New “Presets” Filter Keywords Automatically

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If you’re using Market Samurai regularly, applying the same filters to your keywords over-and-over, the amount of time that you spend filtering keywords can really add up.

So to help speed up the process of filtering and analysing keywords, we’ve created filtering Presets.

What are Market Samurai’s New Presets?

Presets are a pre-defined set of filters and values that are automatically applied inside the keyword research module.

They allow you to save and reuse a set of filtering options, over and over again, very quickly.

We’ve created 3 Presets to help get you started:

  • Golden Rules: SEOT > 80, PBR > 15%, SEO Competition < 30,000, SEOV > $30;
  • Long Tail: SEOT > 10, PBR > 15%, SEO Competition < 30,000;
  • No Filters: Filtering off.

You can also create your own Presets as needed.

How do they work?

To help you get the most out of the new Keyword Research Filters, Ben Galt has prepared this demonstration for you:

Note: Because the presets are applied immediately, and will automatically filter out any keywords that do not meet the filter criteria, you may generate a list of 800 keywords – but not see all of these keywords when you proceed to the Keyword Analysis area.

This is because not all of the 800 keywords have “made the cut” – failing to meet the minimum traffic filter requirements you have set.

Finally: Did You Get The Latest Update?

In case you missed it, this week we made a major update to Market Samurai’s keyword research module.

With Google closing down the trusty keyword data source that Market Samurai has used for over 2 years, Market Samurai now gathers data from the new Google keyword tool.

To find out more about this change, check out our blog post:
Changes to the Google Keyword Tool and Market Samurai Keyword Research

Make sure you update to the latest version of Market Samurai to get access to the filters, and the new keyword data source.

And if you spot any bugs that we might have missed, be sure to let us know via support so that we can get then stomped immediately. (Although we’ve done our best to keep the bugs out, this is a major change – and sometimes these types of changes can create unexpected problems that we can’t test for or prevent in the “lab”.)