Turbo-Charged Backlink Analysis

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Hi Team,

I’ve got something exciting to share with you about Market Samurai.

We just released an improvement to the SEO Competition module that makes backlink anchor text analysis of web-pages that have a lot of back links much faster, and easier to complete.

This latest update has resulted in a MASSIVE speed increase for completing backlink anchor text analysis.

In one test, we found a 9,400% speed increase. That’s a speed up of nearly a factor of 100.  In fact, the improvement is even better than that: previously, the more backlinks you analysed, the slower the process went – twice as many backlinks could take nearly four times as long to analyse. Now few pages will take longer than 10 minutes to analyse.

The low-down on backlink analysis

The backlink analysis functionality in Market Samurai allows you to check two items:

  • the PageRank of the pages linking to a URL; and
  • the text contained within those links – for example, the link in the previous item to Wikipedia has the text “PageRank”.

The text is important – this is the most powerful factor Google takes into account when ranking your website for a keyword. So knowing the kinds of keywords being used in links to a page is essential to understand how Google will rank that page.

How do I do backlink analysis with Market Samurai?

First open up a project in Market Samurai and enter the SEO Competition module. Then generate the top results for your keyword or enter your own custom URL.

Now just click on the down-array to the right of the link.

Next, press the Anchor Text Analysis button to see a detailed link-text analysis for that webpage. Alternatively, you could also analyse the PageRanks of the backlinks.

A new window will pop-up showing you the information you asked for.

How much time will this save me?

Well, if you were trying to analyse a webpage with, say:

  • 300 backlinks, which in some cases might have taken over 10 minutes, might now take around 1 minute;
  • 600 backlinks, which might have taken over 40 minutes, should take around 2 minutes;
  • 1000 backlinks, previously taking more than 90 minutes, should take 3 or 4 minutes.

Of course, the exact numbers depend on the page, your internet connection, the speed of your computer, and many other factors.

So, good luck investigating your niches – and please leave a comment if you enjoy this new update or if you have some thoughts on backlink analysis you’d like to share!


P.S. – If you don’t own Market Samurai yet, or your Market Samurai trial has expired, you will have lost access to the SEO Competition analysis tools. This means you will not see the benefit of this improvement until you upgrade your copy of Market Samurai to the full version.

If you already own Market Samurai, you can open the software right now and begin benefiting from this improvement.