Happy First Birthday Market Samurai

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Market Samurai is celebrating its first birthday!

It’s certainly been a busy year!

Every month, thousands more people begin using Market Samurai – adding to the tens-of-thousands of people who open Market Samurai and use daily in their internet marketing.

But this is just the beginning…

The Last 365 Days – And Into the Future

Every day worked, Market Samurai gets a little bit better…

Something new is developed…

Something good is improved…

Something is innovated, or discovered for the first time…

Or something “impossible” is solved…

Just as an example, we recently partnered with WineBaskets, and now have a great gift for just about every occasion. Be sure to check it out!

And every day, all of us who use Market Samurai see the fruits of this. We get better results in our online marketing because Market Samurai keeps pushing the boundaries of improvement.

But It Doesn’t Happen By Itself…

Countless of people deserve our thanks for helping to shape Market Samurai into what it is today.

Since it’s the 1st birthday of Market Samurai, let me share them and their contributions with you…

1) The 9 Noble Samurai

These are the people who eat, sleep and breathe Market Samurai every day.

Clockwise from left-to-right: Michael (developer), Arlen (developer), Andrew (developer), Mark (marketing), Eugene (mad scientist), Brent (marketing), Ben (marketing), Warwick (support), Miriam (support).

Thank-you for everything you’ve done.

From the early days when you were sleeping in corners of the office just to keep up with demand, to the hard work and long hours you put in daily, to the fact that you often work after hours and weekends – your dedication doesn’t go unnoticed…

Through Market Samurai, you’ve made a difference in tens-of-thousands of peoples lives.

2) The Specialists

While they’re not a daily part of the Market Samurai team, these people have all contributed their unique skills to the team at critical times.

Pictured above (left-to-right): Ben Stickland, Aaron, Terry, David, Nick, Chris.
Not Pictured: Levi, Anna, Andrea, Robert

Thank-you for being there at the times that we needed you the most.

Your help has meant we were able to combat some difficult problems at important moments in our growth – and Market Samurai wouldn’t be where it is today without you.

3) And, Most Importantly… YOU!

Thousands of people have helped to shape Market Samurai…

But none more than the people who use Market Samurai.

You’re Market Samurai’s biggest advisers, biggest advocates, and biggest contributors.

  • Because you shared your feedback with us – we were able to use your ideas, feedback and frustrations to create cool new features, and solve big online marketing problems inside Market Samurai.

  • Because you shared Market Samurai with your friends – Market Samurai went from being relatively unknown, to the “must-have” tool for anyone who is serious about having a profitable online business.
  • Because you shared your tips and tricks for using Market Samurai with others – thousands of new Market Samurai users were, for the first time, able to grasp important marketing concepts, and make profitable marketing decisions.

Thank-you to you all.

You continue to be the biggest source of inspiration for new Market Samurai features, the biggest contributors of information into the Market Samurai community, and the biggest referrers of new users into the Market Samurai community.

Every day, when we act on your advice and feedback to make Market Samurai even better, it’s because you chose to be a part of our team.

So once again – thank-you.

We wouldn’t be here today without you.