Keyword Research with Eugene Ware

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Konnichiwa to all of the Samurai out there in Internet Marketing Land!

I have something special for you today…

I was going through some videos on YouTube recently, and I found this hidden gem:

YouTube Preview Image
(Keyword Research before Market Samurai)

The video was recorded by Eugene Ware, one of the Noble Samurai team and certainly one of the genius minds behind Market Samurai.

The reason this video is such a gem is because of the timing of the video.

It was recorded on the 25th of June on Eugene’s new Flip Mino on the way to work – three weeks before the Alpha release of Market Samurai to the Immediate Edge, and two weeks before Google released their precise keyword data.

Eugene was living, breathing and eating keyword research during this period of the Market Samurai project – and at the end of each night, he’d go home and dream about keyword research.

Revolutionizing keyword research was his life during the initial development of Market Samurai.

So the cutting edge keyword research insights he casually doles-out are pure gold!

The thing that gets me is how nonchalant he is – he talks about some of these principles as if they’re nothing – just a matter-of-fact.

But they’re key parts of the philosophy behind Market Samurai that make it so successful as a keyword research tool – and if Market Samurai’s competitors had have caught onto these principles before our software was created… well, the story for us would have been very different.

Enjoy the video, and sayonara until next time!


P.S. – Keep a special eye out for Eugene’s awesome reverse parking. ;)