New “Fresh” Backlinks Now Available in Market Samurai

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Hi Everyone,

I’ve got some exciting news to share with you today.

As you know, backlinks are the most important factor in getting your site ranking higher in the Search Engines. The failure to build backlinks is the #1 reason why people fail to rank.

Since we began our move from the Yahoo Site Explorer to the more reliable backlink data source, Majestic SEO, some users expressed concerns about Majestic’s data not updating as frequently as Yahoo’s backlink data.

With Majestic’s data being updated fortnightly, it often took longer to see new backlinks to show up in our Rank Tracker and SEO Competition Module.

Which brings me to today’s exciting news!

Market Samurai Now Supports The Majestic SEO “Fresh index”

The Fresh index is another backlink database, which runs alongside the standard Majestic SEO backlinks database (the “Historical Index”).

The Majestic Fresh index uses a similar technology to Google’s “Fresh Crawl”. It’s a smaller database of backlinks than the main historical index, but it can be updated far more rapidly and frequently – daily, in fact.

The Fresh index will contain only new backlinks, those crawled in the last 30 days, so the total displayed will be lower than that from the Historical index.

But with daily updates, the Fresh index becomes an important benchmarking tool – letting you track the increase in backlinks for a site as rapidly and accurately as the Yahoo Site Explorer ever did.

To read more about how cool the Majestic SEO Fresh Index is, you can read this blog post which goes into the specifics in more detail.

We’ve hooked the Fresh index into Market Samurai, in both the Rank Tracker and SEO Competition modules, giving you access to the data quickly and easily.

The new data can be accessed via drop down menus in those modules. First you’ll need to select “Majestic SEO” as the backlink source, then you’ll see another drop down offering you the choice between “Fresh” and “Historical” backlinks.

SEO Competition Backlink Options

Rank Tracker Backlink Options

With access to potentially the most up to date backlink data on the Internet, assessing competition and tracking both your domains and those of others will now be easier and more effective than ever before. In fact, the new index will let you track a site’s backlink growth almost in real-time.

This new functionality is available only in the latest version of Market Samurai, and you’ll need to update your copy in order to access it.

To update, go to the File Menu, then to Settings (or the Market Samurai menu, then Preferences if you use a Mac), then to the “Updates” tab, and hit the button marked “Check for Updates”.

Warm regards,

Alex Green

P.S. To test out the Fresh Index and to make sure you stay in the know with the latest Market Samurai features, sign up for a free trial.