Using Market Samurai to Increase Blog Visitor Traffic

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I wanted to share a video that Eugene Ware (chief troublemaker at NobleSamurai) and I recorded just before Christmas with Alister Cameron.

Alister Cameron is an old buddy and colleague of ours – a real smart cookie when it comes to social media and blogging (and also a truly brilliant designer!)

In this casual video, Alister chats with us about Market Samurai, some recent discoveries we had made around keyword selection and optimization, and increasing blog visitor traffic.

Here’s the link to the video:

Alister Cameron interviews Eugene Ware and Brent Hodgson from the Market Samurai Team

There are a few things that we probably shouldn’t have given away (we’ll try not to be so loose-lipped about things next time ;) ) – but it means that if you’re a Market Samurai user, this video makes for interesting viewing.


P.S. – The video was published in a blog post announcing the finalists for a Twitter-page design competition, which is currently being judged by internet monolith Guy Kawasaki.

P.P.S. – If you DO use Twitter, you can find us at @NobleSamurai, @EugeneWare and @BrentHodgson