Breaking News! Google Changes!

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Hi everyone!

In the last few hours Google have updated the way CAPTCHAs are displayed in their new Keyword tool.

Whereas CAPTCHAs used to appear in a separate window when performing a search, they now appear as part of the Keyword Tool page itself.

The upshot of this is that at the moment, any action in the Keyword Research module that generates a CAPTCHA will result in the error message “Retry Limit Exceeded”.

The development team are working to update Market Samurai to accept the new format and we will have Keyword Research back on its feet soon!

Thanks for your patience!



As of 14:20 AEDT (23:20 EDT in the US) we have an updated version of Market Samurai running through testing to ensure stability before release. We will have this update rolled out as soon as we can!



There is now a new version of Market Samurai available – version 0.87.4

This update caters for the latest changes that Google have made to the Keyword Tool and improves the general stability of the Keyword Research module.

However, as it is still early days for the new Keyword tool, it is possible that Google may continue to update the tool.

Please be assured that we will be monitoring the situation and if any further updates occur that affect Market Samurai we will take appropriate action and will keep you informed via Twitter (@noblesamurai) and via this blog.


UPDATE – Loading Google Traffic Estimator

11:40am AEST (9:40pm EDT in the US)

Google has today made an additional update – this time to its Traffic Estimator tool. The change has resulted in Market Samurai hanging during analysis and displaying a ‘Loading Google Traffic Estimator…’ message.

Our dev team is currently investigating the issue and will have a new release available as quickly as possible.


UPDATE – Google Traffic Estimator issues

There is a fix now available for the latest issues with the Google Traffic Estimator.

You can update to this new version 0.87.5 by going to the File menu of Market Samurai, then to Settings, then to Updates and hitting the “Check for updates” button.

If you are running Market Samurai on a Mac then this option will be under the Market Samurai menu, under Preferences.