Steal This Killer Niche!

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I want to share this with you…

The unassumingly brilliant Michelle MacPhearson has been giving away killer keyword niche ideas inside her “Steal This Niche” video series – and I mean literally “giving them away”… As in, for free; in public; without even asking you to opt-in to see them.

So far, she’s given away two juicy niches…

…But more importantly, her videos also give you a good insight into her very clever strategy for using Market Samurai.

Here are the first two videos in the series:

Video #1: a Backyard Barnyard?

Video #2: One for the Shorties

You can find these videos (as well as future videos) on her blog at

Who Is Michelle MacPhearson?

As I say – Michelle is unassumingly brilliant as an internet marketer.

Over the years, she has developed some very clever strategies over the years for achieving the results she wants online.

One of my all-time-favorite SEO strategies over the years would have to be her “3-Minute Backlink” strategy (if you know this one, you’ll realize how perfect this strategy is for Market Samurai – and why I’m itching to use it right now).

You can tune in to listen to Michelle as one of the four hosts of the Internet Marketing This Week podcast (one of the few podcasts I listen to religiously).

If you want more of Michelle’s strategies, including more resources on how Michelle uses Market Samurai to do keyword research in her business, Michelle also runs – where she gives away the software and techniques that she uses in her own niche marketing business.

But whatever you do – make the time to watch these videos!