing Software – Find Affiliate Opportunities with Market Samurai

Tell Market Samurai to filter the results based on price, commissions, popularity and more – and Market Samurai will only show you the results that you want to see.

Then just click on the best ones to add them to your short-list.

…And you’re done.

Market Samurai’s Monetization Module even connects into its own affiliate search engine – to make sure you don’t miss out on any great affiliate opportunities.

And it does everything that you can do manually in 2 hours – in a matter of minutes (perhaps even seconds!)

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Step 2. Copywriting Your Ad

If you’re not a natural writer or salesperson – then this can be the most daunting and draining part of affiliate marketing.

Copywriting – The Hard Way:

You open up a blank word document…

…Then, start writing.

  • You Choose an Ad Format – long-form, blog post, review, sidebar ad, etc
  • You Research the Product – and work out what to write about
  • You Write a Compelling Headline – capturing people’s attention
  • You Write some Review Copy – building desire for the product
  • You Insert and Edit Images – for a more attractive ad
  • You Insert an Affiliate Link – the critical link in the chain
  • Then you entice the reader to click…

For someone with some solid writing skills and some natural salesmanship, who can also edit images well, it might take 30 minutes to create a 1-page review post.

For the rest of us mere mortals (who don’t have all of these skills), it’s probably more like an hour.

Copywriting – The Market Samurai Way:

This is my favourite part of the Monetization Module…

Check it out…

You choose an ad format.

You read through the “ad chunks” Market Samurai pulls out of the [already converting] salesletter – and you drag-and-drop some relevant ones into your sales letter. (No writing or sales skills required.)

Drag-and-drop in a product image. (No technical or image editing skills required.)

Drag and drop in a buy button (or click to insert an affiliate link)

And add your own personal touches. Edit, rewrite, format – or, just leave it as it is!

Because you can pick-and-choose the best chunks of sales copy for your ad, it’s like having a world-class copywriter in a box telling you what to write.

And this means you can create a compelling affiliate promotion in 10 minutes – or even less – not 1 hour.

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Step 3. Formatting & HTML Programming

This is where technical skill takes over

HTML Programming – The Hard Way:

How sharp are your HTML programming skills?

The guys in the Noble Samurai team can format an ad with clean, search engine optimized, template-ready HTML code in 10 minutes flat – but they’ve practically programmed their entire lives!

For the rest of us “normal people”, it can take 30 minutes to create the HTML code for the ad – even longer if you struggle with the technical side of things.

HTML Programming – The Market Samurai Way:

If you were using Market Samurai’s “copywriter-in-a-box” inside the Monetization Module, then you don’t need to worry about programming any CSS or HTML…

It’s already done.

While you were creating your ad, Market Samurai was formatting it as HTML for you – ready for you to upload. With no extra time, no extra effort, no technical skills required – and no additional software.


Step 4. Uploading it all

The final step – getting it online… Where it can make you money.

Uploading – The Hard Way:

Let’s be honest – there’s no fun way to upload text and images to the web.

You open up an FTP program, connect to your server, navigate to the right directory, upload your images, insert all of the HTML code onto your site via a content management software or FTP upload, check that all of the files get uploaded successfully…

However you do it, it’s a pain in the butt – and together everything can take 10 minutes or more.

Uploading – The Market Samurai Way:

Just choose where to publish – click publish – and watch your ad go live.

You also have access to four options to hide your affiliate links from customers, other affiliates’ and vendors prying eyes.

And because the affiliate link cloaking tools that Market Samurai uses can give you click-through stats, you can find out exactly which affiliate ads work – and which don’t.


It’s Never Been Easier to Do Affiliate Marketing

Putting together an affiliate promotion used to be difficult and time-consuming.

Now, it’s the easiest (and probably most profitable) thing you can do for your web-site – and it’s actually fun.

You “shop” for a product to promote, click a few buttons, and within minutes your promotion is up and running.

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If You Own Market Samurai Already…

To use the Monetization module – all you need to do is open up your copy and download the latest update.

If You Don’t Own Market Samurai Yet…

If you are not yet a paid user – the Monetization module is included in your Market Samurai purchase (at no additional cost) – along with all of Market Samurai’s industry leading Keyword Research, SEO Analysis, High-Authority Linking and Rank Tracking tools – AND all future KILLER upgrades (like this one!)

With a few well-priced affiliate sales, Market Samurai will pay for itself.

Chances are, you already have content online that you can monetize right now – and every day you wait, you’re losing real money from missed sales.

Get it now, here.


P.S. – Tomorrow, I’m going to be taking you through the most revolutionary part of Market Samurai’s new monetization module – and show you how you can use it to write a sales letter in under 4 minutes.