New Lines and Keywords and Zebras, oh my!

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Ohaiyou Samurai,

Recently we received some tweets from users asking – What does it mean when I see keywords highlighted in green inside Market Samurai?

So now is the perfect time to share with you these new features.

“Already Open” Keyword Lines are Highlighted in Green

Market Samurai users told us that they found it difficult to see what keywords were open in other tabs whenever they had a lot of tabs open.

So in the latest update, we made a minor change to the design of Market Samurai.

Now, a keyword will appear in green whenever it is already open in another tab.

(Click for a larger version of the image to the right)

Open Keywords in New Tabs

A lot of users who were doing substantial amounts of keyword research told us that opening a lot of interesting up in new tabs individually, and having to flip back to where they came from, was a pain.

So we made the process easier.

Just place a tick in the new tick-boxes beside the keywords you want to analyze further, then select “Open in New Tabs” – and Market Samurai will open all of your selected keywords in new tabs automatically.

Here’s what it looks like:

(Some users have already asked for this to be taken to the next step – automatically beginning keyword research or SEO analysis for those keywords when they’re opened in a new tab. At this stage, it’s not yet technically possible – but you have been heard!)

And Zebra Stripes!

Finally , we made a simple change that makes it easier to read keyword data.

Zebra Striping!

Now, every second keyword inside Market Samurai is shown in a slightly different colour.

It’s a subtle change – but it makes it easier to quickly scan your eyes across rows of keywords and keyword data.

And that makes Market Samurai a little bit easier to use :)

What’s Next?…

After 4 blog posts, and 8 videos revealing new features inside the latest release, we’ve still only scratched the surface of the new tools that are now available to you inside Market Samurai.

If you’re reading this, hopefully you’re already subscribed to the blog (via email or RSS – on the right hand side of this page).

If not, make sure that you’re subscribed – because there are a lot of new tricks and features that we still have to share with you.